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The true feelings in the world

One day at noon, I was on my way home while humming songs. I was about to open the door when I suddenly found that I had forgotten my key. At this moment, my neighbor, grandfather Wang, is opening the door. I look at him anxiously and think: if only the key of my house! The Lord seemed to see through my mind and said, "don't you have the key? Why don't you come to my house? 'I hesitated for a moment, and I said,' OK! "You don't need to change your shoes, just come in. 'so I walked carefully into his house.

Just entered the hall, a table of delicious food appeared in front of my eyes, and my stomach suddenly made a "gurgling" sound. "Are you hungry? Would you like to have dinner with us? 'then he brought a chair to me and sat me down. I was moved by his enthusiasm and said: 'Grandpa, you're welcome. I don't want to sit down. I'd like to use your home phone, can I? "So, he handed me an old man's mobile phone and said: 'it's OK. Just call. 'I took the call, but I just dialed the number' 1 'and the phone ran out of power. The Lord frowned and handed me five yuan and said, "you can use that public phone below. 'before I received the money, the door opened. I said to my grandfather, 'I'll see if my brother is back. 'when I opened the door, it was really my brother. He said to his grandfather, "my brother is back. I'm going home. Grandpa, thank you for your warm help. Goodbye! 'the Lord also waved to me, and then I went home. At the moment of leaving, I still thought: what a good man grandfather Wang is! I must follow his example.

There is truth in the world!! The truth is in the world!! True feelings everywhere in the world

In our daily life, as long as we can observe carefully, the true feelings of the world can be seen everywhere and everywhere. We can clearly see the moving scene that one side has difficulties and eight sides to support, and we can feel that the true feelings of the world are the great strength to overcome difficulties.

At 2:28 p.m. on May 12 this year, a human tragedy suddenly occurred. A strong earthquake of magnitude 8 occurred in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province, causing huge losses of life and property. This incident quickly spread throughout China, affecting the hearts of the Party Central Committee and the people of the whole country.

The people of the whole country immediately took action to provide disaster relief. The army and medical teams went to the disaster area, volunteers entered the disaster area, and all kinds of relief materials were transported to the disaster area, so that the people in the disaster area were rescued in time. The teachers and students of our school responded to the call of the school leaders and actively donated money and materials to send love to the disaster area. I was no exception, and I put the five yuan pocket money my mother gave me Although the number of boxes is not large, it can also show my love for the people in the disaster area. I also wrote a special composition to express my deep sympathy to the children in the disaster area. Although my grandfather retired, he took the initiative to donate money and paid special party expenses. My mother not only donated money, but also responded to the call and gave blood when she knew that there were too many wounded people in Wenchuan and needed blood urgently With the strong support of the people, the earthquake relief has created many miracles of life, and the people in the disaster area have achieved a comprehensive victory in earthquake relief.

All these fully show that there is true love everywhere in the world, and the power of love is extremely strong, so that the people in the disaster areas can really feel the warmth of the motherland. I believe that as long as everyone has love, the world will become better! Our life will be more harmonious and happy!

There are true feelings everywhere in the world, and the true feelings always warm people's hearts

There are happiness, sadness, moving and pain in the world. As the saying goes, "there are true feelings in the world, and the true feelings always warm people's hearts.". Many touching things have happened around me.

A stray dog died in the middle of the road, and another dog was beside him, twitching with tears in the corner of his eyes; the soldier monkey died with the enemy in order not to let the enemy hurt his compatriots; the wild duck fought with the wind and snow for his own children, not afraid of being frozen by the snow, not afraid of the cold, protecting the duckling's birth and fighting with the God of death at any time.

That time, it was really moving.

The rain was heavy for a while, small, big, and small, staggered and continued. The rain, like a ladle, spilled outside and looked down like a sieve, and then sprayed like a sprayer. A classmate and I were hiding from the rain under the eaves. Hazy, I saw an old woman kneeling under the opposite eaves, her clothes in tattered condition. The wind blew her gray hair, her dark blue cotton padded jacket with cotton wadding exposed, and her thin release shoes. She knelt there motionless, staring at us like a statue in the cold wind & hellip; in front of her was a paper basin, which she could tell she was asking for money. Is her family short of money? Does she have no family? Is it & hellip; & hellip; when a large group of people gathered around to watch, as if they were watching a play, and refused to give the Granny a little charity. I said to my classmates: 'she is so poor, let's give her two yuan! "What if she was a liar? "It seems impossible. 'each of us took out 2 yuan, went to the grandmother, bent down and carefully put the two yuan into the paper basin. 'no, she said, kneeling and kowtowing! thank you! 'My classmates and I looked at each other and laughed. Those people saw that we gave 4 yuan, and we were children, they also gave her some money one by one. She kept kowtowing thanks and saying 'thank you'. A warm stream surged into my heart and I was deeply moved. Although we gave her small money, she looked like a million. Although it's raining and chilly, people's hearts are as warm as sunshine! I do not know how, the brain emerged a sentence: there is truth everywhere in the world, the truth always warms the heart!

Cixi Experimental Primary School Education Group (South) five (2) he Shiyu everywhere in the world true feelings of composition 350 words, although the time passed quickly, but it was remembered in my heart.

It happened when I was in the fourth grade. From then on, I learned that there are true feelings everywhere in the world.

It happened in a busy street. An old woman suddenly fainted to the ground. I didn't care. I ran over immediately. 'help! Here's a grandmother fainting! 'I yelled around. Many young people and citizens gathered around. Everyone seemed very anxious and called 120. Our whole family also followed. The grandmother's face looked pale and her spirit was very poor. According to my father, a rich uncle has already paid the medical expenses. 'Dad, isn't it? That uncle is his family? 'Dad denied it. The uncle appeared with a beard all over his face. However, I think he is very kind, is the inner beauty. He was in a hurry and didn't know why? 'This is the truth of the world. 'said a brother from the University. Everybody thinks it's right. Some people also gave grandma the fresh fruit they had just bought.

After a few days, Dad heard that the grandmother was much better and her face was ruddy. I congratulate grandma from the bottom of my heart.

That uncle is a good example to us! How wonderful the world would be if everyone had become like that! I'm looking forward to that. Even if the whole society is so bad, they will be moved by the fact that they have true feelings everywhere.

Be kind. Friendly. Good citizens who are willing to help others! Let the true, the good and the beautiful go all over the world!

There are five people in luojiaqiaohong primary school in Shiji Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou city. There are 500 words of true feelings. The true feelings are like a ray of sunshine in spring, shining on people's hearts. The true feelings are like the rain of a long drought, penetrating into people's hearts. I still remember one thing when I was a child. Try to make me feel warm.

When I was a child, I went to the supermarket with my parents. That supermarket is very big, and there are many people. I look around curiously and I am very happy. After a while, dad said, "come on, let's go and buy snacks! 'so I went up the elevator with my parents and went to the second floor. I said, 'dad, I'm going to get the lollipop, and you're just standing here waiting for me. "Good.". Dad bent down and said to me. I ran to the counter selling Gang sugar, took a few bags and immediately came to the elevator. But Dad did not know where to go, I thought to myself: Dad said, if I can't find my dad, I will stand still, but I'm in a hurry and I'll run to my mom and dad. I haven't found dad for a long time, so I'll sit on the ground crying. "Dad! dad! 'then an old woman came up and said, 'don't cry! Stop crying! Grandma, take you to find mom and Dad! 'I looked up and said,' good! 'grandma took my hand and went to my parents. I dried my tears and tightened my grandmother's hand. I looked at every part of the supermarket, but I still couldn't find it. At this time, grandma said with a smile: 'you will find your father and mother's rest assured! 'suddenly, I was filled with hope. Grandma asked her uncle and aunt as she walked. There was sweat on Grandma's head. Grandma shook her head, as if thinking: how can't I find it? Later, my eyes a light, finally in the first floor elevator saw Mom and dad. Grandma was relieved. The mother was very grateful and said to her grandmother, 'thank you, grandma! Thank you very much! "It's okay. It's okay. Just help you find your daughter! "Grandma said with a smile.

I always believe that there are selfless people in the world. I saw and felt that day. I will help others in the future.

True feelings everywhere among five people

"There is truth in the world, and it warms people's hearts all the time.". In this world, full of true feelings. The film "17 years of a dream" tells us a true story about true feelings in the south of Xinjiang. After watching the film, I was filled with tears and was deeply moved by the plot in the story.

The film is mainly about the Uygur couple sidik and likizi running a restaurant. On a cold and stormy night, they find a disabled abandoned baby of Han nationality dying of cold in an abandoned cardboard box. In order to cure the child, they sold the restaurant and spent all their savings. Siddick was sent to prison because he wanted to save baihetia. The couple decided to send baihetia to the army. With the help of the military doctors, baihetia finally recovered.

In the whole story, there is no gorgeous words, no half singing language. However, the characters in the story reflect the truth, goodness and beauty of human nature, and show the most simple and beautiful feelings in the world. Uighur couple spent all their savings and sold their restaurants in order to save a disabled abandoned child of Han nationality who had no blood relationship with them, but they had no complaints. The film "a dream of 17 years" introduces us to the most simple emotion in this world - true feelings.

In fact, as long as we experience with our heart, the true feelings are around us. In the winter of 2007, the South encountered a rare event