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Happy autumn tour

Today, the teacher and the guide took our students from grade one to grade three on an autumn tour in Shunde.

At 8:30 in the morning, we set out in a mighty way, and we took eight luxury buses. Our class just got the number seven bus. In the car, the teacher gave each of us a bottle of mineral water, and told us what we should pay attention to and activity arrangements: first to the museum, then to Changlu farm.

Along the way, I looked out of the window curiously. Outside the window were green mountains, green water, long bridges, and the endless stream of vehicles, which made me feel fresh and strange. Soon we arrived at the museum. The teacher and guide took us in. It was full of music. I don't think it's very interesting, and I'm not interested in watching it. I guess other people are similar to me. We soon finished our visit and got on the bus to the next destination.

When I arrived at Changlu farm, my stomach began to growl. The teacher seemed to understand my mind and arranged for us to eat as soon as he arrived.

After dinner, the teacher said to take us to see the animal show, and then to play games. The students were excited to hear that they could play games.

The animal performance is very wonderful: the first one is the birds, who are very clever. They can not only ride bicycles, slide slides, but also push toy trucks. The second one is sea lions, which seem to be very clumsy, although their meat is rolling, but the first performance is really quite flexible, handstand, 360 degree rotation and loop connection are no exception; the third is on the stage It was a group of naughty and naughty monkeys, all big and small, who rushed to the stage on bicycles, and then crept up the top of bamboo pole to pierce the colorful balloons. The fourth one was the king of forest and the king of grassland. Although their momentum was very frightening, they didn't feel good. The fifth one was the heavy, tall black bear, although they were not Human beings, however, can walk upright like human beings and jump on stools. Every time they jump, I am worried that the stools will be crushed by their huge bodies. I find it interesting to see their simple and innocent appearance.

After the animal show, the teacher and guide took us to play games. The guide gave each of us a card, saying that the card had 110 yuan, which could be used to pay for the game. As soon as the tour guide said that we could have free activities, our class was like a runaway wild horse, and immediately rushed to his favorite playground with joy, and there was no trace in a moment. I was the first to choose Ferris wheel. I thought it would be fun, but I was disappointed after playing because it swayed very slowly and made people feel bored. Then I ran to play with the flying chair and broom balloon, which were all OK. I played the ghost ship Gothenburg twice. The first time I went into the basement, the second time I learned a lesson, I didn't go in. Because there are many lifelike skeletons in the basement, as well as the sudden appearance of corpses and creepy ghost calls, I was scared to death, but it was quite exciting. Finally, I went to play the jungle squirrel twice, this time I was half dead, but I still like the jungle squirrel best, because it is very, very exciting, I think it is quite enjoyable!

When playing, time always flies, and soon it is time to gather and go home. We reluctantly bid farewell to Changlu farm and happily get on the bus and go home. Happy autumn tour 20 words happy autumn tour 1400 words happy autumn tour Monday, November 7, a sunny day. Farewell to the haze of a few days ago, farewell to the mid-term examination, we began the autumn tour with joy.

I came to school with great excitement, not only to have a perfect day, but also for an important reason - no need to wear school uniform! On weekdays, they can only wear uniform and school pants. The color is monotonous and has no freshness. This time, we can finally unload our military equipment and display our personality. I dressed in a pink shirt and a pair of casual jeans to school, immediately in front of a bright, red, yellow, blue and green, colorful, evil is good-looking. My good friend Mao Mao Mao's appearance surprised all the people: a peach colored sweater, a lavender skirt on her lower body, a little ball of wool on the white sock slightly swinging, and an extremely elegant Large Satchel & hellip; & hellip; in a word, in a word, it's far away from her usual cheerful and unrestrained personality! While admiring her dress up, we also do not forget to make a mockery of her, saying that this guy is a "pig girl" (it seems to be the case in the specific case), because the hairy satchel is bulging and seems to contain a lot of food, which is in sharp contrast to her today's "Lady" dress.

After the brief fashion exhibition, the students boarded the bus and rushed to the ferry to enjoy the first autumn tour of Pujiang. With a great whistle and soft waves, the boat anchored. Singing Jay's "Coral Sea", I walked onto the second deck and gazed at the Mother River Huangpu River. Although she was not as majestic and imposing as Su Shi said, she had a special charm against the row after row of tall buildings. With the salty wind blowing again and again, as if gently stroking my cheek, I feel comfortable. Just about to sigh: "the water quality improvement of Huangpu River for many years has finally achieved results". Suddenly, I heard an indescribable odor coming, which was disgusting. I hold the nose, extremely helpless smile.

After an hour's' long journey ', the boat moored at a small gate of Gongqing Forest Park. Foot side step into the park, immediately deep in the thick yellow and green forest, tall trees, large areas of grass slightly yellow grass. I suddenly felt like an uninvited intruder into the fairy tale world. Although there is still a long way to go from the designated place of dissolution, looking at the beautiful scenery around, breathing the refreshing air and listening to the joyful chirping of birds, I unconsciously walked to the south gate. At this time, I finally realized the true meaning of Li Bai's "shorter Pavilion".

Just a second after the old class's dissolution order, the students rushed to the playground of Gongqing Forest Park. Suddenly a piercing scream came, I followed the sound of a look - roller coaster!! My best friend Mao Mao's eyes flashed suddenly. He dragged Xin ting and me to the roller coaster. He said, "absolutely exciting & hellip; & hellip;" when I sat on the roller coaster, a terrible feeling spread in my body. The car started, slowly climbing the slope, said time and then quickly, the car suddenly rushed down, my heart also suddenly raised. I haven't made any response yet. When the car rotates 360 degrees, people in the same car scream. I can't help it, and I scream hysterically. Strange to say, this cry fills up the empty feeling in my heart. Just about to sigh, the car came to a rapid droop and side bend. At this time, we were only a few centimeters away from the lake below. I was really afraid that I would fall into the lake!! Three minutes later, the thrilling roller coaster tour finally ended. After I got down, I was dizzy and could not walk steadily. I was still very excited!

After that, I tried some exciting amusement rides, such as Arabian flying blanket, torrent, pirate ship, and so on, and I experienced the lightness and happiness that I haven't had for a long time. After getting off the "double dragon crossing the sea", I found that it was only 15 minutes away from the gathering time, so I had to leave the playground reluctantly and rush to the door. As we sat on the bus, we thought that the autumn outing was over. We were still in the middle of something. At this time, Maomao reminded me: 'now the good play is coming! 'I looked around, and suddenly, all the students buried their heads and dried their food. I suddenly think of the garden cakes, potato chips, pudding in my bag & hellip; & hellip; ha! The real journey of happiness begins!! On the composition of autumn outing: happiness of autumn outing: 1100 words

This Saturday, our class gave up the computer class time, take autumn outing. In those two weeks ago, we were already ready. As long as we were not quiet, the teacher would say: who is not quiet, I will ask Zeng Xueye to write his (her) name on the blackboard! He (she) is not allowed to go to autumn outing. As soon as Mr. Zhang blurs out, the teacher suddenly becomes silent. Even the "mischievous troublemakers" in the class do not make trouble. It's not easy. Go once every three years. Who doesn't want to go there?

Let's wait for a long time of Saturday finally arrived, I was ready to frighten everyone a big view! At 7:30, water knows, I get up in the morning, can't help but run to play computer, play until eight o'clock to stop, I looked at the watch, really can't play, if not late, I immediately turn off the computer, brush teeth and wash face with the fastest speed, and then change clothes, eat some East and west to start! On the way to go, when we were halfway there, I looked at my watch and found that it was only eight minutes to eight thirty. I was a little anxious, always thinking: can I catch up with you? If I can't catch up, I can't do my homework for autumn outing. As a result, my plan said that I would arrive at 7:30, which turned into 8:30. I really regret that the plan failed.

Get on the bus, the car is going to start, I saw the self driving students are very excited. At this time, I can't think out of my mind. I can't get out of my mind when I'm going to dance? What can't be found underground? What food how to eat are not full, once, three programs, I do not have to think like this, completed the task! On the way, we ran into a traffic jam. There was no way to do it. We immediately went forward. When we got to the Xianhu botanical garden, we got to the gate. At that time, it was a little light rain, and we all got off the bus. At this time, the parents of a classmate said that they could not get off the bus! If we got off the bus and had to walk into the botanical garden, there was a long way to go. When we were running on the bus, it began to rain cats and dogs, and some parents were drenched. We went into the botanical garden and arrived at the No.2, because all the students who had been to the botanical garden said that we should go straight. We went wrong. When we got to the top, we had no way to go. We had to get out of the car and go back by ourselves. At this time, the parent informed us that you could not walk for a day or two. We listened and immediately went back to the car we rented Turning the corner, walking in the right direction, we got out of the car, ready to walk, the parents said: no! Every scenic spot is very far away. We can't see the botanical garden after walking for a few days. We listened and got on the bus quickly. We saw a lot of plant areas, such as desert plants, medicinal plants and so on. We also went to the Museum of paleontology! The aunt there sent us a test paper, said: if anyone can answer all the questions correctly! You can get a gift. I try my best to fill it in. However, when I get to the back, my mind is not here. Instead, I run to play a game, which is to say how much you weigh, and then point out the animals that weigh you. Look