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She was tall and had nothing to notice, but she had a heart of gold. She is my deskmate Li Yan.

On the second day of the semester, the teacher asked me to sit at the same table with her. At first I didn't care, a girl, how can I compare to a man.

The next day, after school in the afternoon, I played on the playground and lost my Chinese book. I am anxious like an ant on a hot pot, because one third of a semester is Chinese class. Now I have lost my Chinese book. What can I do?

Early reading class, I stand in front of the desk, staring at the blackboard. At this time, the table mate seemed to find something, extended the hand of friendship, asked with concern: "what's the matter?" Come on? A tough man, shame! Don't you? And I'm stuck in my heart. Forget it! As a member of the brigade, she thought: "nothing, I lost my Chinese book!" "Nothing?" The other side looked surprised. Then she picked up the textbook and put it down again and again. God knows what medicine is sold in the gourd. She hesitated for a moment and handed me the book: "here you are. Don't be careless in the future What? Give it to me? I can't believe my ears. I used to look down on the girl, actually can say this sentence. "What What? Give it to me. How can you What to do? " It took me a long time to stammer out a few words "It doesn't matter. I have a way." "What about today?" "That's all right." So we began to read early.

After the last class, I slipped the book into her bag. However, when I went home, I opened my schoolbag, but the Chinese books were lying in the schoolbag. My eyes were moist.

The next morning, she was reading with an old book. After class, I opened the old book and saw that the cover had been torn, the upper corner of the book turned inward, the spine of the book was broken, and two pages were missing. After class, I exchanged my new book with her, but she didn't agree.

At noon, I found her copying something on the table. Strange, no homework in the morning? She's doing a lot of work. I went over there, ah! She is copying two missing texts there. She read a sentence on the book, and then copied it on the page size of the white paper. What came into my ears was the "rustling" sound of writing, and the lines of neat and beautiful words appeared in front of me. Tired, she would swing her arm, and then concentrate on copying. I felt sorry for it and decided to have it copied, but she declined. After copying, she took out the paste to stick the paper on, and tried to sew it needle by needle.

"Ding Lingling..." Class, she picked up the old book to listen carefully. For a moment, my throat was blocked by the strong feelings aroused in my heart. I was moved by the love of my classmates and burst into tears of happiness and pride. Everyone at the table has a best table mate. I also have, my deskmate is a kind-hearted, hard-working girl. She is good at explaining topics for me. The full marks obtained in each exam are the results of my deskmate's careful explanation for me. I am very grateful to her! Every time my grades decline, she will remind me from time to time, telling me to work hard to study hard, otherwise I will be seriously backward I like my table mate, she can remind me all the time, all the time for me to solve problems, such a good table mate, where can be found? Wish her, study progress, happy every day! I have a lovely, lively and laborious table mate. Her name is Shi Yue.

She has a pair of water smart eyes, red face, high nose, small mouth, long hair tied into a small braid, looks very cute. She not only looks good, but also studies very well. She listens attentively in class, never makes small movements and never talks to others. When the teacher asked each question, she thought it over. She does not understand the question will ask the teacher, after class, she has finished the homework to play with us. She is one of the top students in every exam. She will take the initiative to help her classmates if they have any questions. She will actively participate in some activities in the class and become the study committee member of our class.

She also loves working very much. As long as there is paper under her seat, she will pick it up and throw it into the dustbin. She will take the initiative to clean the blackboard after class. She is very serious every time she sweeps the floor.

I like my deskmate very much. She is such a lovely, lively, labor loving and learning girl. She is an example to me. Table mates are the first to discover your emotions and then force you to reveal the truth.

A desk mate can take a pen without it and invade you.

A table mate can whisper with you when you commit crimes against the wind in class.

Deskmates can be bored to pass notes under one table.

My deskmate will punish you when you take her to the toilet, and then accompany you.

The same table will write down the answer on the paper when the teacher asks you. If you don't understand, she is more anxious than you.

My deskmate will risk beheading to remind you when you are endorsing.

Your deskmate is always used to asking you for paper. Table with you copy a person's homework, she scolded you copy slowly.

My deskmate will yell when others bully you: dare to bully my deskmate, I will bully your deskmate.

The common property of your deskmate and you are the pens.

When I sleep at the same table, I will tell you: when the teacher comes, call me.

The same table will hammer you hard when you hang up: the head teacher is outside.

A table mate always puts her feet on your stool, taps her trouser legs or ties her shoelaces.

Your deskmate will leave half a bottle of water for you when you are thirsty.

The same table will help you to take the exercise book when the teacher gives out the homework.

My deskmate will help you to keep your homework in class and scare you from time to time.

Your deskmate will reach for your mirror and comb.

My deskmate will hit you when he stretches.

Will you think of some people, like a gust of wind in the heart, very fresh, pure.

On this road, how many table mates accompany us to walk, fight, make noise and laugh.

There is a relationship called the same table, there is a friendship can be remembered for life.

Hehe, my deskmate, thanks for your care all the time. My deskmate is a girl who is not very tall. He has a pair of small eyes under his thick eyebrows. She is a bit smart. She studies very well. Every time the exam papers are above 90 or 80, I was confident that I had everything. Before the exam, I thought I had everything. Before the exam, I thought: "I have everything, but I don't have the east wind!" The exam, I am very sure to do the test questions, listening to everyone's spring silkworm cocoon like just NIB moving sound, I seem to listen to that beautiful music. In this way, I successfully finished the first side of the examination paper. Suddenly, the tip of my pen stopped and began to find a compass from the pencil box to do the topic. But I turned the pencil case upside down and couldn't find my compass. At this time, I suddenly thought: "my compass is at home, and I didn't bring it at all." I was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot. I thought, "Ye Jing won't borrow my compass, because I didn't borrow his ruler last time. Moreover, there are regulations in the "three chapters" that we can't borrow from each other. " I didn't know what to do. I muttered, "what to do? I left my compass at home! " Unexpectedly, Ye Jing pushed me gently and said to me enthusiastically, "I have a belt, please lend it to you." With that, he put the compass in my "territory.". Today, I went to school to see the results, my math score is more than 80, and the problem that needs to use compasses is 4 points. If ye Jing is as careful as I am, I won't be able to score more than 80 in the exam. There is no need to distinguish between boys and girls so clearly. There can be friendship. " That's what I thought. Look, this is my optimistic and enthusiastic deskmate. (in fact, I'll tell you a secret. I like her very much. Her name is Ye Jing. 1) when my deskmate learned that I was going to be at the same table as my current one, I was excited at first, and then extremely depressed. In order to explain my mood at that time, I need to talk about my former deskmate.

This man's mouth is just like that broken car. Well, who has ever seen a person speak 200 sentences in a class? (absolutely true) and then I gave him a Russian wordy husband, ha ha, good to hear.

Then I would like to introduce the main characteristics of my table mate, that is, they don't like to talk, and they don't even say 20 words a day. Sweat, that is, an average of two sentences in a class. Well, to see the friends here can think of my depressed mood! The reason why I am excited is that he studies well. Naturally, it helps me a lot. And I later concluded that he learned well because he was stupid. Otherwise, a person could not be an iceberg.

It's not that if you don't like talking, you can call it "iceberg.". We should consider all aspects of its quality. For example, the smile of this person can be divided into three categories: sneer, sly smile and snigger; for example, the eyes of this person can also be divided into three types: stare, stupidity and seriousness. (don't think it's wrong, especially Yang Yan, because he doesn't talk to me, so he has nothing to do with him.) see this. Know what an iceberg is.

One day, the self-study class, really can not bear this kind of loneliness, I finally opened the mouth, the most depressed is not know what to say, had to ask: "fruit can count?" He nodded. "Is vegetable countable?" He nodded. "Can food count?" He shook his head. I am really going crazy: "big brother, can you say something to me?" Well, "he said I: "I" Since then, I have never doubted whether this person is an iceberg. (Note: in fact, I know all the questions I asked)

It seems that there is a change after the end of the term. This boy seems to be familiar with me. He dares to lift my water bottle when I drink water, but once he gets out half a bottle. I used to carry it out a little bit, but just as I was in a bad mood that day, I said angrily, "Sun Bonan, you want to die!" (Khan, I asked him whether to use his real name. He agreed because he thought his name was better than XXX...) He's laughing there, sneering, snickering and snickering. So I decided to retaliate against him. In the end, I didn't get revenge. He could not drink water in the morning, drink a bottle at noon, and then drink nothing in the afternoon. So this action had to be abandoned. At this time, I really feel a bit of the same table feeling, which table does not fight?

Recently, in the sprint stage of the final exam, he finally began to talk to me about the world cup, his favorite Lin Junjie, and QQ hall. It was the first time to see his normal smile. In fact, it was very good. (maybe I have never seen it) but I still don't know why he was like "iceberg" in the beginning, I guess it's all kinds of pressure!

In fact, icebergs can also melt. PS: let him tell me to watch the ball tonight, because I always sleep very dead, and the sound of the alarm clock at home is not loud, and the telephone ring is surprisingly loud, so I hope he keeps his word!