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My ideal composition 550 words

My ideal 'human life is limited, but there is no limit to serving the people. I want to put my limited life into infinite service for the people. "This is a sentence that Uncle Lei Feng said in his lifetime. It is this sentence that guides Uncle Lei Feng's selfless dedication and wholeheartedly serving the people. He often went to the station near the military station during holidays and rest time to help the old and the young, meet and see off the passengers; when he was on business, he would carry tea and water for the passengers as soon as he got on the train and cleaned up; I used to think that people should enjoy life when they are alive, eat well, dress well and play well. Even if I study hard now, I will grow up to be outstanding and live a happy life. I never want to care about others in the past. After reading the story of Uncle Lei Feng, I felt that my ideas were selfish and narrow. Inspired by Uncle Lei Feng, I finally found my life goal. Start to learn to be a useful person to the society. In school, there is waste paper on the ground, I picked it up; the child fell, I helped him up; students have difficulties, I take the initiative to help. When I see the disabled on the street, I help them go home; when I have pocket money, I donate it to those who have suffered misfortune; when others throw rubbish away, I throw it into the dustbin & hellip; & hellip; if you are a drop of water, do you moisten an inch of land; if you are a ray of sunshine, do you light up a minute of darkness? If you are a grain of grain, have you nurtured useful life? If you are a small screw, are you always in the position of your life? What is my ideal? That is, when I grow up, no matter what kind of work I am engaged in, I will take Uncle Lei Feng as an example and put the interests of the country and the people first. To contribute to the prosperity of the motherland. In order to realize our ideal, we must start from now on, start from me, study hard the knowledge of science and culture, master excellent skills, be a good person, constantly hone our life value in life, and make our life more brilliant. Ideal is the first flower in spring; ideal is the first bundle of sunshine in summer; ideal is the first fruit in autumn; ideal is the first snowflake in winter; ideal is the first green island in the desert; ideal is the clarion of life & hellip; & hellip;

The ideal of mountain stream is the sea, the ideal of captive bird is the blue sky, the ideal of tree is the earth, the ideal of eagle is to fly to a higher blue sky, the ideal of petrel is to cross the boundless sea!

From ancient times to the present, where become a big person, which has no lofty ideal! If a person has no ideal, then his life is like a bird without wings, which can never fly to the blue sky; if a person has no ideal, it is like the sun has no brilliance, and can never emit dazzling light! Only people with full ideals can love life, find happiness, give full play to their intelligence and make contributions to the society.

Looking at the paintbrush on the desk, I suddenly feel excited, because I have a lofty ideal, that is, to be an outstanding painter. Whenever I am free, I can draw on paper or on a small blackboard. I like the cartoons published in Japan. The teenagers in them are very beautiful, cool and handsome, and the beautiful girls in them are also good. I also want to draw such pictures and publish them abroad! Although the gap between the ideal and the reality is too big, but I will try to learn.

I want to start from painting every painting, study hard, practice more, think more, try to realize my ideal, and use my pen to describe the most beautiful future. Thinking of this, I can't help but pick up the brush & hellip; & hellip;

Some people say that life is like a small boat on the sea, so there is no doubt that the ideal is the street lamp on our way forward. With this lamp, we will not get lost, will not be discouraged, firm and decisive forward, and finally will ride the wind and waves, direct to the other side of success.

Maybe your ideal is as many as stars, maybe your ideal will never change, but no matter what work I will do in the future, what career I will do, there is only one requirement that will never change, that is, to start from small things! On the ideal composition: I have my dream composition 550 words Gibran once said: 'I would rather be the smallest human being who has dreams and wishes to achieve, rather than be the greatest, no dreams, no wishes. 'everyone has his own dream, and he has his own desire.

Children's dream may be to have a lot of toys; college students' dream may be to enter the ideal university; the dream of adults may be to find a good job & hellip; & hellip; I also have a dream, I hope I can be admitted to the 'legendary' Ruizhong. This dream may be out of reach for me, but I'm trying. Ruizhong is a very good school. It is the dream of every student, the pride of every teacher and the expectation of every parent. But the requirement is really very high, we must have full marks in all the subjects in order to get in. Well, I really hope that the time can be reversed, so that I can early on some of my life's bad problems, learning deficiencies, all over the correction.

The dream of being admitted to Ruizhong took root in my mind, and it grew deeper and deeper. Finally, through my constant efforts, I passed the examination! Looking at the smile on the faces of teachers and parents, I don't mind how happy, I wish to tell all the people this news! With excitement, with a little bit of pride, I walked into Ruizhong, where the flowers are so gorgeous, the trees here are so tall, and there are so many 'Fengyun' characters. I was both happy and distressed to see those very good students. I'm happy because I can finally compare with these powerful characters; I'm distressed because my level may be only medium. I like competition, competition is a test of a person, with competition, I can be more confident, strive to move forward, never retreat!

'ding Ding ding'the alarm clock rang impatiently. I rubbed my eyes and reluctantly ended my dream. Some friends turned off the alarm clock angrily. I have my dream, I want to refuel for my dream! Human happiness and happiness lies in the struggle, and the most valuable is to struggle for the dream! Come on, for my dream!

Ruian City second experimental primary school five about my ideal composition: my ideal composition 550 words ideal, it is a person's life hope, the goal which pursues. Everyone's ideal is different. Everyone has his own ideal. The key is to see how you want to realize your dream.

My ideal comes from watching a movie called "one can't be less". My heart was deeply touched. The most impressive memory is that the 13-4-year-old girl asked Wei Minzhi to take the place of teacher Gao. Zhang Huike is the study committee member of the class, but his family is very poor, and his mother is ill in bed, so he has to give up reading to work in the city to earn money. Xiao Wei organized the students in his class to move bricks in the brick yard. He made a lot of money to go back to school. In order to find him, after arriving in the city, Mr. Wei went through many hardships and found Zhang Huike with the help of a kind-hearted person.

There are also many children, they are all weather beaten, a piece of young face full of desire for life, no beautiful clothes to wear, life is very simple. Their school in the countryside is very simple. When it rains, the classroom will leak. The podium is a three legged table, which will fall down when it is touched. They use very little chalk. As long as the chalk we use is short, it can't be used again. However, they have to use fingernails to catch it. When we raise the flag, there is music playing, but they don't. Even the flagpole is wood How crude!

After watching this film, I know how hard and good the teachers are, how hard the life in the countryside is, and how poor the classroom is. We should reach out to help those students who need help, so that they can have classes in the bright classroom and play games in the beautiful campus like us.

I hope to be a good teacher like my father and help more of my students. I hope to be an excellent entrepreneur like my mother to help more villagers and poor families. I hope everyone can live in a happy and carefree world.

From now on, I must study hard and realize my dream. I hope my life is colorful! About the ideal composition: my ideal composition 550 words ideal, is a how insipid and tedious noun, however, such a how insipid and boring noun, but often changed the unusual life. Some people have become scientists and doctors, and have made countless contributions to the construction and development of the motherland; some people, not to mention their contributions to the country, even maintaining their family life is a heavy question mark. Those who make contributions regard their ideals as more important than Mount Tai, while those with heavy question marks despise them and ignore them. We can see the cruelty and indifference of the ideal.

I also have an ideal. My ideal is to become a scientist who contributes to the construction and development of the motherland on the road of Tsinghua University. Remember when I was a child, on my first day of school, my father only said one sentence: "when Deng Xiaoping was alive, he once said with a sigh: & lsquo; China has a large population and a weak foundation.". &Feifei, you should also study hard! 'at that time, I was very young, and I didn't understand what my father said. In order to meet my classmates and teachers earlier, I nodded as if I understood. Now that I grow up, I naturally understand this sentence: To study hard, to have an ideal, to contribute to the construction and development of the motherland in the future.

When we were in the fourth grade of primary school, our head teacher, Mr. Wang, asked us to recite the poem "ideal" by the famous poet Liushahe. At that time, we did not know what the effect of reciting it had, so we blindly recited it thoroughly. Now it is easy to recite it

"Ideal is a stone, knock out a spark & hellip; & hellip; 'now I understand the teacher's intention: to have an ideal, grow up to benefit the country. Parents and teachers teach us to have ideals. It can be seen that ideal is the second life of our life.

It's no good just to have ideals, but also to have practical actions. Now we must study solidly and seriously, not blindly, but assiduously according to the plan. We can't fish for three days and dry the net for two days. We should face our own future bravely. We should strive to realize our ideals! About my ideal composition: my ideal composition 550 words, I have two ideals, both want to be a teacher, and want to be a doctor, but my biggest ideal is to be a glorious teacher.

Teachers are hardworking gardeners, cultivate the flowers of the motherland, whenever the teacher stands on the platform to give us lectures, I am very envious. She is so sublime and great that she has no knowledge of her own