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A composition full of praise for my hand

I have strong hands,

Can help mom get things.

I have a pair of hard-working hands,

Every composition can be excellent.

I have a pair of dexterous hands,

I'm a cute little dog.

I have a pair of magic hands,

Magic is wonderful.

I have a pair of able hands,

I like it,

Mom and dad like it too & hellip; & hellip;

After careful selection, we bought two bottles of drinks, and after paying, we were ready to go back. At this time, Duan Yue said: 'take the money and see if there is any counterfeit money in it. 'I said:' how could it be? Don't worry. Let's go! "No matter three, seven or twenty-one, he took the money and began to check. When checking a one dollar coin, he found a flaw." Auntie, can you change this one & hellip; & hellip;

My good friend's name is Duan Yue. He is well-known in our fifth grade. The reason why he is well-known is that his grades are very good. Not to mention his class, he is among the best in the whole grade.

The longer the section is, it is not high or short. It is very thin and looks very cute. He is proficient in language, mathematics and English, and other subjects are also good. In fact, the secret of his good grades is that he is very careful.

His carefulness is shown in many places. He is very careful in life and study.

One time, we went shopping, we didn't drink water from morning till night, so we went to buy drinks.

After careful selection, we bought two bottles of drinks. After paying, we were ready to go back. At this time, Duan Yue said: 'take the money and see if there is any counterfeit money in it. 'I said:' how could it be? Don't worry. Let's go! "No matter 37-21, he took the money and began to check it. When checking a one dollar coin, he found a flaw." Auntie, can you change this one? "Duan Yue said," eh? Talk about Caocao, Caocao, how? Do you have counterfeit money? 'I asked in surprise, and the aunt said,' no, I'll check it. "It turns out that Duan Yue's statement is true. That coin is indeed a counterfeit one. The waiter's aunt apologized to us.

From this incident, we can see that Duan Yue is very careful in life. We should carefully check every link. I can't do it. Therefore, we should pay more attention and be more careful in our life.

He is not only very careful in life, but also very good at study.

We are learning English outside, the teacher gives us questions to do, he can always check out some small mistakes, such as wrong punctuation, wrong letters and so on. I feel that he is not doing the problem, but finding fault.

Duan Yue also has many advantages. I will not introduce them one by one. I think I should learn from him, learn from each other and stop being careless.

This is my good friend Duan Yue. My father is a big man, very fat, with a pair of bright eyes, high nose gives a kind of amiable feeling.

My father works hard in Anhua. However, he often worried about his grandmother's body, always concerned about the family. As long as every festival, dad will regardless of the hard work and hard road, back to the warm home to see us.

My father is very concerned about my study, often buy me books, take me out to play, enrich my knowledge, broaden my horizons, patiently tutor me to do homework. One labor day, my father came back and saw that my homework was wrong. My father checked it. He didn't scold me or get angry. Instead, he patiently analyzed the reasons for my mistakes. He took pains to tell me that I should be careful in homework and not careless.

I like my dad. I'm proud of having a good dad. My hometown is in Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province. It is a beautiful city with green mountains and green waters. There are many delicious things that I can't forget every time I think of it. My mouth goes down three thousand feet.

My hometown, commonly known as xiaojiangnan of Shaanxi Province, is located in the south of Shaanxi Province. It is a basin city in the south of Qinling Mountains and north of Bashan mountain. It is the birthplace of Hanjiang River, the largest tributary of the Yangtze River. It belongs to the Yangtze River Basin and is a large plain. Hanzhong is a famous historical and cultural city in China. There are Qinling Mountains in the north and Bashan in the south. It has four distinct seasons and is suitable for the reproduction of a variety of creatures. It is also the habitat of the national treasure giant panda and Crested Ibis. It's two crops a year. It's not only the largest rice producing area in Shaanxi Province, but also the vegetable oil production accounts for one-third of the whole Shaanxi Province. It's not too much to say that it's the richest place in Shaanxi Province.

There are many beautiful places in Hanzhong, one of which is called Nanhu. It gives people a kind of relaxed and happy feeling when they first arrive! If you look at the lake again, on a sunny day, the lake water is rippling with blue waves, and the sunlight shines on the water surface. It seems that the gold of a lake has been sprinkled. On rainy days, the rain water hits the surface of the lake. When you look at it, it looks like a silver fish in the lake. If you look at it, it is hazy and seems to be separated by layers of gauze. There are so many kinds of fish in it. As people say, "half of the lake is water, half is fish.".

My hometown also has many specialties: Lentinus edodes, agaric, orange, tea, Chinese herbal medicine and so on, in recent years are also well-known. Special snacks such as tofu, noodles, powder, canned tea, spicy chicken, walnut bun, bacon and so on are also well known. These attracted many foreign tourists to visit Hanzhong. If you come to Hanzhong to play, the warm and hospitable Hanzhong people will make you have a good time and eat happily.

If Shaanxi wants to select a snack city, the result of the selection must be Hanzhong, my hometown! Boasting our publisher Liu Dongsheng's composition 450 words, I live in the town middle school family home, the school has five family homes. On the first day of subscribing the newspaper the year before last, Liu Dongsheng, the publisher, mistakenly dropped my piece of Chutian Metropolis Daily newspaper to other family homes. After work that day, I didn't receive the newspaper, so I called to ask about it. Liu Dongsheng came from his home by motorcycle and took back the newspaper he had misplaced. He delivered it to me personally and apologized in a hurry. I was moved to see him sweating and panting.

Liu Dongsheng, 42 years old, is tall and thin. He told me that he loves the delivery work and thinks it is good. He works for half a day and takes a rest. He goes from village to house every day. He knows a lot of people and understands a lot of things. He is very happy in spirit.

In the winter of 2008, I had a heavy snow and the road was frozen. That day, Liu Dongsheng slipped and fell when delivering the newspaper. He held back the pain and limped to finish delivering the newspaper. People think that Liu Dongsheng fell and hurt himself. Later, newspapers will be out of stock for a few days. However, the next day, he pushed his bicycle door to door to continue delivering newspapers. Everyone said with concern: "Liu Dongsheng, you can't be a joke if you hurt your muscles and bones! "But he said," no problem, I'll let my wife get familiar with the delivery address, and let her do the work for the time being! '20 days later, Liu Dongsheng recovered from his injury and began to travel through all units and villages in our town, delivering newspapers without hindrance.

Liu Dongsheng suffered from serious cervical spondylosis. When the disease broke out, he still insisted on sending newspapers every day, never delaying a day. The majority of readers in our town can see the "Chutian Metropolis Daily" every day. When people receive the Chutian Metropolis Daily from Liu Dongsheng every day, they can't help praising him: "Liu Dongsheng delivers the newspaper timely and accurately, which is really our good publisher. '

My hometown is in Antu County at the foot of Changbai Mountain. The most famous tourist resort in Antu county is Changbai Mountain Tianchi. I heard that Changbai Mountain Tianchi is a small volcano, and there are hot springs! I heard that the hot spring can boil eggs!

Let me talk about the cold noodles in our hometown again!

The cold noodles in our hometown are delicious. Every day after the children's day, my father and mother always take me to a bowl of cold noodles. I tell you a little secret. The cold noodles can be delicious, especially in summer. In the future, we must eat more of our hometown's specialty cold noodles. When I grow up, I will go to the hot springs in my hometown!

The third primary school of Antu county about the elder sister's composition: boast of my sister rain composition 450 words Abstract: perhaps, sister Yu was elected the monitor of their class with her temperament and character, perhaps, her temper and personality won her popularity, perhaps, this is the reason why we met less deeply. Recently, she will visit Shenzhen again, and I can see my close friend again & hellip; & hellip;

My best friend is sister Yu. Although she is far away and doesn't come often, we don't feel tired when we meet and chat for three days and nights.

Sister Yu is good-natured, has good temper and personality, has good organizational ability, and treats others with delicacy. Coupled with good grades, similar age and other reasons, we have become good friends. In fact, the reason why we become good friends is that she is good at self-care. It is because of her good self-care ability that she can come to Shenzhen alone for many times and not dilute our deep feelings.

She's popular everywhere.

Once, she took a book that her cousin Tong Yuqi loved to read. When she saw the chess, she took the book away. Sister Yu said angrily: 'why did you take my book? "Because it's mine. "Sister Yu said softly," can you lend me a look? "Tong Yuqi said fiercely," no, I want to see it. "Sister Yu cried angrily. After a few minutes, rain sister and we play peacefully. It's still good for tongyuqi. After tongyuqi played his temper, he repented and sincerely apologized to sister Yu.

Maybe sister Yu was elected monitor of her class because of her temperament. Maybe her temper won her popularity. Maybe, this is the reason why we seldom met and deeply impressed. Recently, she will visit Shenzhen again. I can see my close friend again. Prosperity is like wind and sand, boasting of my time, composition of 100 words, flashing lights,

The light wind of strange enchantment,

When I think about it, thousands of mountains and rivers,

A year's death has brought great changes,

Close one's eyes and cover one's ears and tear off the strings in my heart,

Looking at the roadside,

It has lost the eyes of passers-by and the hearts of passers-by,

Remembering the distant dreams of childhood,

Now it's not enough,

The setting sun is beyond the mountains,

Green leaf grass, edge grass,

In these four years, the mood of the river ripples,

Why, at this time, I think of the dream that the fragrance overflows outside the Councillor,

At the same time, there are many lights flashing at the same time,

The light wind of strange enchantment.