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Food Festival

Chapter 1: Xu Yuxuan

Turn the street, smell the smell of barbecue, hear the people selling barbecue, see a string of scattered chili powder mutton kebabs.

'mom, I'll have mutton kebabs. 'I said.

"Good, good." my mother bought me some.

'thai insect feast! Thailand insect feast! Five yuan a bunch, the seller yelled.

As I pushed through the crowd, I saw that there were a lot of scorpions in the basin, all of which were cooked. Live scorpion more disgusting, in another basin. There are centipedes and so on & hellip; & hellip;

I thought, are these things bought? I watched by the side. Few people bought it. They all came to have a look. One of them really bought scorpion and ate it with relish.

After standing for a while, we strolled around, and there was nothing to buy, so we went home!

Chapter 2: Food Festival Chen yuanzhenghao

Another year's food festival, I followed my mother and sister to wangjiangmen. When I got there, I saw a cloud of smoke. When I looked at it carefully, it turned out to be roast mutton kebabs and squid. I couldn't help swallowing my saliva. It was delicious! I walked all the way, and suddenly, I saw a sugar painting stall next to me. Seeing the vivid sugar painting, I pulled my mother.

My mother saw it and was very interested, so she bought me an aggressive five claw Golden Dragon. I am very happy, but to see such a beautiful dragon, a little reluctant to give up! Chapter 3: Xu chentao

This week we went to Shaoxing flower market, because we know there is an annual flower market food festival. My grandfather took my sister and I had dinner and set out. There were famous Taiwan snacks, Mongolian barbecue and Indian flying cake.

When I got there, I immediately ran to the food stall. We first saw steamed buns from Taiwan. My grandfather bought us six steamed buns and tasted them first. The taste was good. But it doesn't taste good if you eat too much. That's how we eat while we're shopping. On the way back, we went to Fengdu ghost town, where I and three children walked in front of us. When we said, 'are all robots? 'the two adults in the back are holding two mobile phones to light up. Out of the ghost town, we went to play hoop, I set a sapphire, sister set a pink gem. Finally, we went to the trampoline. We can jump as high as we want on this trampoline. We don't have to worry about jumping out of the bed when we are at home, because everyone wears vias.

The flower market is really fun, but the food festival is only a short week. I hope there will be more programs in the next food festival.

Chapter 4: shopping in the food festival

This afternoon, my father and I went to Xinyifang for a food festival. When we got there, we had a look at the sea of people. There was a big red banner with the words "the 14th Food Festival". On both sides of the red banner stood two balloonists who were tall and big like chefs. The food street is made up of three rows of shops, which is very lively.

When visiting the food festival, I saw Xufu new year meat & Jiaxing zongzi & middot; chicken feet King & middot; Jinhua pastry and many delicious things. As we strolled around, we finally came to a beach called Yanzhou house. An aunt told us to taste their dried fish. It was really delicious. In the food street, there are a lot of children around a person taking pictures. When I get closer, it turns out that it is a real person wearing the same chef's clothes as the cartoon. I also went to ask my father to take a picture for me, ha ha. The food festival is really interesting.

Chapter 5: Huang Yichen

In recent days, beer festival activities are being held in Xin'anjiang new square. In the evening, my mother and I went to the square to play.

After arriving at the square, I saw a lot of tents and stalls. There was a sea of people inside, which was very busy. I can't help but drool at the fragrance. My mother and I rushed into the crowd to see what delicious food there was. I walk all the way, there are barbecue, roast fish, roast beef, roasted chicken wings, mutton kebabs, stinky tofu, bamboo tube rice, steamed buns, soup dumplings, delicious noodles, and Jiaohua chicken.

The aroma of all kinds of delicious food makes my mouth water. Watching everyone eating delicious food and drinking beer, my mother and I couldn't wait. We ordered two soup dumplings, found a seat, and couldn't wait to eat. Soup bag meat juice fresh, I eat a mouth full of oil, belly round. But I still can't help eating one after another, eager to eat all the delicious food.

Later, we couldn't eat any more, so we went home reluctantly. I like this kind of activity. I like the food in my hometown.

Chapter 1: Food Festival

In recent days, Haimen old street held the first food festival.

At night, the lights were bright and the voices were blazing, and the narrow streets were crowded. We followed the crowd like snails. The smell of roasted mutton and roasted chestnuts ran into my nose. The people who sell mutton kebabs are wearing strange clothes, with a fan in one hand and a mutton kebab in the other. To the beat of music, they roast mutton kebabs while dancing, which makes me laugh.

When we came to the stall selling "Indian flying cakes", we saw a black foreigner pointing out two people nearby to make flying cakes. They first smash the dough on the table, then spread it out with their hands, stretch it around, and then take it up, turn it left and right, and in a blink of an eye, the dough becomes as thin as paper. Then the pork, green onion, carrots, etc. are wrapped in it and burned on the stove. After a while, the steaming and fragrant 'Indian flying cake' came out. I was dazzled by a series of neat movements. The people who watched were full of praise. I can't wait to pick up a piece and put it into my mouth to bite it gently. It's delicious and delicious! I'm waiting for the delicious food.

In the evening, I really opened my eyes and enjoyed my mouth!

Chapter 2: happy food festival

As soon as I get home, I yell & lsquo; mom, bring me staples, veggies and fruit tomorrow. &Before I finished, my mother immediately asked me why I had to bring it? &I'm happy to say that because tomorrow is our third grade food festival, we can bring our favorite staple food, vegetarians and fruits. ‘\'

In the evening, my mother prepared a lot of things for me, including parchment, milk, grapes and apples. (all I like)

The next day, I got up early and went to school with a big bag. I've been looking forward to coming at noon.

The food festival, which I had been looking forward to for a long time, was finally opened. We brought our own things and put them on the table. There were dumplings, lard cake, duck tongue, cinnamon cake, and so on. I think it's a bit like a restaurant. I eat my own, eat others', drink milk and fruit for a while. It's really a feast for the mouth!! The most interesting thing is that Li Shuliang brought some fresh faces, which made the whole class laugh.

I like this food festival. If you have experienced it yourself, you will be too happy to smile. Chapter 3: Food Festival

In October of golden autumn, with the fragrance of laurel, we ushered in the National Day festival. Zhenhai District Jiulong Lake food festival begins! My father and mother took me to taste the delicious food. We walked northward along the sea. My father said, "you see, the two sides of the road were still beaches a few years ago, but now there are many modern factories. How fast our economy is developing! '

We came to the Jiulong lake, where the colorful flags fluttered, the sea of people, filled with the joy of the festival, bursts of fragrance came, I can not help but speed up the pace, far away to hear the hawkers Hawking, see people scrambling to buy taste. I also hastened to join their team and tasted it carefully.

Look at the mutton kebabs in the hands of peddlers, sending out bursts of fragrance. The sign in front says' pee cow '? I quickly let my mother buy one, I looked at the Niuwan, it is also very ordinary ah? I took a bite, and the soup shot far away. It turned out that this was the pee cow ball!

There are many snacks I can't name, waiting for you to taste!

Chapter 4: Food Festival

This evening, my parents took me to the food festival in Ningbo gymnasium. I jumped three feet high and finished my homework in a hurry, waiting for my parents to go to the food festival.

Walking into the gymnasium gate, a burst of fragrance attracted me to the past. Oh, it was a mutton kebab. I took my father's hand to come to the side of the roast mutton kebab and bought some. "Well, mutton kebabs are really delicious! 'I can't help but say that after a while, my father brought another pot of lobster, and I put one in my mouth. The spicy fragrance makes people have endless aftertaste.

There are all kinds of food in the food festival. Every hotel brings out its own special snacks to let us have enough. There are shrimp, steak and small yellow croaker from junhuangfu, Kaiyuan Hotel and Shipu Hotel, which make our family feast. However, it is already 9:30 p.m., and the sports hall is still full of people and voices.

Chapter 5: my own food festival

Food festival, we all know, but have you ever heard of or know your own food festival?

Today I don't know what to do, the homework to do is finished, boring! All of a sudden, a very good idea came into my mind: to have our own food festival! The more I thought about it, the more interesting I started. First prepared some fruit, made a fruit platter, and then went to the street to buy some raw mutton kebabs, meat slices, chicken wings, sausages, potatoes, vegetables and other barbecue items. When I got home, I took the oven and made a tent. After baking, I found that it was boring for a person. So I found a lot of friends to bake together, eat together, and play games at the same time. Tired take turns to enter the tent rest, thirsty eat fruit platter. It's like being in your own world. We were so happy that at noon, we were not going to have another lunch. In addition to barbecue or barbecue, no other food to eat, eat barbecue, full stomach, and play a morning, we are satisfied! Laughing happily, I don't know why, we can't stop laughing. We try our best not to laugh. We can only twist ourselves and feel pain. We can't laugh any more. We only touch our skin.

At about two o'clock in the afternoon, we broke up, just like the end of the food festival. We went back to our homes and went to our mothers.

Children, this is my food festival, do you know? If you think it's fun, you can have a try! But be careful of your own safety!