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Spring Festival Gala

Part one: Bian Yiwei in the Spring Festival Gala

On January 28, I went to my mother's Spring Festival party.

Wow, did not expect that there are uncles dressed as women, I asked: are you a man or a woman? He said: guess? I said: look at the face is a man, look at the makeup is a woman. Mom said the uncles were dancing Indian. They're good dancers.

My favorite program is that there are many uncles and aunts dancing together in Jiangnan (horse riding dance), which is so handsome.

Part two: attending the children's Spring Festival Gala

One morning, my mother and I went to Taizhou TV station to record the children's Spring Festival Gala.

I'm the third program, dancing with colorful black. I go to make up with my friends. When I finish makeup, my mother and I have dinner here. After dinner, my mother left, I changed my dancing clothes in my seat, and rehearsed again. I'm thinking that dancing is really tiring, but I'm still very happy in my heart. I'll come back next time. My mother and I had dinner here. After dinner, I went on stage. The recording program of Spring Festival Gala began. There were many programs and many audiences. After dancing, I promised my mother to go home. My mother took off my clothes and gave it back to the teacher. The teacher gave me a lamb, and my mother and I went home. Part 3: preparing for family Spring Festival Gala

After I attended the Spring Festival gala held by my mother's unit, I discussed with my mother that we would hold a family Spring Festival Gala, and we also had a division of labor.

I am the chief director, host and actor. My mother is an associate director and an actor. My father is a staff member and an actor. My grandparents and grandparents are the audience. My sister is a photographer. We have four programs, two games and a lottery. The show must be wonderful. I'm looking forward to it.

Chapter 4: cute Spring Festival Gala

Last night, my mother took my brother and I to watch the "Meng Bao Spring Festival Gala". There are small apples, cheerleading, chorus, and many good programs. Among them, there is a magical child, no matter how big the number of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, he can answer correctly. In addition, there is a mysterious host - Little Fairy sister, can be beautiful. Finally, when the host threw New Year's gifts to the audience, I grabbed six.

After throwing away the gift, a little sister didn't grab it. She was about to cry. My mother said that she asked me to give her one. I quickly threw one to her. She immediately laughed and I was very happy. Mengbao Spring Festival Gala is very beautiful. I want to see it next year!

Chapter 5: family Spring Festival Gala begins

At 7:30 p.m., the family Spring Festival Gala started on time. I put on a beautiful princess skirt, but also put on the crown, learn from the TV host with a red clip in his hand, which put the program list. At first, I was nervous and kept laughing. Mother thought of a way: let me stay in the kitchen, laugh out

。 This move is quite effective, after the family Spring Festival Gala officially began. With the program list, I walked to the middle of the living room with all manner of air. First of all, I introduced the guests and applauded to welcome you. Then we performed the program and made the game. How happy I am today! Because I bring you happiness.

Chapter one: watching the Spring Festival gala by Qiu Siyu

After the new year's Eve dinner, set off the fireworks. It's neither early nor late. It's exactly eight o'clock. The Spring Festival party began. I quickly moved the stool and sat in front of the TV. It started as a song and dance show. Then I watched some good programs and finally saw my favorite magic show - "fish" every year.

The performer pours out his heirloom six lovely goldfish from a jar. Also said to let the goldfish array. 'goldfish array'? I haven't heard of it.

At this time, the performer said something to the goldfish. As a result, the goldfish were really obedient and arranged various squares. The host was surprised and eager to try. And he said to the magician, 'can I have a try'? The magician agreed without hesitation. I saw the host bending down, a face of 'flattery' phase, expectantly said: 'look forward, walk in unison'! However, goldfish still swim as they like, not listening to the host's words. The performer then gives the order to the goldfish and asks the host to try again. The host said, "look forward." the goldfish head forward. The goldfish swam forward again. "Disband" and the goldfish dispersed again. Finally, I turned the goldfish into the water from the painting, and then changed back to the painting from the water. I was so surprised that I couldn't close my chin.

I think, if my family also has the ancestral goldfish!

Chapter 2: watching the Spring Festival Gala

I watched the Spring Festival Gala at home yesterday. Somehow, I was very angry when I heard the two words. Because they don't play with me any more.

But today is different, I actually did not watch the cartoon, and watched this year's Spring Festival Gala. Now let me introduce what I saw in the Spring Festival Gala.

My favorite category is sketches. There are two pieces I like best, that is by Xiao Shenyang. Big long face. Zhao Benshan. Bai Nao, the composition of the sketch, can be funny, laugh my belly pain.

Another is a woman named Jia Ling and an uncle. Today, he (she) plays "on holding and teasing". I remember that the most interesting thing here is the second one. At that time, I just laughed and didn't pay attention to what she said. However, I vaguely heard such a sentence. Who should I be? It turns out that it's the gang leader with eye stick and stinky feet.

There is also a sketch of three uncles and a sister. My uncle's wife went to Korea to make a movie. Then when her mother came, she said, "there's a little girl in the house. '

I believe you have seen so many sketches! I also believe that next year I will watch the Spring Festival Gala instead of cartoons. Chapter 3: watching the Spring Festival Gala

On New Year's Eve, with the crackling of firecrackers outside, my parents and I had a good dinner. Next, we would watch the annual Spring Festival Gala.

At the beginning of the party, I was attracted by the gorgeous stage. With the change of the program, the stage of the evening party also changes immediately, which gives people a sense of scene.

The following programs are also colorful. The most magical is Liu Qian's magic "magic mirror", especially magic. Finally, I saw a hand suddenly stretched out in the mirror, and immediately my hair stood up. I think the most beautiful is Hu Qizhi's crystal ball performance "attachment". Hu Qizhi bares his upper body and shows strong and developed muscles. The transparent crystal ball walking back and forth on his body is so light and elegant, which is the combination of hardness and softness, which shows this kind of beauty to the extreme. What I like most are sketches and crosstalk shows, among which a few classic lines make me laugh. One of them is from the sketch "the net of heaven is magnificent": the one who holds the broom is not necessarily the cleaner, maybe it is Harry Potter. There are also crosstalk "love driving" in: Benshan changed uncle, Amin changed aunt, especially Cai Ming's face, which turned out to be duck's eggs, but now it's a walnut cake, and so on.

This year's Spring Festival Gala is really wonderful, I look forward to next year's Spring Festival gala will be more wonderful!

Chapter 4: Zhao Biyao in the Spring Festival Gala

Watching the Spring Festival Gala every year, I have expectations every year. New year's Eve tradition in addition to eating New Year's Eve dinner, dumplings, but also can not forget the Spring Festival Gala - this big feast.

The Spring Festival Gala has become our main entertainment on New Year's Eve. This year is no exception. After dinner, I wait in front of the TV early to enjoy the Spring Festival Gala.

In a flowery crowd, the Spring Festival Gala began. More than four hours of programs, each program is a condensation of the efforts of directors and actors. What I appreciate most is the background of the Spring Festival Gala -- LED screen. There are large LED screens in the background of the stage and on the ground. The three large screens formed by retractable pillars can be expanded into different shapes according to different programs. Beautiful patterns can be made on the pillars with computer lights. In the program, the dancers will make perfect movements in the program of climbing the stairs, and even the dancers will play the beautiful patterns on the screen. At the same time, the large screen makes the stage in endless changes from beginning to end, and all the scenes are closely around the theme and atmosphere of the program. It's beautiful.

Chapter 5: interesting Spring Festival Gala

Spring Festival is an indispensable festival for Chinese people. On this day, people always do something according to some customs. Of course, watching the Spring Festival Gala is one of them. Since 1982, the Spring Festival Gala has been held until now. In the past 30 years, the Spring Festival Gala has become more and more beautiful. No, it was another one last night.

The Spring Festival Gala has a variety of programs: at first, it started with a red boy in Henan Opera "the opening nursery rhyme" performed by Deng Minghe, followed by new year's greetings from the East, the west, the South and the north, and then Jiangzhou drum music and cross talk & hellip; hellip; these programs are all practiced by actors and actresses.

In these programs, what I am most interested in is the sketch "interview". It tells us that a person goes to a supermarket for an interview. The clothes he wears are the same as those of a thief who steals the supermarket. As a result, the supermarket owner misunderstands him as a thief. Finally, he calls and confesses the truth. After knowing the truth, the boss suddenly realizes that he is not a thief So he recruited the man and asked his friends to work in his supermarket. After reading it, I had a lot of aftertaste. Now I can laugh at the thought of a short period. I really like this sketch!

It's 12 o'clock after watching the Spring Festival Gala. I'm sleepy. Go to bed. Bye!