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Learn to ride

Whenever I see other people skillfully riding bicycles in the street free time, the heart of envy. I pestered my mother to teach me how to ride, and my mother agreed.

I pushed my bike and mom to the court. My mother first told me the essentials of cycling. She said that we should first straighten the dragon head of the bicycle, then ride on the car, and then pedal hard after the body is seated. I listened and did as my mother told me. Mom helped me with the car on the right side. I steadied the tap and began to get on. I held the tap tightly with both hands and stepped on the pedal. Just stepped into the car, the car seems to be deliberately against me, the car head is not obedient, it always turns to the left, I fell down. The first time it failed. The second, third, and fourth times were unsuccessful. I was frustrated. At this time, my mother came to me and advised me, "be bold. Don't be afraid of wrestling. Be confident. "After listening to my mother's words, I summoned up the courage to climb on the bike and ride. After repeated practice, I was tired and sweating every time, and I finally made progress. After a week, I finally learned to ride a bicycle.

Now I know that if you are timid, you will never learn. I have learned to do a lot of things, such as learning to make dumplings, learning to skate But what impressed me most was learning to ride a bicycle.

It was one day of winter vacation. My father said that he would take me to the stadium to learn how to ride a bike. I was very happy to hear that, so I set out with my father in a hurry. When I came to the stadium, there were already many people there. Some of them were kicking shuttlecock, some were turning somersaults like monkey king on the ground, and some children were riding cars. Look, how skillful they ride. Some of them ride in circles, some back and forth, and some I want to ride a bike when I see these.

Dad saw my mind, he pushed the car over and let me ride it. At the beginning, I couldn't hold the handlebar. When I rode, I always hit the tree and fell. My father looked at it and said, "be energetic. If the car tilts to the right, you have to be on the left. If the car goes to the left, you have to go right..." I did as my father said, and it really worked. After a while, I completely mastered the balance.

On the way home, I rode a bike and thought: as long as I have confidence and perseverance, I will succeed. A few days before learning to ride a bike, my mother bought me a beautiful bike. I like it very much. I want to learn it in the shortest time. Well, yesterday I couldn't wait to go out to learn how to ride a bike!

Dad coaches me. We first found an empty and sparsely populated place. My father told me a few essentials of learning how to ride a bicycle: first, when riding a bicycle, you should first hold the handlebar firmly and look ahead, otherwise you will shake left and right. Second, when pedaling, it's better to step on the right foot first, which is easy to use. Third, if you encounter obstacles when riding, you must pinch the right brake first. If you pinch the left brake first, you will fall down. Oh, I can't wait. I stepped on the bus and was in a hurry to leave. I quickly said, "I understand!" As I was too excited and too eager for success, I just sat on the horse without riding twice before I fell on my back. "Ouch, it's killing me!" Dad in the side of the words: just learn to ride a bicycle, how can you be so fast, to slow down. Then I nodded seriously: I know, I will slow down. Then I got on my bike and rode it slowly. Just riding on the car, I was very nervous, for fear of falling down again, so I thought of my father's words "keep your eyes on the front --" with this kind of psychology, I mounted the bike carefully, and then slowly practiced, and really rode a circle. I also practiced turning. Finally learned to ride a bicycle, I am very happy! I counted the time and it took about forty minutes.

Through this learning to ride a bicycle, I understand: Kung Fu pays off the heart. I've experienced a lot of difficulties in learning to ride, but I've never been afraid. Because I know how to succeed if I don't overcome difficulties! Only those who are indomitable will lead to success.

I remember when I was in grade three, my uncle bought me a bicycle. I saw it, my heart was like drinking honey, but unfortunately, I can't ride yet! My uncle said to me: "you are so old, it's time to learn how to ride a bicycle. If you can't ride a bicycle again, isn't it a joke?" After listening to it, I said without hesitation: "no matter how difficult it is, I will overcome it!"

The next day, I pushed my bike into the yard to learn how to ride. Uncle in the back of the car, my heart is still nervous pounding. My uncle said, "I will always support you in the back. Look at the front with your eyes and concentrate. You will ride well." After listening to my uncle, I tried to ride. At this time, the front of the car was rickety, and my uncle said in the back, "don't be afraid. I'll hold on to it. Just hold on to the handlebar and concentrate on it." I did as my uncle said, and it was not easy to balance the front of the car. My uncle said, "hurry up, make it harder!" My speed increased and my uncle let go. Just then, a stone knocked me down. My hand was skinned and my knee was bleeding. I wanted to cry at that time, but I didn't cry, because I knew this was the difficulty, and I must overcome it.

After I got up from the ground, I fought my bike a second time. I'm sure it will work this time. My brother-in-law helped me ride forward as he did last time. This time there seemed to be no obstacle to stop me. My uncle let go again, and my car was finally able to balance. I cried with joy. But maybe I'm so happy that I didn't notice when I turned the corner and fell down again. This time I fell more heavily, tears in my eyes straight, I was a little shaken. My uncle seemed to see my mind. He rubbed my medicine and said, "Haley," failure is the mother of success. "Don't lose heart! If you are not arrogant or impetuous, you will succeed! " I listened and nodded in shame.

After only two minutes' rest, I launched a third challenge to the bicycle. This time, I must ride well! My uncle didn't support me like I did last time. He just ran with my car to encourage me. Finally, I got on the car and balanced it. At the corner, I turned the handlebar carefully. This time, I didn't wrestle and rode fast. Gradually, I have been able to operate freely. I am so proud! My uncle also laughed knowingly. The birds in the tree seem to be happy for me to overcome the difficulties, and chirp on the branches.

In a short half day, I actually learned how to ride a bike. It really makes me feel unbelievable! Facts tell us that difficulties are not as terrible as you imagine. As long as you face them bravely and make unremitting efforts, there will be good results. I have a beautiful bike to learn to ride, but I just can't ride it. I have to mount two small wheels on the back to dare to ride. One day, my father said to me, "you are a big boy. Be brave. Besides, the four wheel car is ridden by children in kindergarten." Hearing this, I feel that I have a strong desire to learn how to ride a two wheeled bicycle. However, I am afraid of wrestling, but I think: "it will be inconvenient in the future if I don't learn how to ride a bicycle." I thought about it for a while and decided to learn to ride a two wheeled bicycle.

The next afternoon after I finished my homework, my father led me to the small square in the courtyard to learn cycling. At the beginning, because I didn't master the essentials thoroughly, I wrestled as long as I didn't go far, especially when I was turning, even my father couldn't support me. Later, my father gave me more details to keep my balance, relax my whole body, and look ahead with my eyes Although I remember it, my father and I were a little tired after studying for an hour or two, so we went home to have a rest.

In the morning of the third day, as soon as I finished my homework, I went downstairs and continued to practice. At the beginning, I still asked my father to hold on to me. As I mastered the essentials, I could ride my bike for less than an hour this time. I was happy to ride for a long time before returning home. When I was walking on the road, I thought: "as long as I work hard, seriously and attentively, there is nothing I can't learn." Learn how to ride a bike. When I see someone else riding a bicycle very fast, I am so envious! So I made up my mind to learn how to ride a bicycle.

In the beginning, the bicycle wheel always didn't listen to me, as if I had deliberately done the right thing. When I let it go to the right, it turned to the left; when I let it go to the left, it turned to the right. Although I have practiced for so many days, I haven't lost heart and continue to practice unremittingly. Finally, I have made remarkable progress.

Now, I can cycle around a square on my own for several times, and the bicycle handle is very obedient to me, and the wheels are always turning steadily there. When I ride my bike very fast, there will be a cool wind. It's so comfortable!