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Heaven has given me starlight, it shines on me, I look at it, it is the dream and expectation in my heart. Close, close, stretch out your hands, come together, Carnival!


Youth has not had time to make a full stop with a wreath, youth with rolling thunder to start another line.

Is it like the sudden turn of spring and summer?

Like the willow catkins, everything is so sudden and short.

In one night, the cherry turned red and the banana green!

Youth makes people feel colorful life. A group of young men and girls walk on the street, as if floating through a group of colorful clouds. The city is so dazzling that you can't tell which color is the most beautiful.

Youth is the most romantic season. Youth allows us to open our mind without any shyness and appreciate the majestic green mountains and the charming green water. Youth let us full of passion to sprinkle their ideals, in the windless summer night quietly waiting for the first ray of Oriental dawn to rise.

The color of youth is golden. Youth is like summer, just between the spring and autumn fruits, the harvest has been but the hope is not exhausted, which contains endless power. The color of youth is green. Youth is like waves, like green waves and tender bamboos, full of hope and full of vitality.

The melody of youth is exciting. Like a beating drum, like a sharp arrow from a string. Youth makes you fearless and high spirited; youth makes you full of strength and fighting spirit. Youth is unstoppable. It is a galloping horse, a lightning tearing the sky, and a meteor that cuts through the sky. It opens the way for us and leads us to the glory of success!

Youth can test a person's perseverance most. Weak willed people give up their youth to boredom, laziness, debauchery and tiredness; those with strong will cherish their youth and cherish their golden youth. They drive a full life boat in colorful youth and win the gift of old people in difficulties and trials, so that every moment of life can not be wasted.

Youth, let you in the restless to get a introspective peace, a part of the wisdom of the outside world and the real ethereal. We don't need to complain about anything. Every period is a step in our life. It is because of setbacks, troubles, earth shattering and clouds all over the sky that our youth becomes more colorful. As long as the heart has a clock, not wasted, even if the ambition is not paid, it is enough to have a clear conscience.

Youth is the most beautiful movement in life, we should sing for it! Singing about youth means singing about people who love life. As long as you love life and cherish youth, whether it is hot or cold, it will be as magnificent and charming as the tender spring and fruitful autumn.

Youth Olympic Games and Youth Olympic Games are also called "Youth Olympic Games" and "Youth Olympic Games".

The 2014 Youth Olympic Games will be held in Nanjing. It will be a sports and cultural event for young people all over the world. It will also be a grand gathering for spreading friendship. As the young host of Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, I feel extremely honored and look forward to the arrival of this day!

I hope that when the 2014 Youth Olympic Games is held, the environment of Nanjing will be completely new. This ancient city will become more beautiful because of the Youth Olympic Games, the sky will be bluer, the water will be clearer, the flowers will be more colorful, the trees will be more green, and the whole city of Nanjing will become a beautiful garden.

I hope that when the 2014 Youth Olympic Games is held, the subway in Nanjing will be more accessible, the supporting facilities will be more complete and convenient, and people's life will be more comfortable and happy.

I hope that when the Youth Olympic Games is held, people in Nanjing will become more friendly and polite, and warmly welcome young people and tourists from all over the world who love sports. The majestic Zhongshan Mausoleum and the beautiful Xuanwu Lake will leave a good impression on them; the lively Confucius Temple and the delicious Nanjing snacks will also make them forget to leave. As the host, we teenagers will be good guides for guests from all over the world to show the style and color of a new generation of Nanjing people.

We will have the honor to visit the Olympic Games in person, appreciate the Olympic spirit and accept the special baptism of the Olympic Games. I hope that after this grand event, the Olympic spirit will be printed in the hearts of Nanjing people and integrated into their daily life. Nanjing people will love sports more, and everyone will feel happy from it. Nanjing will become a vibrant city.

When the 2014 Youth Olympic Games is held, Nanjing will become a bright stage with spotlights and the eyes of the world's audience will turn to it. As Nanjing people, we should try our best to show its style and contribute to the success of Nanjing Youth Olympic Games!

Let's look forward to the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games!

Cold season Xuan 4, class 7, Changping District, Beijing remember our youth

When chatting with Kyushu brother on QQ, I learned that he wrote a novel called "youth sacrifice", let me have a look. I said, OK, I'll go. However, hateful is that the fuse on the switch at home is broken, and the story of reading a novel is also stranded.

That night, the students had a birthday and had a drink. When I got home, it was more than 10 o'clock. I turned on my computer and put on my headphones. I still listened to Paganini's "for Violin and guitar" melodious melody. Think of that novel, youth sacrifice.


Guo Jingming once said that youth is a beautiful sadness. It feels abstract and complicated. Ha ha, it's hard for me to understand the meaning of this sentence in the end because of single cell thinking like March. But I like it very much. Youth, we will all have, and will eventually lose, memorial to youth, a very good idea. Kyushu brother, you really have it!

After reading the novel, it was two o'clock in the morning. Around the quiet, only hear the computer host hum running sound. Maybe alcohol works in the body and doesn't feel cold. And what warms me is also Kyushu's youth festival.

A complete history of youth is shining in Kyushu's writing.


born. About youth, about dreams.

I love this character because I feel like I'm writing about myself. Hehe, don't say I'm narcissistic, it's true. Everyone has an unknown youth story, which will not fade away with the passage of time. The dialogue between my family and friends reminds me of my infinite feelings. struggle hard. Forget. For the description of the natural mind, Kyushu is still in place. So the role of nature is still vivid.


I thought about it. Think seriously. What is my ideal?

scientist? Ha ha, not very realistic. Looking at the yellowing primary school diary, on which the crooked words in pencil are written: my ideal is to be a scientist. Now it's just a laugh, I'm not that material. Yes, that's the reality. Some things are meant to be born. but.

"Ideal is the beacon for the seeker, the beacon for the sailor, the climbing ladder for the winner, and the inexhaustible motive force for us to move forward. "If you think through the words of Kyushu, you will surely know what to do next.


Father. Meaningful words.

The born father in youth festival is a character who lives in the countryside. He doesn't have a lot of language, but it makes readers feel the strong love of father. Father in my eyes has been busy, tired, to earn money to support the family, it is difficult. There is a saying: father's love is like a mountain. We should cherish every love, whether it is father's love or mother's love. You will be happy to think of it. Let's not say much else. We should all have some experience.


In the novel, Kyushu mentioned the pursuit. Goals, ideals, beliefs, confidence. This is what an aspirant should have. However, today's people's pursuit, has changed significantly. The pursuit of material life, the accumulation of money and the pursuit of perfect appearance hellip & hellip; has forgotten the inner pursuit. People's pursuit should not be very mysterious, high, brilliant and far away things. Laozi said in the Tao Te Ching: "square but not cut, honest but GUI, straight but not unbridled, light but not brilliant. 'but it's just a kind of yearning and imagination.

People's initial pursuit is survival. A higher pursuit should be behavior. And the deepest pursuit is happiness.


When it comes to friends, I have a lot. And how many are intimate?

Friends are such two people, even after years, you will not forget each other. The ends of the earth, there is always that light concern. And, do you?

About friends, I don't want to say a lot, because friends are not used to say, should be attentive experience, heart to find. After watching Kyushu's youth festival, you should think more. Friend, ha ha, is also a meaningful word.


First love, never forget.

Maybe it's because of the rebellious youth, but once, you won't regret it. It's something you should remember all your life.

I think of Dan. It's not first love, but secret love.

But. It's not your own. You'll never get it.

As long as I remember that beautiful, I will be happy.


"Who is the most weeping in the seat? Jiang Zhou Sima's green shirt is wet"

"Who is drunk in frost forest at dawn always leaves people's tears"

"Sentimental parting since ancient times, even more desolate autumn"

As for parting, it's unforgettable.

Break up, or goodbye.

It's like a net that just catches you. You have no right to escape.


I wrote some words scattered. To Kyushu and to my friends.

Kyushu said that we should remember our youth.

I think it's good.

Youth is like the past clouds, in the past, there is No.

Leave some memories for our future. When youth is gone, don't be sad.

After watching the Youth Festival, I really thought about it a lot. About youth, mine. And yours.

brother. Kyushu. Yuhan. I wish you a happy life. Flow youth, stay youth 400 words, 16-year-old flower season, meteor like youth.

In the most gorgeous young girl's music.

Boundless sky, occasionally across a meteor, youth just like that meteor, full of color and dream, Epiphyllum as transient. When you sigh the moment, it will take her beauty into the eternal memory.

In a day, the most enjoyable is the bright sunshine. In life, the most vigorous is the year of youth! The breath of youth, the concept of youth, the philosophy of youth, swim on the veins of time every moment, flowing in the long river of history, in the individual interpretation of life!

Youth is the golden age of mankind. Galileo discovered the pendulum principle at the age of 18, Newton discovered gravity at the age of 23, and Einstein founded the theory of relativity at the age of 26. How short youth is, but infinite wisdom. Cherish time is to embrace youth, cherish youth is to embrace the future.

If we can find the soul resonance in the youth station, push the extreme of life to the climax with vigor and passion, build the garden of youth with freedom and carefree, enjoy the gift of youth, outline the color of youth with confident pen, forge the steel of youth in the melting pot of youth, and knock with struggle