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My dream, Chinese dream composition 300 words

Me in 2021:

Hello, you are a college student now. Do you remember what you looked like when you were 9 years old?

At that time, you loved to be cool. When it came to holidays, you would wear clothes and trousers. No matter how many beautiful skirts you had in your cabinet, you would still choose clothes and trousers. Even your mother said you were a boy.

You loved listening to music, especially rock and roll. Do you remember one time? It's very late, and you turn on the stereo of your computer very much. No matter how many times the neighbor said it, you still didn't hear it. The next day, your neighbor said to your mother, your mother scolded you severely when you came home.

At that time, you loved learning, but you were not a nerd. Once, you had a Chinese class. You are sleeping, the teacher told you to get up and answer the question, but you don't even know what the question is. So, the teacher politely invited you to the corner. You stand for the whole class, and from then on, you make up your mind to never sleep in class.

Well, I've written a lot. I'm afraid you don't have the heart to read it any more. But you must remember my words and live firmly in this world. Finally, I wish you happiness and happiness in 2021. I also want to reply to me when you receive this letter.

A letter to myself in 2021

August 8, 2013 my Chinese dream, my dream composition 300 words, we are peaceful and stable in China, unlike some countries are always at war. China has a long history of 5000 years. The splendid Chinese culture is also famous in the world. There are numerous places of interest and historical sites. I am proud of this.

However, China's economy and science and technology are far inferior to developed countries. The people's living standard is not high enough, and the living environment is not good enough. All these need to be improved. Some mountainous areas are still poor. Science and technology are not as advanced as those of the developed countries, especially the military weapons. Therefore, other countries always want to occupy our land. Let's say that some people in our country are not of high quality, such as spitting everywhere, violating traffic regulations and chopping at random We need to educate them to raise their awareness.

Picturesque scenery is everywhere bright red blossoms and green willows, birds' twitter and fragrance of flowers, flowers, trees, flowers, trees, flowers, flowers, flowers, flowers, flowers, flowers, flowers, flowers, flowers, flowers, flowers, flowers, flowers, flowers, flowers, flowers, flowers, flowers, flowers and plants. I will also invent a robot super server to help the old, the weak and the disabled.

This is my Chinese dream. I believe it will come true one day. About my Chinese dream composition: deep in the heart of the Chinese dream composition 300 words, talk about the Chinese dream, often have endless topics. But I am the most silent one in this topic & hellip; & hellip;

For me, dreams are always out of reach. So I won't touch dreams, let alone talk about dreams. But this time I want to write a dream about my motherland.

Since I was a child, there are few things to arouse my attention. But when I saw the history of China, the scars of the motherland left me and its profound influence. At that time, the strange feeling can't be understood now. It's like a sharp blade, straight in the heart, tearing the general pain. At that time, I had my first daydream; the first time I had such a strong hope that China would stand up!

Once proud of the beautiful mountains and rivers of the motherland, once indulged in China's thousand year cultural history, once proud to say: 'I am a Chinese! '

In fact, I have always understood that this is also a dream, an abstract dream.

What China has done in reality is far from enough. On that day, this dream will be remembered with history. I don't know, but I've been waiting for the dream to come. Try your best to look forward to, wait for and do.

Until now, I can't completely write down and explain the deep Chinese dream, but I can only fill in my own "hellip & hellip; Chinese dream" in my dream composition of 300 words. How old are you this year? How many Chinese people have you nurtured? How many dreams of success have you given? Now, how will the change of Tai'an be the decay of China? Motherland, how many tears have you left? How much sweat do you have? How much blood did you give?

Motherland, do you feel pain? In those years, the British and French allied forces cruelly cut off your painstaking efforts and plundered your heart. Do you feel pain? At that time, the Jackal like Japanese devils, how many of your people, you pain?

In the days of the Nanjing Massacre, did you see how many innocent people died under the enemy's knife, how many loyal officials' consciousness was still in the last breath of life or for the motherland? Did you see and see the soldiers who died for the revolution on the long march. Whether you see, whether you see Chairman Mao's body for the people and the motherland is already vulnerable. Do you see how many people are fighting the enemy with their will. Have you seen the motherland

You're turning around and looking at your own prosperity today. Look at your efforts flowing in your body. This is how many people use their lives for you. You are respected by all. Did you see that we Chinese are very competitive. Today, the world is cheering for China, I am proud that I am a Chinese, and I am proud of my motherland you.

I want to raise my head and say to people all over the world, 'I'm Chinese! "My dream Chinese dream composition 300 words, everyone has a dream, dream is everyone's motivation to live. There is no one in the world who has no dream. Even if there is one, it is just a walking corpse. Every Chinese has many dreams. Some hope to have a happy family and some hope to make a great success. However, they all have the same dream, that is, the Chinese dream

What is the dream of every Chinese dream? This answer is known to everyone in China, that is, China has become prosperous and powerful, open the history book, and let us go back to the past. At that time, China was so weak that it could not do anything to watch opium harm its own people. It was not easy to resist once, but it was easy to admit defeat and not only lost money but also to cede land. Then many countries invaded one after another. Japan tried to occupy China in vain. In the face of such aggression and cruel massacre, did the Chinese give up? Did you surrender? No, no, absolutely not, because they have a dream in their hearts, which is the Chinese dream. This dream makes them not admit defeat or give up. Many soldiers do not hesitate to throw their heads and shed blood to blow up blockhouses, Liu Hulan, who would rather die than say the password, and even Wang erxiao, who risks bringing the enemy into a trap, are all typical examples. Although the soldiers are poorly equipped, they have a powerful weapon that the enemy does not have, the Chinese dream.

Now, although there is no enemy, China still needs to develop, so let's move towards the Chinese dream. My dream is the Chinese dream. The Chinese dream is our dream. The dream of 300 words is our best friend in the process of growing up. It accompanies us to grow tall. If you want life to be meaningful, you have to fight for your dream.

Recall, uncle Jet Li's dream: to give back to this society with a grateful heart, and to push Taiji, a sport with oriental characteristics, to the world.

This is an era of blooming dreams. Everyone is a dreamer. The Chinese dream begins with my dream.

This story once again let me understand what is the power of dreams:

Yang mengheng, who lost his arms since childhood, participated in the Paralympic Games with his strong will and enriched his spare time talk. Although he did not fulfill his wish, he made outstanding achievements in his studies. From this example, I learned such a truth: it is not enough to have a dream, but also learn to pursue it bravely and persistently. The process of persisting in dreams is a process of constantly surpassing oneself. Look up at your dream, down-to-earth efforts, every day from the dream further.

"A country is wise when it is young, and strong when it is young."! 'we are the future of our motherland, so from now on, we must have a dream and strive to realize it!

Students, it is because we all have dreams in our hearts, so every little dream together constitutes the dream of our country, which is the Chinese dream! China dream, Gao Xin dream, my dream composition 300 words, China's dream represents China's great rejuvenation dream, is not every generation of Chinese President working hard for this dream? Gao Xin's dream is to do better and share it with the country. My dream is to grow up to be useful to the society, young wisdom is national wisdom, young strong is national strength!

We are strong and indomitable Chinese people. We have gone through so many hardships and withstood them. What else can we not do? Those who sacrifice for the motherland are glorious, those who are greedy for their own interests and muddle along and live in disgrace! We can take Yang mengheng as a proportion: Yang mengheng, who lost his arms since childhood, participated in the Paralympic Games with his strong will. He has made outstanding achievements in his studies. He let us understand that it is not possible to have dreams alone, but also to work hard and practice. We are the flowers of the motherland, is the future of the motherland, we need to work harder, now, we all have a dream, however, we must strive for this dream, and strive, we can be worthy of those who sacrifice for the safety and happiness of the motherland!

We all have dreams. It is these dreams that unite together to form the Chinese dream!


Strive for China and strive! My dream, Chinese dream what is my dream? In the first grade of primary school, I said innocently, "I want to be a doctor! 'when I was in the third grade, I knew that doctors were not so good. In the fifth grade, I watched TV, when the space rocket was launched, and imagined those astronauts to see the mysterious and unknown universe. I think I want to see the universe! I want to be an astronaut! When I was in sixth grade, I thought it was such a ridiculous thing that I would faint in the car. If I were on a rocket & hellip; & hellip; what was my real dream? I began to ponder. I thought about all kinds of professions, whether to be a smart scientist or a brave policeman who could catch thieves, or a designer who could design beautiful clothes for everyone. Or to be an ordinary worker.

Until one day, I saw a novel in which Lei Rong was about the history of China before. When I finished reading this book, I said that China was indeed the sick man of East Asia before. I wanted to read the second volume, so I went on. China should not be called the sick man of East Asia. China is becoming stronger and stronger.

I think my dream is to be an excellent novelist. I will write down the history of China. This is my lovely Chinese dream!