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Self improvement and independent composition

Life is not as good as ten things often, life is not smooth. Even if you are besieged by difficulties or experiencing setbacks, you should also pick up the winter vacation diary 0s net.Cn Life is not as good as one's will, and life is not smooth. Even if you are besieged by difficulties or experiencing setbacks, you should also take up the sword of hope. Even if you fall down a thousand times, you should have the courage to stand up 1000 times. Don't complain about the unfair fate. Poverty is also a wealth. Sima Guang was born in a poor family, and he still wrote the famous historical work Zizhi Tongjian. Although Cao Xueqin was on credit for eating porridge and wine, he still wrote a dream of Red Mansions. Fan Zhongyan lost his father at the age of two and remarried with his mother. When he was young, he could not even drink any thick porridge. However, he sang the great feelings of "first worrying about the world and then happy after the world". Don't lament the misfortune of life, setbacks can also let us grow. Su Dongpo, a great literary master, had several ups and downs in his life, but he had the heroism of "the great river goes to the East" and the calmness of his life. Chibi also attracts more attention because of his poems on the bright moon and graceful chapters. There is another poet Xin Qiji who is depressed and frustrated. Who has ever seen his bleak figure in the sound of a broken Hong at the end of a Sunset Tower? Who knows the loneliness and helplessness of "seeing Wu hook and photographing the railings all over". The setback made Jiaxuan's Ci poetry more depressed, which was shining in the long history. For 5000 years, how many great sages and sages have suffered setbacks and finally succeeded: "King Wen constrained him to perform Yi, and Zhong Nier wrote spring and Autumn Annals; Qu Yuan's banishment was in Lisao, zuoqiu was blind and had" Guoyu "; Sun Tzu pate Jiao wrote the art of war, bu Wei moved to Shu, and the biography of Lu Lan; Han Fei imprisoned Qin, said difficult, lonely anger, and 300 poems, most of them were angry What they have done. "Haikuo sky is to break the lock of fate with perseverance after being brave. If you want to succeed, you can't go back. If you want to harvest, you should let the sweat flow freely. Life has its own spring and autumn, and experiencing setbacks will make us more mature. The vast Yangtze river stretches down from Tanggula Mountain. Along the way, there are rapids and rapids, as well as cliffs and waterfalls. However, the river always has the indomitable momentum and the determination to merge with the ocean, bypassing the obstacles in front of them and finally embracing the sea. So is life. It has never been a smooth road, along the established track will reach the ideal highland. On the journey of life, there is always a barrier blocking the pace of progress. So a lot of people stop on the road to dream. Only those who have crossed the ups and downs of life can finally find their dreams, find the truth, and usher in light and hope. With enthusiasm and persistence on the road, firmly told myself: must cross this mountain. Then, in the face of difficulties and setbacks, we will firmly believe that beyond it, the former convenience is the other side of victory. On the road of life, we should learn to appreciate the pain of failure and frustration. Edison failed to read more than 1000 times, and finally invented the electric lamp; Gou Jian, the king of Yue, failed to read the state of bereavement and suffered bitterness and hardship, and finally suffered humiliation before the end of the snow and wiped out Wu. Don't say that setbacks are invincible, 'real warriors dare to face the dripping blood and miserable life'; don't say that the pain can't be tolerated, and the real wise people 'look at the flowers and blossoms in front of the court; they don't want to go or stay, and they can't bear the pain. Madame Curie was suffering from cancer. She was not defeated by the disease. She used her thin body to interpret the tenacity of "the road to success is not made of tears but blood"; Tao Qian resigned from office and often went hungry, but still maintained the self-adaptive feeling of "picking chrysanthemums under the eastern fence and leisurely seeing Nanshan". With setbacks as the pen and pain as the power, in the picture of life, we write brilliance; with setbacks as the guide, with pain as the driving force, in the journey of life, we harvest success. In the face of setbacks, we sing: march forward bravely.

The years of life, such as the sea, sometimes calm, sometimes rough; such as the road, sometimes smooth, sometimes winding; such as the sky, sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy. Most people are overjoyed by the weather. However, in the face of life's suffering and setbacks, different people always have different reactions and different performances. In the same situation and the same experience, the pessimist is miserable and despairing; the optimist is open-minded and happy. Some people, demoted, sent away from home, are sad and depressed, such as Teng Zijing, the governor of Baling in the Northern Song Dynasty, so Fan Zhongyan comforted him with the story of Yueyang Tower; others, with a rough fate and ups and downs, have been wronged and demoted for many times, but he is proud of his life with an open-minded attitude. This is the case with Su Dongpo, which is why he has the magnanimity of "a little bit of smoke and rain for life" Feelings. Setbacks are not terrible, but we have lost the courage and determination to overcome them. Setbacks can make people strong, setbacks can temper a person's will, setbacks can make people become more perfect. Setbacks make the indomitable more indestructible, and make the weak more vulnerable. If we want to be strong in life, we must face setbacks, never shrink back, face them calmly, and forge ahead bravely; we must dare to challenge setbacks and not be willing to bow to them; we must overcome setbacks and overcome difficulties. Only in this way can our life be more substantial and meaningful. "The sun always comes after the wind and rain", "how can you see a rainbow without experiencing the wind and rain". Without the baptism of wind and rain, there will be no flowers in bud; without the grinding of stone cracks, there will be no towering image of pines and cypresses in the rock; without the impact of waves, there will be no strange state of reefs. Just as the steep mountains can't block the turbulent torrent, the turbulent torrent can't block our sailing ship heading against the wind; just as the calm autumn color can't block the chilly north wind, the cold north wind can't block our steps towards spring; the thick night can't block the twinkling stars, the twinkling stars can't block the sunshine outside our window; the clear sky can't block the sudden rainstorm The heavy rain can't stop us from going far & hellip; & hellip; let the storm come more violent!