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My beautiful campus

My campus is a beautiful place. I am deeply impressed by the scenery there.

Walking into the campus, the first thing you see is the hall. The silver pillars in the hall are like a mighty soldier guarding the campus. Next to the wall are teaching stars and trophy tables. Walk down the corridor and you will find the first teaching building. Whether in the morning or at noon, you can hear the sound of reading. In front of the teaching building is a primary and secondary school. After class, a large number of students will come here to play. Go ahead and you will find the second teaching building. This teaching building is very beautiful. The paintings on the walls decorate the white walls with harmony and nature. Looking around, it is my favorite place, the wide playground. The playground of the school is so big that everyone in the school doesn't feel crowded when standing there. The playground is very interesting, with basketball stands on it. Boys can play basketball after class, and students can play all kinds of games in the playground. Therefore, after class, the playground is filled with happy laughter. The playground is beautiful, with big trees in the West and plants in the southeast corner Garden.

Speaking of the botanical garden, the scenery there is also very beautiful. There are flowers, grasses and vegetables in the botanical garden, which are full of varieties and full of green. Spring has just arrived, the botanical garden grass has been out of the head, is in the warm sunshine to stretch. Small flowers are also in bud, just waiting for spring March to bloom a beautiful smile. Vegetables are not to be outdone. They have shown their small heads. Walking on the cobblestone path of the botanical garden, enjoying the warm sunshine, the sunshine sprinkles on the body, warm. I enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the botanical garden and was in a good mood. At this moment, I feel the grass is nodding to me, the flowers are smiling at me, and the big trees are waving to me. It's like walking in a painting.

I love the beautiful campus! Love my campus more! My beautiful campus, I like my teachers and classmates, but more like my campus! There are vigorous young trees, big playground, new teachers and new school name. My favorite is my school!

On September 1, our school ushered in the opening ceremony. At the meeting, the principal said four wants and four no's, which will make our school more beautiful! Students must remember! As soon as the principal finished, there was a round of applause. Then we will remember it!

This is my beautiful school. My beautiful campus! I love campus! Maybe your school environment is good, with flowers and birds, and maybe your school is ordinary and clean. But you have to love your campus!

If you come to the gate, you will see rows of big coconut King trees, and a row of bright "four link primary school" shining in front of you. That's the teaching building, the hall, the classroom, the dance room, the music room Everything.

The "four small and eight grade" pottery garden is divided into operation workshop, casting room, kiln room, mud pool, exhibition area and leisure area. Walking into it, you can appreciate the elegance of the environment, smell the smell of mud, touch the aura of ceramic art, and sigh at the creation of later generations. The leisure area is full of colorful flowers, gurgling streams and many scenic spots. For example, "there are many ceramic columns". Ceramic works are stacked into columns, and rows of columns form a spectacular scene. There are also "Lotus cultivation in earthenware VATS". The lotus blossoms are delicate and delicate, and are covered with water drops. It makes people feel soft, not pregnant and homesick. There are also beautiful sceneries such as "bamboo forest path" and "bamboo Lotus". In addition, there are book garden and studio

The playground, a short piece of grass, even into a green grassland. The five-star red flag and the school flag were flying in the wind. Podium, various courts, playground Everything.

Each classroom has a bright computer and a large teaching building.

Our campus is very beautiful. I want to thank the teachers, the headmaster, the workers and the party for giving us this comfortable and beautiful campus! My beautiful campus, my campus is very beautiful! Whether it is spring, summer, autumn and winter, it has its unique beauty.

Spring, colorful world

Spring has come, the big trees in the campus, clumps of green grass have grown the tender green seedlings, blossoming flowers decorate the school colorful. Walking on the playground and looking at the blooming flowers, I feel much better

Summer, chasing the paradise of play

Summer is coming, the campus, a number of lush trees into a "big umbrella", for us to shield the burning sun like fire, fragrant flowers bring us into the cool paradise, gradually Autumn is coming quietly

Autumn, the dazzling autumn

In autumn, a piece of golden leaves fly away, like a yellow butterfly flying down to play with us, eliminate the fatigue of our eyes, use the flying leaves to display various patterns, so that our after-school life is more rich and beautiful

Winter, beautiful scenery in snow

In winter, snowing all over the sky, a corner of the campus stood up three friends: pine, bamboo, plum, let us experience the quality of perseverance and beautiful scenery.

I love the campus, but also love its changing beautiful scene! My beautiful campus, whenever I talk about my one hundred year brilliant campus, I can't help but be proud.

Once in the campus, the fresh air is filled with bursts of flower fragrance, Magnolia, Magnolia There is a beautiful "back garden" in the school. There are four great inventions that make us proud of. They are surrounded by beautiful flowers. Among them, there is a flower bed in the shape of a key. The school wants us to open the treasure house of knowledge with this diligent key! There is a sweet scented osmanthus tree in the back garden. When the autumn girl comes with a light step, the osmanthus will open happily. Therefore, the students always rush to the osmanthus tree one after another, enjoying its charm and smelling the charming fragrance of flowers. The class bell rings, and the students just leave with reluctance. Behind the back garden, there is a scholarly corridor full of scholarly fragrance. On the corridor, there are beautiful Wisteria. Its flowers are bright purple. From a distance, it looks like a purple morning glow

After entering the campus, looking to the right, one after another of the simple teaching buildings, how tall, from time to time the teaching building will come to the students' laughter, it is full of students' vitality. Students, these teaching buildings give you good learning conditions, don't you?

My campus is glorious for a hundred years, beautiful forever! My beautiful campus our beautiful campus Zhang Yuhao

Our campus is a very beautiful school. Our campus is a new campus, which was moved to the first volume of the fifth grade after our old Taishan primary school was demolished. Our first time on campus, wow! How beautiful! There is a big lawn in front of our school gate. We all call this lawn a cultural paradise. In the Cultural Park, there are several chairs, several trees and countless flowers, all of which open their beautiful smiling faces. Behind the cultural park is a basketball court and a football field. The basketball court is closed with a net, and there is a large football field beside it. There are artificial plastic lawn, plastic track and sand. It is designed for us to play long jump. But now some children of lower grade will go to play after class. There is also a small space for us to play freely in the back.

Our teaching building is divided into building 1, teaching building and building 3. We are in Grade 5, so we are on the third floor of Building 1. Our downstairs is grade 3 and upstairs is the library. We are class two, the second teacher on the third floor. The arrangement of our classroom is: in front of us is a platform with a computer inside. Behind the platform is a blackboard with a five-star red flag directly above it. There is a big screen in the northwest. There is a blackboard behind it. But the blackboard is not for us to use in class. It is a blackboard newspaper every month. To the West are two windows and three windows. To the East is a gate and back door and three windows. In the south, there are three rows of cabinets, on which we bring green plants from home to beautify the classroom. In the southwest health corner, the health corner is the book that the teacher asked us to bring. In the cabinet, there are our brooms, a pool and a rag. There are 12 fluorescent lamps and four ceiling fans on the top of our classroom. Our classroom and school are really a wonderful paradise