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Egg protection activities

Part 1: egg protection activities

I took an egg out of the bag and I named it lightning.

I wrapped it in a napkin, made a fence with cardboard, put the egg in it, and then blocked it with something. I often read with it, interesting places I have to laugh prone, I think: the chicken should also smile prone?

I know how hard it is for my mother to take care of me. I must be a good child and don't let my mother worry!

Part 2: egg protection activities Wu Yunfan

Today, I'm going to do a preparation for protecting eggs.

I told my mother that the teacher said that there was a big brother and big sister in the egg protection, and insisted on 5 days of egg breaking, but by the sixth day, it failed. So I'm going to make a very comfortable nest for my eggs.

I thought about it and thought of my little monkey glove. I put the eggs in the gloves, put some acrylic cotton in the gloves, sew the gloves on, put a paper clip on them, and put a rope on the paper clips. Ha ha, you didn't expect that the egg could be hung around your neck! Chapter 3: egg protection activities Li Colin

On Friday, my mother gave me an egg for the first time. I was afraid that it would rot. I find it hard to protect it. I'm going to be its father. I'll go to bed and put it on the sofa. It's not rotten.

The next day, I went to bed and put it in my pocket. I'll do my homework. After finishing my homework, it's still good. I'll protect it carefully. Because I always remember it in my heart.

The third day I went to my aunt's house, and the eggs were still not rotten. I played Gobang with my uncle. I won the game. I didn't know how to break it. Finally, my mother changed my pants and wiped the egg water. I also changed into my aunt's pants.

I think it's a pity that the eggs are rotten. I understand that we should be serious in everything!

Chapter 4: egg protection activities

We learned from the book that we should protect and take care of the weaker than us, in order to let us have a profound experience, so our class carried out an egg protection action!

My eggs are made by ducklings. They are called Qiaoqiao.

Once I gave it a bath, I used a toothbrush to help it wash the dirty places, but it could not be washed out, so I had to wash it with hand sanitizer. Suddenly, the toothbrush slipped Qiaoqiao, Qiaoqiao fell into the sink, my heart was lifted up, I carefully picked up Qiaoqiao, fortunately it didn't break! I'm scared to death.

There was also a clever face, because I helped it draw a pair of corns and big mouth, also made it a small crown, very handsome!

My cleverness has not broken in the end. Now I understand how hard my parents are. I must love them!

Chapter 5: Ge Xinyan's egg protection activities

Last Friday, the teacher assigned an assignment to protect eggs. I protect my eggs very well. How do I protect them? I'll tell you now!

My mother bought my eggs from the supermarket. When I got home, I picked out the biggest and whitest egg from these eggs and put it on the bed. Then I took out one of my hats and put it upside down. I put a lot of leaves in it, so I made a beautiful and warm nest for my egg baby. Because I was afraid it would be too lonely, so I took an egg to accompany it. Sometimes when I finish my homework or have time, I will talk to them, play games, and sometimes let them talk to each other!

Until now, my two eggs are still intact!

Chapter 1: egg protection action Hu Yujia

On the occasion of March 8, the school held the "egg protection action" in order to let us understand the hard work of our parents in raising and growing up.

In the evening, when I got home, I packed the 'egg baby' with my father, so that the 'egg baby' became tight and hard to break. First, I put on makeup for the egg baby. The egg baby has eyes, nose, mouth, hair, and put on beautiful clothes. It is very beautiful. I wrap him up with cotton and find a strong nest for him. In this way, the egg baby has a home.

The next day, I put the eggs in my pocket and carefully carried my schoolbag to school. There was no noise in the classroom. It was very quiet. All the students were sitting in their seats. I put down my schoolbag and felt the eggs in my pocket for fear that the egg baby would be broken. It rained in the morning. We did indoor exercises in the classroom. The students did it very little. Some students even took their 'egg babies' in their hands. They were really competent' father 'and' mother '. The fourth section is physical education. Although it is raining outside, the students can freely move in the classroom. To the teacher's surprise, all the students sit in their seats and read books, and some of them are taking care of their 'egg babies'. But also some students did not arrive at noon, the 'egg baby' was sent to the west, these students are really not careful!

Seeing the students' egg babies broken one by one, I was a little worried. Fortunately, my 'egg baby' was safe and sound. I silently promised a belief in my heart: we must protect 'egg baby'.

It's true that Kung Fu pays off. At the end of the day, my 'egg baby' is intact. Back home, I fried the 'egg baby' into poached eggs for my parents to taste, and my parents praised me for growing up.

This' egg protection activity 'let me feel the hard work of my parents to raise me. From childhood to adulthood, I added a lot of trouble to them, but they did not complain. At this moment, in this situation, I want to shout out: "Dad, mom, thank you, you for your hard work, I love you. '

Chapter 2: egg protection action Peng Xinyi

Today, Mr. Pan said that the 'egg protection action' would be held. The students were very happy and jumped.

I am also very happy to hear about this activity. As soon as I got home, I took out a white and fat egg baby from the refrigerator, thinking about how to make my clothes beautiful and give him a warm home? I thought hard, and finally came up with a good idea: first, I put the egg baby on six white 'cotton coats', and then put the egg baby gently in a white plastic bag, so that even if the egg baby is broken, it will not dirty my clothes,.

Then, I'm putting the egg baby and the plastic bag into my carefully made bag. Don't underestimate this bag! It took me an hour to make it. I stuffed cotton in the middle of the bag. In this way, my egg baby can sleep safely in it.

This morning, take the bus. I have been thinking: how to do, how to do, if the bus is too crowded, how to crush my egg baby. I walked to the station in horror. A 38 bus came, I have been in my heart chanting: less people, less people. I slowly opened my eyes as the traffic came. WOW! Why are there so few people today? It seems that God supports me. I sat on my seat with an egg in my hand. All of a sudden, the driver braked hard and my baby egg fell off the seat. I quickly picked up, take off the egg baby's clothes one by one, and then gave the egg baby a detailed physical examination, for fear that the egg baby where hurt. The passengers on the bus were shocked. They didn't know why I did this for an egg? It was only after the physical examination that I took a breath. It's so hard to protect in the car. I don't know what the egg baby will do in school?

It's so hard to protect an egg. Isn't it even more difficult for a mother to conceive in October? Dear mother, you have paid so much for me, I must be more filial to you, I love you! Chapter 3: egg protection action Guo Haiyan

Today, Mr. Pan told us to hold the 'egg protection action'. Mr. Pan's voice just dropped. The classroom was like fried beans. However, some students said: 'it's just too simple to protect an egg. 'I quickly replied,' easy? I don't think so. I'd better be serious! 'when I got home, I quickly picked up my tools and prepared to put warm clothes on baby eggs.

Although I prepared only two clothes, but I think the egg baby should be enough. The first dress is a purple smooth coat, and the second one is two layers of soft paper. Egg baby will be comfortable and quiet here. It's OK to dress the egg baby, it depends on how to protect him tomorrow.

When I got to school, I quickly picked up the eggs to see if they were broken. Also want to always put in the pocket will fall, put in the bag will be crushed by the book, put in the drawer table shaking eggs will fall down. Think about it, or put it in the small pocket of the book packaging water, ha ha, it's safe. In class, I was always restless, staring at the eggs, I didn't listen to what the teacher said. After class, I have been watching the egg baby in my seat. All of a sudden, someone came running up to me, and I felt that someone had touched the corner of my table. I quickly picked up the egg to pick up layer after layer of clothes off, carefully check the eggs, make sure that it is safe, I gently put on the egg baby's clothes. Later, it was said that Chen Weilong's egg was broken. I picked up the eggs again and went to the safe area to observe whether the eggs were broken. To ensure the safety of the egg, this put him back in the small pocket of his schoolbag. In this way, the egg baby passed the day safe and sound.

I know from this egg protection action that mother is pregnant in October and takes care of naughty us every day. I just protect the safety of eggs for a day. It's so hard for mom! I will be filial to my mother and repay her kindness.

Chapter 4: egg protection action Yang Chenghao

My mother prepared a beautiful bag for me to hang around my neck in order to protect my baby eggs better. At 7 o'clock on Sunday morning, my egg protection action started. I'm looking forward to it.

In the morning, I went to dance class. I was very careful to do every move. When I had a rest, I would take out my egg baby and have a look. It's good. It's not broken.

It's time to practice in the afternoon. Zhongruan is bigger than I am. I adjusted the egg baby several directions, and finally found a suitable position that won't touch the egg baby. I'm relieved to practice.

After practicing the piano, my mother took me to her unit to take a bath. When I took a bath, I was still very careful. After the bath, my mother gave me a moment to watch the computer. I was a little excited. Bang, my egg baby touched my mother's desk. I quickly took it out. There was a small crack in the egg baby. I was so sad.

When I got home, my mother took out an egg from the refrigerator and replaced it for me. I was more careful. After dinner, it was time for me to tell stories to my parents. I sat on the bed, holding the egg in my hand and telling three stories to my parents. My mother praised me for my wonderful story. I was so happy!

My mother said that the most difficult time to protect the eggs was sleeping. I asked my mother to put the bear inside. I was afraid that if I fell asleep, I would turn over the egg and the baby would touch the wall. My other hand was protecting the egg baby and took me to sleep.

As soon as I got up the next day, I asked my mother where my egg baby was. Did she tell me it wasn't on your neck? I quickly took out, the egg baby intact in my bag, very happy, my mother put on the beautiful school uniform, after breakfast ready to go to school, my egg protection also succeeded.

My mother told me that protecting eggs is to let me know that mom and dad are very protective of the baby