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Composition about friends

Dear teachers and students

hello everyone! My speech today is "friends" Diary

'friends don't cry, I have been in the deepest part of your heart, friends don't cry, I will not be alone with you, there are few real friends in the crowd, please don't care about this feeling. 'when I hear this song, I think some students should know it. This song is Lu Fang's popular work, which sang all over the mainland in 1992. It is a song of friendship. How many touching words are there in this song? Although it is not a gorgeous poem, every word flows into the deepest place of people's hearts. Who can not be moved by it? Then come with me to open the door of friendship!

Voltaire once said that 'all the splendor in the world is inferior to a good friend. "Yes, if you have more money, you can't buy a real friend. Without friends, no matter how much money you have, you are still poor. On the contrary, if you have no money, but you have a friend who knows you and cares about you, you are also rich.

I'll tell you a story about friends: in Arabic legend, there are two friends traveling in the desert. They quarreled at some point during the journey, one of them gave another slap in the face. I felt humiliated and said nothing. I wrote in the sand: today, my good friend slapped me. They went on. When they got to Woye, they decided to stop. The one who was slapped almost drowned. Fortunately, he was saved by his friend. After being rescued, he took a small sword and carved it on the stone: Today my good friend saved my life. A curious friend asked, "why did you write on the sand when I hit you, but now you have to engrave on the stone?"? Another smiled and replied, "when you are hurt by a friend, write it in a place easy to forget, and the wind will be responsible for erasing it.". On the contrary, if we are helped, we should engrave it in the deep of our hearts, where no wind can wipe it out. Friends get along with hurt is often unintentional, but help is sincere, forget those unintentional hurt; remember those who really help you. You will find: in this world, you have many true friends & hellip; & hellip;

Therefore, friendship is the umbrella to protect you from the wind and rain in the rain, the light to illuminate you in the night, and the strong handrail on the rugged mountain road. When you are happy, your friends will share your happiness with you; when you are in trouble, they will do their best to help you; when you are sad, they will comfort you at the first time; when you are hurt, they will do everything to give you warm words, so that you are no longer afraid of & hellip; & hellip;

So, please cherish our own friendship in the last year of primary school!

Thank you! This concludes my speech.