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The teacher in my eyes

Part one: my teacher Chen Zhuo

From the first grade to now, I have met many teachers, including the stern, handsome and beautiful & hellip; & hellip; but I still like the beautiful, trendy and humorous music teacher, Mr. Lin.

Well done!

'tinkling bell & hellip; & hellip;' Teacher Lin walked into the classroom with a brisk step when the class bell rang. Look! A long black hair, big eyes and slim body will surprise you, Ma ya! Fairies come to earth!


Mr. Lin is not only beautiful, but also very fashionable. These days, it rained continuously, and the transparent plastic raincoat was worn on people. Mr. Lin picked up the umbrella and ran through thousands of families. After many hardships, he finally bought the poncho. For a while, horse riding became people's favorite. Mr. Lin is singing and dancing with us. The laughter makes us forget our troubles.


Miss Lin's beautiful appearance and the spirit of not afraid of difficulties to catch up with the trend have already made us admire her. In addition, her humor and fun make us admire her even more. In class, we were learning to sing "catch loach". One of the students hid under the table. Mr. Lin walked carefully to him and said in a strange voice: "this student, there is no loach under the table. Please stop catching it! 'the classmate looked up: it was Mr. Lin, so he sat in the position with a red face. What about the other students? They all laughed at teacher Lin's words.

Ah, teacher, you are beautiful. I love the trend and humor! I wish I could meet you every semester!

Part 2: our teacher Yan Jingyi

Our Chinese teacher is Yang Jun. I have been our head teacher since the first grade. Mr. Yang is about 30 years old. He is medium-sized, thin, with long black and bright hair, sometimes a shawl, sometimes a Pinus massoniana, and a pair of friendly and bright eyes embedded under the curved eyebrows. She often wears a fashionable dress. In my mind, she is a real beauty.

Mr. Yang treats his students as if they were his own children and takes good care of them. I remember playing games in the corridor with a little friend in a big class. Suddenly I ran past a male classmate quickly. Because he was running too fast, he slipped accidentally. The head hit on the tile, and the blood flowed immediately. For a while, we were all scared and silly. After a pause, we rushed to see it. Ah! Isn't this our classmate? I found a long cut in the back of his head, and the smart students ran to report to Mr. Yang. Miss Yang rushed out of the classroom when she knew it. First I looked at the student's wound, then I took out a tissue to wipe it for him. Who knows that just hit the wound, the schoolmate cried out in pain, and teacher Yang immediately picked him up and ran to the infirmary. In the infirmary, she helped the doctor to bandage the wound of the classmate and kept comforting him not to be afraid. After that, she rushed back to class to teach us. At this time, Miss Yang was sweating and wet. On that day, we were extremely obedient. The classroom was very quiet because we knew that the teacher was too tired for us. Things like moving us have happened more than once.

We have been together with Mr. Yang for more than three years. We love Mr. Yang more and more! Finally, I wish her good health and a smile!

The third part: my sixth math teacher during my travel, I learned that my sixth math teacher is Xia teacher, and also our head teacher. I was surprised and excited to hear this news, and I had several expectations!

In my memory, Miss Xia is a tough and humorous person. Her thin, tall glasses with eyes give me a sense of learning and majesty. What makes me remember is that he once gave us a psychological activity class in the third grade. The class was not always lively and interesting. At that time, I was impressed by Miss Xia's lovely and interesting. In the fifth grade, he gave us a math class. In the class, Mr. Xia was very serious and rigorous, with a smile in his serious expression. From these, we can see that Mr. Xia is an approachable teacher, and I was worried in my expectation, because I also felt that the teacher might be particularly fierce, but we are not the real teacher Yes, I know Mr. Xia only from several lectures. I don't know the real Mr. Xia very well, so I'm looking forward to Mr. Xia's class in the new term, because my math score is only below the average. I know that Mr. Xia specially takes the graduation class. He is very experienced and can improve the bad scores a lot, so I'm looking forward to Mr. Xia teaching us I have improved my performance, of course, I will listen carefully to learn to improve my performance.

I hope my sixth grade can go to a higher level, because sixth grade is the key year, come on! strive!

Wen Haoran

Part four: my respected teacher

I sit in Grandpa's yard. Because my grandpa's house is in the country, there are mountains all around his yard. I looked at the mountains, and unconsciously I saw Zhang's kind face in my mind.

Yeah! Mr. Zhang's huge body is like that big mountain. Let's rely on it, let's keep out the wind and rain. Next, let me introduce our teacher Zhang!

Our head teacher is Miss Zhang. She is very kind. She has been worrying about us all the time without any complaints. Miss Zhang is nearly half a hundred years old. Mr. Zhang began to teach us in the fourth grade. He has been with us for three years. In a few months, I will leave Mr. Zhang, my alma mater of six years.

In order to make our graduation examination better, Mr. Zhang racked his brains to find us a lot of materials and easy questions in the previous graduation examination. Unconsciously, a silver hair climbed up her head, a tiny wrinkle kissed the corner of her eyes, looking at his increasingly thin face, I couldn't help but feel sad.

I remember once, just after class, our class was noisy. Then the teacher came in and saw such a scene. He was very angry. He came and dragged several noisy students out for education and asked them to write a review book of 400 words. At this time, I clearly saw that teacher Zhang's eyes were full of tears. Yeah! The teacher has taught us for so long, but I still don't understand her intention to us. Any teacher will be very angry!

Mr. Zhang, we will never forget your kindness to our education.

Yu Lemin

Part five: my most special teacher -- this beautiful and sacred name, accompanied by our learning and growth. Every teacher will work hard for us, but I don't know why, English teachers make me the most unique.

Maybe it's because of the permanent character. In every class, Mr. Zheng is always as tireless as usual to give us lectures, the fresh voice, pouring out fluent and interesting English. This not only deeply touched every student who listened carefully, but also left indelible traces in my heart. In that class, I felt her long-lasting docile temperament even more. This English class is not as serious as before, and it has lost the preciseness of the classroom discipline. Many male students make trouble arbitrarily and recklessly in this class. They don't listen to the teacher's advice, but they fight with her. At this time, the classroom is full of their noise, which not only has a great impact on their study, but also indirectly affects other students Learning. When Miss Zheng saw this situation, she was not furious, nor did she persuade them patiently and educate them. However, these arrogant students are still not understood, continue their 'disruptive activities'. The teacher at the moment had no choice but to let them. 'dingdong & hellip; & hellip;' the bell rang all over the campus after class. Although they were no longer fooling around, Mr. Zheng didn't give up either. So, she decided to use her spare time to make up lessons for these students, and to teach them the lost knowledge again.

Ah! What a responsible teacher, what a special teacher, she has a beautiful face, but more beautiful is her special heart.

Wu Linwei

Part one: Liu Yizhe in the absence of the teacher

In the self-study class, the teacher told us to do our homework in the classroom. She was going to have a meeting, so the whole class said "OK!"! 'that's a promise. But as soon as the teacher went out for a while, we were silent just now, but now we are like birds, chirping and making a lot of noise. The class was like a frying pan, and the atmosphere was suddenly alive.

After about ten minutes, a noise came out of the noisy classroom: 'Mr. Huang is here! All of a sudden, the noisy classroom suddenly quieted down. Even a pin dropped on the ground could be heard. The students who just got down came back to their seats as soon as possible. The students who read the extra-curricular books immediately put them in the drawer, and the students who ate snacks stopped chewing. The students who spoke also hurriedly picked up the Chinese books on the table and pretended to be dedicated. Some people even take it upside down, but they don't care about it. At this time, a classmate came to the door nervously and opened it. Unexpectedly, the 'teacher' outside the door is an uncle who delivers water. The class burst into laughter. The quiet classroom became noisy again. So, there was another hurricane in the classroom, as if it was not a classroom, but a free playground. At this time, the "naughty king" of our class stepped onto the platform, danced, and sang two sentences from time to time, which made us laugh. Some students were more exaggerated, laughed forward and backward, and slapped the table heavily. I was sitting in my seat talking and laughing with others. After a while, one of my classmates said: 'Mr. Huang is here. 'the students thought it was another prank, so they continued to make noise. Unexpectedly, Mr. Huang really came. We were caught alive by Mr. Huang without any reaction. Of course, there was no shortage of criticism.

Ah, when the teacher is away & middot; middot; middot; middot; middot; middot; middot;

When the teacher is away

What would you do if the teacher in charge of the class wasn't there? Let me talk about the absence of the teacher these days!

Because the teacher went to the training, many strange things happened in our class! For example, Lin Zhiqiang's "day up" somehow ran to Li Ning's desk. Many of them were torn. I have always suspected Li Ning. There is also a clever English book also ran to Li Ning's desk, I asked Li Ning, Li Ning said no.

And the health situation is not optimistic. There are obviously more paper scraps on the ground than before, and no one takes the initiative to pick them up, and the desk is askew. Especially when having lunch, Li Shuyi and Lin Jin have not finished their lunch for three days. There are also students who talk when they eat. When they eat, it looks like a paradise for chatting. Ah! They think they don't know what they're doing