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The most beautiful person in my heart

The most beautiful person in my heart

Everyone has the most beautiful person in their heart, and of course, I am no exception. The most beautiful person in my heart is my family's changeable mother. My mother is like a hard-working bee. No matter how busy he is, he should finish the housework first. She is very concerned about people. For example, if I don't wear the clothes when I go to school, my mother will put me in order before I go out.

I remember one time when we were sleeping at more than three o'clock in the winter night, I suddenly cried. My mother woke up from the sudden cry and asked me what happened. I wronged my mother and said: 'Mom, I feel bad! 'my mother was checking every corner of my body like a nurse. I had a fever. My mother was so anxious that she couldn't even care about my clothes. She just put on a coat and left. In February, there were countless scissors like the wind, scraping her mother's smooth face mercilessly. Finally, she arrived at the hospital. After the nurse gave me an injection, she asked me to find a seat to sit down. After finding a seat, she bought me a bowl of agaric and red date soup, and fed it to me one mouthful at a time. It was a happy feeling. But I didn't care about my mother's feeling at all. There were several more wrinkles on her face. No matter how her mother looked in other people's eyes, she would never grow old in my heart and would always be the most beautiful!

I love my mother. I love my mother who has a changeable personality!

The most beautiful person in my heart

They serve the people selflessly. They clean the streets and lanes on time, no matter whether it's windy or rainy, and pay hard work for the city. From 4 a.m

By 10 a.m., they have worked hard to clean the city. They are known as "city beauticians" - cleaners.

Their wages are pitiful, only over a thousand yuan, and they can only maintain the basic daily living expenses. However, like an old ox, they contribute their share to the city without any regrets.

I remember once, it was a cold winter of nine, the north wind was blowing, the snow was rustling underground. The wind blows violently, as if to freeze everything. Trees, roofs and lawns are covered with a white blanket. The whole world has become a world of snow. It is most appropriate to describe the situation at this time with words like snow and ice. I suddenly found a cleaner. He was wearing orange overalls. He was an old man who was nearly sixty years old. His face was full of wrinkles and his overalls were covered with a thin layer of snow. He used heavy brooms to sweep the snow together and shovel snow into the sewer with spades. His face was covered with sweat, he wiped it with his sleeve and went to the next place to clean the snow. Looking at his gradually distant back, my heart felt extremely at this time.

They are the lowest social workers, we don't care, but they pay too much for our beautiful city, because we can live in a clean and beautiful city with them, we should thank them, admire them, they are the most beautiful people in my heart. The most beautiful person in my heart

One morning, my mother and I went home by bus.

The car was crowded, full of people, and the corridor between the two rows of seats was crowded. And the conductor is still busy collecting passengers' money.

The conductor has collected most of the money. When it's the turn of a standing granny with more than 70 days' white hair, Granny shivers and shakes in a shabby bag and takes out a small wrinkled Red Wallet, slowly and leisurely. But the wallet is very small and has a small hole. She looked into her wallet and was in a hurry: 'what about my money? Where have you been? I saw it in this wallet just now. '

At this time, the conductor's aunt was very angry and shouted: 'the dead old woman has no money to take the bus, go down quickly. "At this time, there was no sound in the car, only the sound of the engine when the driver was driving.

When the old lady was going to be pitiful, a young man made a loud voice and said to the conductor, 'don't be too deceiving. Besides, it's Double Ninth Festival. Do you treat your old man the same way? "Then he muttered," what's so great about 8 yuan? I'll give it! Said and happily to the conductor, suddenly, the conductor bowed his head to ponder.

I look at the young man carefully. He has a flat head, dark skin, small eyes, thick lips, and looks ugly. But I think he is the most beautiful person in my heart!

The most beautiful person in my heart

There are many most beautiful people in today's society: the most beautiful driver, the most beautiful teacher, the most beautiful mother, etc. The most beautiful person I saw in summer vacation is the 'mobile traffic light' -- the traffic police uncle, who is responsible for people's traffic safety.

Summer vacation, the hot sun, the cicada on the tree kept shouting, the dog hot tongue, people are hiding in the air conditioning room, eating ice lollipop, watching TV, enjoy extremely. But the traffic police uncle every day sticks to the work post, is commanding the traffic, lets the collision, the red light event reduce the occurrence.

I still remember one thing, which can best show the eyes of the traffic police uncle. Once, when my mother had something to do outside, my grandmother sent me to an interest class. We had dinner, and it was too late. I changed my clothes and took my English bag. Grandma rode on the battery car and set off. We were really unlucky. We met several traffic lights, each of which was red. The time was even longer. Grandma was at the last traffic light, and finally couldn't help it. But she didn't want to be found by the traffic police uncle, so she secretly extended the border and rode slowly At the end of the crowd, unexpectedly, the traffic police uncle found grandma in one eye. The traffic police uncle hurriedly walked over and stopped grandma. When grandma saw that she was found, she couldn't say anything more, so she had to step back.

This is the eye of the traffic police uncle. He is meticulous. No matter who he is, even if his relatives and friends are going to run the red light, I am sure he will stop them.

This is the most beautiful person in my heart, the one who has made great contributions to the society -- the traffic police uncle.

The most beautiful person in my heart

I think: people who love their jobs are the most beautiful people. For example: my heart's "traffic police uncle"

Students, have you ever seen the 'traffic lights' that can move? 'traffic lights' will move anytime, anywhere. Do you know what's going on? The 'traffic lights' on the road tell us that this is the warning and restriction of traffic rules and the guarantee of the safety of vehicles and pedestrians. We must strictly follow the' traffic lights' instructions to decide whether to 'go' or 'stop'.

This is familiar to all, but what I want to say is another kind of harder and more diligent 'traffic light'.

Whenever I see the vehicles running in order, I can't help but think of the traffic police uncle. Their figure always appears on our road in the morning, always leaving with the afterglow of the sunset.

Now, the zebra crossing is painted on the road. Elsewhere, the traffic lights are on duty in turn. The red lights are tired. The yellow lights are tired. The green lights are on. Although there are no 'traffic lights' in some places, there are traffic police uncles on the road commanding pedestrians and vehicles passing by. Here, the traffic police uncle is the best traffic light. When there is a car passing by, the traffic police uncle will command the children to pull over and walk. When there is no vehicle, the traffic police uncle will direct the pedestrians on the road to walk quickly, and also let the vehicle prepare to pass. In a short time, a large number of vehicles drove forward in order, and the long dragon like team gradually reduced. With a "toot" and a whistle, it turned out that someone wanted to cross the road when the vehicles passed. The traffic police uncle immediately pulled him back and gave him criticism and education. The traffic police uncle is very busy and sweaty, but they always smile, which is the most beautiful smile in the world, and also the happiest smile in the world. The spirit of Lei Feng left in my mind for a long time.

The most beautiful teacher in my heart

Golden September, golden sunshine, in this golden season, we are happy to usher in the new school year.

The hard-working teachers of all subjects have accompanied us for five years, so that we can understand the truth of life, and let us swim in the ocean of books. On the podium, we can always see their figures. On this podium, teachers flow through countless sweat. Chalk is always chattering on the blackboard day after day, year after year. It has written countless spring, summer, autumn and winter, and written profound knowledge. Teachers, like candles, burn themselves out and light up countless students.

There is such a good teacher, like the sunshine in winter. She is knowledgeable, humorous, rigorous and experienced in teaching. It's the most beautiful teacher in my heart -- teacher Wang Liqin, the head teacher. She teaches Chinese. In the fourth grade, she began to teach us.

When Mr. Wang took our place, he asked us to write 'routine', to accumulate some words, verses, good articles and news. Recently, he added the main content of reading required extracurricular reading materials to write sentiment or good words and good sentences. At the beginning, I always felt a lot of troubles and memorized them. Later, I gradually found that I not only learned things, but also increased my memory. Self interpretation of the word can be more good words and sentences, strengthen the ability to understand. Collect 'daily news' to learn about big and small events at home and abroad & hellip & hellip; Mr. Wang also asked us to write some articles, fragments, and use idioms to describe a place or articles of various themes. Mr. Wang also found many questions for us to practice and improve our performance.

We are nurtured by hard gardeners, teachers, our good teachers. Thank you for your hard work. At the coming of teachers' day, let me sincerely wish you a happy Teachers' Day!

The most beautiful teacher in my heart

From kindergarten to primary school, from school to training class, there are many teachers who have taught me, but the most beautiful teacher in my heart is Miss Zhu, who teaches me Olympiad.

In the third grade, because I didn't do well in my math test, I entered Mr. Zhu's math tutoring class. She is thin and amiable. She was about seventy years old. Her supposed gray hair was dyed black and looked very energetic. She also has a pair of black, smiling eyes. Every child here likes her and admires her.

Mr. Zhu is very careful in his lectures. He often uses line drawing and other methods to let us remember the solution more intuitively. Mr. Zhu will also write the wrong questions on the blackboard, let us discuss together, where and why we are wrong, until we all learn. After we have taught it over and over again, we can remember it.

Mr. Zhu is also strict with us. If you make a mistake in your homework, even after class, you should correct the problem. If you don't, you can ask Miss Zhu. She will explain it without any trouble.

Mr. Zhu's attitude has always been very good, and he has always been friendly. She always said: 'as long as you are serious in class, you can be admitted to Ivy League and foreign school! "Encouraged by Mr. Zhu, I became more confident and began to like learning mathematics.