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Introduce yourself

[part I]: introduce yourself to Li Yuxi

My name is Li Yuxi. I'm six years old. I'm in class 10, grade 1, high tech primary school.

I am not tall, white skin, long hair, small eyes, but also with a pair of small pink glasses. I like studying very much, I also like drawing very much, skipping rope is also good, I don't know if you remember my appearance? I hope to be good friends with every student.

[Part 2]: introduce yourself to Li Zhaoxian

This is me. My name is Li Zhaoxian. I'm six years old this year. My birthday is Chinese Valentine's day.

I am a little fat, a little black, I like sports, like playing football, I signed up for football class, I also like playing games.

The weather is very good. There are clouds floating in the sky. The father-in-law of the sun opens his mouth and says happily: 'Li Zhaoxian has done a good job in broadcasting. Come and have a look! 'the little butterfly and the little bird came to see me do exercises, and the little flower and grass laughed. [Chapter 3]: talk about myself, Wu Yifan

My name is Wu Yifan. I'm nine years old. I'm a lively and smiling girl. I often wear a ponytail, long curved eyebrows, two black shiny eyes, laugh and become a crescent moon.

I like playing badminton, playing the piano, reading & hellip; & hellip; but I like reading best. Gorky said: 'books are the ladder of human progress. 'so I love books. I often pick up a book and look at it with interest as soon as I get home. Sometimes, I forget to eat, sleep and do my homework!

But when I move, I can't stop. When I arrived at my grandmother's house, I would lock myself up with my sister as soon as I finished eating. I would sing and dance in a room, laugh and play, and dance our own choreography.

This is me, a girl who likes to laugh, move and be quiet.

[Chapter 4]: happy to introduce my own Meng Leqi

My name is Meng Leqi. I'm six years old. I'm a freshman in class 7, grade 1, grade 1, grade 1, high tech. I am a lovely little girl. I have a round face, a sharp chin, a lovely little mouth is always big and happy!

My little name is Hugo. My parents call me gouniuniu. They love me very much! I also love them very much. At home, I help mom and dad to clean the room, brush the bowls and beat their backs.

I like painting, singing and reading. I draw very well. In these three weeks, I have met many new friends. I hope to get along well with you, help each other and become good friends!

[Part 5]: introduce yourself to Chen Jiaqi

Today, the teacher asked us to introduce our names on the stage. I remember Chen's introduction -- 'Hello, everyone, my name is Chen Ke. Grandpa gave me the nickname "Lele", but dad said it was better to call coke. So my nickname is coke. Mr. Li said that what he introduced was very innovative and gave him two stars.

That's what I said when I introduced my name. (because mom and dad didn't tell me, I imagined it myself) -- 'Hello everyone, my name is Chen Jiaqi. Chen is because my father's surname is Chen; Jia (family) is my family very happy; Qi (chess) is because I like playing chess. But Miss Li said: 'you are not a chess player... 'then the teacher only gave me one star. I thought to myself: 'well, it must be that my name is not new enough, so I only got one star. '

When I got home, I asked my mother, what's the meaning of my name? Mother said: 'Chen Jiaqi Jessy Chen (Qi, means jade) Jiaqi means to wish the baby as white as a good jade. "But my mother said that there are no perfect people in the world, anything as long as I work hard is the best.

This is Zhang Junming

My name is Zhang Junming. I'm ten years old. My eyes are big and my nose is high. I'm very cute.

I'm a pupil in grade four. I like flying kites, painting, playing badminton and raising small animals.

I like flying kites best after class. One Sunday, my father and I went to the square to fly kites. The square was very busy. There were many people flying kites. I see all kinds of kites in the sky. They are very beautiful! I can't wait to take out my 'big swallow', running and setting out the line. For a while, my kite flew gently to the sky. There are many skills in flying kites. The line should not be too loose or too tight. If it is too tight, it should be properly relaxed so that the kites can keep parallel. I couldn't fly kites before. After my father's patient guidance, now I have become a master of flying kites.

I also like painting very much. Every Saturday, I go to an interested class to learn painting. Sometimes I draw landscapes, sometimes animals, sometimes flowers and trees. After painting, I showed it to my parents, who praised me as a little painter. Now my paintings are lifelike, and I have to go to the competition, which is my advantage.

My biggest weakness is carelessness. Every time I do my homework, I always write wrong words and sometimes I don't do one or two questions. I really hope to correct this shortcoming.

Would you like to be my friend?

[Part 2]: This is Zhao Chenhao

Hello, everyone. My family name is Zhao Mingchen Hao. My parents gave me this name because they want me to be successful in my career, to be safe, to be prosperous, and to be useful to the society.

I have dark hair, bright eyes, a small mouth under my small nose. My ears are big and light. Although my skin is a little dark, it doesn't affect my good image.

I have many advantages, such as being willing to help others and studying hard. But my biggest advantage is that I love working. At one time, the parents of the students asked the teacher to clean the glass. The students went out to play. Only one of my classmates and I volunteered to stay to help the teacher tidy the table and stool. Later, we were praised by the teacher. I was very happy. This is labor Bring me happiness.

But as a student, I should not only love working, but also study hard. I believe that 'there is no end to learning, no end to making a boat' will pay off. In the future, I will overcome the difficulties in my study and work hard to learn, so that my performance will continue to improve.

I am what I am. [Chapter 3]: This is Chen Jingxing

Hello, everyone. Do you know my name? Do you know how old I am? Do you know where I go to school? Hehe, I don't know. My name is Chen Jingxing. I'm 9 years old. I go to class 305, Caihe No.2 primary school, Hangzhou.

I love reading. As long as I read the book, my vitality was restored. In the morning, I came to school with an unsolved Chinese mystery. When I came home from school, I watched it with relish with "twenty thousand miles under the sea". In the evening, I went to bed, holding a book "eighty days around the earth". I think about the characters in the book all the time. When walking, I think of the protagonist in the adventures of the braggart. When eating, think of monkey king in journey to the West. My mother also said that I was a cute little bookworm.

I love playing, too. I like basketball, football and volleyball. But my best is basketball. Every time I play basketball, my whole body is strong. At the beginning of the game, I became a main player. When the basketball took off, I jumped like a kangaroo, caught the ball and threw it into the basket.

I will study more and become wise. I want to play more to make my body stronger. Do you want to be friends with me?

[Chapter 4]: This is me [200 words] Ke Yiming

Hello, do you know my name? How old are you? Where do I go to primary school, grade and class? Ha! My name is Ke Yiming. I'm 11 years old. I'm in class 405, grade 4, Caihe No.2 primary school. I am melon seed face, big eyes, or double eyelids!

Sometimes I was very naughty. When I saw my brother coming out of the room, I would hide behind the wall. When he came closer, I suddenly jumped out of the back of the wall, scared my brother to death and ran away.

I have many hobbies, such as playing cello, watching movies, painting, cycling & hellip; hellip; among them, I like sports and reading best. I go to the school playground every morning and afternoon for training. Although I am very tired, I still go to training every day. I hope I can get good results in the sports meeting.

I also like reading very much. I read some bedtime stories before I go to bed at night, some comic books in the morning, and I read joke books at noon. After reading, I will tell them to you. After listening, the students will laugh. Sometimes I forget to eat when I read. I don't eat until my stomach is growling.

This is me. I'm Ke Yiming. Would you like to be friends with me?

[Chapter 5]: look, this is my [200 words] Zhou Yuyang

I'm not tall. My skin is yellowish and white. My eyes are smart. My eyelashes are long and curly. I like to draw, pick up the brush, I have a little impulse. Looking at the lovely and abstract characters presented in my pen, I am so happy! Now, I'm in the state of "Crazy" & hellip; & hellip;

Usually, I like to write and draw. One time after class, I was really bored, so I took up my pen and drew several circles on the table, and I couldn't help drawing hair, facial features, body and scenes on it. But I don't think it's enough, and I'm intoxicated with the funny dialogue and the shadow. I was about to paint. Suddenly, I glanced and found my hand on the table! Ah! Isn't my so-called 'drawing paper' a table?! Think about the time. It's almost time for class! I hurriedly took out the rubber and wiped it. When I finish cleaning, I haven't had class yet! I patted the crumbs all over the table, just want to relax, who knows that the teacher found out! Oh, my teacher criticized & hellip; & hellip;

There are so many troubles caused by painting! I just love painting! This is not, I take the Chinese book to read, in the middle of the way, found an illustration is not good, thought: so ugly, hum, look at me! So I began to change obsessively. Satisfied with the painting, I suddenly woke up like a dream. Isn't this a Chinese book! I quickly erased the pencil mark. Fortunately! The teacher didn't see & hellip; & hellip; ah, the habit of drawing at will really needs to be changed!

This is just me! A 10-year-old girl who loves painting.