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My family

Everyone in my family has a home in their heart. Let your heart be full of sunshine all the time. Let people not be afraid of any difficulties. If a person loses this sunshine, then happiness is only a dream after all, and this sunshine has been hidden in small things. Only the heart can find this sunshine.

That summer, I had a cold. Although it was sunny outside, I still felt cold and cold. I can only curl up a little tighter. When I close my eyes, the door is quietly pushed open. My mother comes to me with ten thousand steaming porridge. Then she feeds it close to my mouth. There is a peanut in the porridge. This is what I like to eat. Looking at my mother's serious face, I am very moved and my body is not so cold.

One day, after I finished lunch, I was embarrassed to find that I forgot to bring the key, so I had to ask my mother for help. I stayed quietly on the stairs. There was only a slight bird call and footsteps around me. Suddenly, I heard the familiar brake sound, followed by the rapid footsteps. I knew that he would come out of the company without stopping after receiving the phone call. After opening the door for me, she was ready to go out again , I can't help but feel some heartache, so I stopped her and took a glass of water from the room for him. When she drank the water, I said sorry to him, but he just smiled, comforted me and let me not worry

One day after school, my back was completely wet, and sweat kept coming from my face. My mother saw me in such a mess and smiled, took me to wash my face. My mother's fingers were cold and cold. He must have washed clothes in cold water. My mother turned on the tap, and I secretly increased the temperature. After washing my mother's face, I felt a little tired I'm very happy.

Happiness is hidden in every little thing, happiness is around us, as long as we pay more attention, we will find happiness.

The second part: the third grade of Xia Jingjing

How do you do! I'll take you on a trip to my CD-ROM.

Once, we went to my aunt's house for dinner. There were eight people and we bought twelve dishes. After eating, I saw a table of vegetables, thinking: a table of vegetables, it will be very wasteful. I asked my mother to pack the dishes, but she didn't listen. I thought about it, but I couldn't find a way. After I went home, I checked the origin of Zha grain of rice on the Internet. I thought how hard it was to get a grain of rice. After a few days, someone asked our family to have dinner. It was still in the hotel. At the same time, I saw a sign on the table that said how much to eat, how many dishes to eat, and how many dishes to eat. I said to my mother: 'Mom, let's pack. 'mother said:' how shameful it is to pack. 'I said:' it's not easy to get a grain of rice here, so pack it. 'my mother listened to me and lowered her head in shame. She said:' you are right. 'I began to do it without my smile. After reading this passage, you should do the same. You can also persuade your relatives to be civilized people in the city together!

'who knows that it's hard to eat Chinese food. 'I hope you can form a good habit of not being wasteful or picky.

The third part: the fifth grade of sun Yingfa

Even if there is no house, as long as there is a peaceful life.

Me: the hairstyle is a mushroom head, which is often misunderstood as a beautiful 'girl'. The students in our class mistakenly think that my hair is black and my body is white, that is, we all like to eat "mushroom power" and "mushroom umbrella handle" which is not available in the world

My brother: hairstyle is an apple that everyone likes to eat. My brother has a lot of heart and mind. He likes to sleep with his brother and sister. This is my lovely brother.

My dad: prickly, short hair, but like other people's dad, big belly, round as watermelon, my dad is very handsome, my dad often tells me: 'as long as it's something you can do, don't ask others for help. "Hurry up, and you'll be admitted to a big school in the future"

My mother: my mother is very hard. She gets up at five every day and works. She doesn't go to bed until a long time in the evening. When she arrives at her new home, she has to cook. You see, this is the hardest mom.

My elder sister: my elder sister is very slim. She can take care of people as much as the elder sister in the second season of "where is Dad", which everyone likes to watch now. He especially takes care of mom, younger brother, me and dad. Now we all boast that elder sister can take care of people, not only in my home, but also in my aunt's home and grandma's home. As long as it's a child, he will take care of his elder sister's home My sister will take care of me. My sister is also very slim.

My sister: my sister is very beautiful. She is a few years older than my brother. She only takes care of my brother. He can't leave my brother at any time and cry when he leaves.

hey! You see this is my family.

Chapter four: Hu Yiyang, a happy family

On New Year's Eve, the happy family get together to talk and laugh, which makes people feel warm in heart.

Around 2:00 p.m., the family began to be busy. My father and uncle are responsible for setting off fireworks, my capable grandmother and mother are responsible for preparing for the reunion dinner in the evening, my aunt is responsible for cleaning, my grandfather's work is the most interesting. I drive the hens, cocks and chickens home to let them celebrate the new year, and I also prepare rice, corn and rice for them! Don't look at me and my brother. We are not careless in our work. We are responsible for the fire. We like this work! After the work was done, everyone was busy.

I've been busy for about three hours. Everything is ready. Let's have a look at the results! The house is spotless, the table is full of rich food, firecrackers have sent our dreams to the blue sky, the chickens have begun to celebrate the new year in their warm nest, and my brother and I have become 'black carbon', which makes the adults laugh.

The reunion dinner begins. Everyone looks at the big fish and meat. They don't know where to start. This reunion dinner is very lively! Everyone talks and laughs. Grandpa drags everyone to drink with him, saying it's Chinese New Year's day, once. It's not good for everyone to refuse, so it's better to be obedient than respectful. Look, Grandpa, how happy he is! Three times, five times and two times, everyone belched. "Hum hum" as the head of the family, Grandpa cleared his throat and motioned for everyone to turn around. It's really authoritative. I said that the laughter was gone, and they all faced Grandpa. Ha, the new year has passed again, and you have made great progress no matter what you are doing, especially two small things, one has made outstanding achievements, the other has grown up a lot, and will enter the primary school next year. This is your new year's money, which contains my and your grandmother's encouragement and expectation for you both. Come on! Children, your career is also more and more smooth, hard work, the future is yours! 'everyone has their own lucky money. Don't mention how happy they are!

We are a happy family Shao Yu

One (2) class, a new big family. 25 students, 25 brilliant smiling faces. We learn together, live together, play together & hellip; & hellip; what brings us together? It's a word with strong cohesion in the class.

A pair of small hands will take the garbage in my hands and throw it into the trash can. A pair of small hands will take the teacher's water cup and say: 'teacher, I will pour you a glass of water! A pair of eyes will tell me: teacher, I will not give the class points. Yes, you did. In the first class appraisal, we won the top prize, including your responsibility & hellip;

Every noon is the happy working time of our class. One person, one piece of rag, is busy in their respective 'contract area'. You call yourself 'little health fighter'. Where to go and where to clean. It is true that our classroom is always clean. One person one post, conscientious, dirty, not afraid; heavy, not afraid; tired, not afraid. So, you see, our flowers are full of life; our windowsills are spotless; our desks and chairs are neat. Of course, we also pay great attention to personal hygiene. We wash our hands before eating, drink water between classes, and do eye exercises carefully. What's more, our drawers are still clean and tidy all day long. Only a few children need to refuel and correct!

In class, a small hand raised high and a pair of eyes full of eager knowledge tell the teacher that you are a group of good children who love learning. We work hard, we give, we get. The spelling is more and more fluent, the speech is louder and louder, and the homework speed is faster and faster & hellip; your progress is little by little, the teacher is happy in the eyes. Of course, it can not be separated from our silent support of parents, with your escort, we can swim further in the ocean of knowledge!

In September, we became glorious primary school students; in October, we hung up bright red scarf, sang exciting team songs, and became a great young pioneer. Are you ready, children? Let's swear in our hearts: to be a qualified young pioneer, to be strict with ourselves, to study hard, to care about the class, and to add luster to the red scarf.

Part one: Li Zhenyu

Our family is a happy family. Dad goes to work far away every day. Sometimes he has to be on duty. He doesn't come back for a few days. But whenever he has time, he will play with us, or drive us for an outing. My mother takes us to and from school every day, washes clothes and cooks meals for us, and tutors us in our study. My mother is the logistics Minister of our family.

The first thing I do after school is to eat and have classes all afternoon. I'm really hungry. But when there are too many homework, I will do it first, and let my stomach suffer a little grievance first. When I finish my homework, I always smell a smell coming out of the kitchen. It's my mother's delicious dinner for us. We'll have dinner as soon as my father comes back. After dinner, my parents patiently check my homework. When there are mistakes, they will help me to correct them one by one. When I do well, mom and dad will let me watch TV or play computer for a while; when I don't work hard and my grades are not good, they will criticize me and even have a small punishment.

My parents raised me so much, and I didn't know how hard I had to pay. Recently, I played a little game called Moore Manor on the computer. In the game, I bought a little pet -- a lovely blue little ram. I had to eat and drink it every day, send it to school, take it to play, take it to the hospital & hellip; & hellip; was so busy that I had to work hard to earn money. It's not easy to have a virtual pet. It's even harder for mom and dad to raise me. I can understand my parents' strict education now. I will try my best to live up to my parents' expectations. Our family will always love each other, happy and harmonious!

Part 2: Duan Xinyu

We are a happy family. Dad goes out early and comes back late every day. He works hard and works overtime. But he takes as much time as he can to be with us, chat and play games. My mother is busy for our family from morning to night. She will take me to school and buy vegetables