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My favorite person

My favorite person Wang Xiaoya

My favorite person is my mother, she has a pair of big eyes, long eyelashes, white, white, tender face, black hair.

She is very strict with me. When I finished my homework, my mother asked me to do remedial exercises. Once I was fond of playing and watching TV. My mother criticized me and made me not so fond of playing. My mother can also pierce the brooch, which doesn't hurt at all. She is also very caring and has a very good attitude towards patients. And buy me a lot of beautiful clothes.

Mother for me, for patients, paid a lot, than who are hard, I like mother most, mother I love you.

My favorite person

My favorite person is my mother, who has a pair of glasses, short hair, and a few black hair dyed light brown and dark red.

After I was born, my mother taught me to be a young pioneer wearing a red scarf. One day I behaved badly. When I went home at night, I kept my mouth to murmur and took a pen to draw. When I finished drawing, I saw my mother sitting on the chair and asked me to go there. I guessed that my mother would say that my tears flowed down like broken pearls. Unexpectedly, my mother held me in her arms and taught me with her gentle voice Immediately I felt that I had done something wrong and cried even harder. My favorite person: Li Linhao

I like my sister best. She is tall and thin, with a ponytail.

Sometimes, when I am sad, he will comfort me. When I am depressed, he will play with me. I ask my sister when I have a question or not. My sister has patience to tell me.

So I like my sister.

My favorite person

My favorite thing at home is my mother. Because my mother loves me very much, she has to take care of me every day, send me to school and pick me up. And I have to cook every day. I can taste my mother's love from her food. It's so delicious! My mother is also in charge of my kitten, feeding, bathing and so on. Besides, my mother tutors me to do my homework every day. She has to sweep the floor and mop the floor. Every time she has a little back pain after sweeping the floor, I will beat her back and rub her shoulder every time. My mother is very comfortable. I'm happy, and so is my mother.

My mother is very hard, so I like her best.

My favorite person

My favorite person is my mother. She has short hair, dark eyes and she doesn't like make-up.

Once, my mother and I went shopping together. Walking along, I almost fell down and scared my mother. My mother reminded me to be careful next time.

I think my mother is still a master chef. Her cooking is really delicious, especially the braised pork. It's delicious! I wish I could have my mother make stewed pork for me every day. As long as there is stewed pork, my appetite will be very good. As soon as I serve it, my mouth will drool. As well as I eat four bowls of rice at once, I can eat a plate of stewed pork myself.

I like my mother best, every bit of her.

My favorite person Wang Sijia

I love my mother the most! I grew up happily under my mother's careful care.

My favorite person is my mother. My mother sent me to school every morning and picked me up from school in the afternoon. I've never been late. When I got home, I took the time to prepare a delicious dinner while tutoring my homework. Whenever I met a problem I would not, she would patiently explain it to me, over and over again, and never tire of it. Until I can do this kind of questions. I love my mother!

Every weekend, my mother will take me to learn swimming. She's going to wear a swimsuit with me like I do. Whenever the coach let me practice freely, she would come and hold my hand and accompany me to practice every movement of the new teacher just now, again and again. I always keep learning the best and fastest among the children who learn swimming. It's her who makes me more confident. I love my mother!

I love my mother! Whenever I see a new white hair on her head, I feel a kind of sour feeling in my heart. I think it is the result of her overwork for me. I want to study hard and repay her with good grades. I also want to grow up quickly and honor her with my actions.

I love my mother!

My favorite person

My favorite person is my mother. Her big round eyes, brown eyes, curved eyebrows, round ears, high bridge of nose, golden hair, red lips, neat teeth, round chin, are very popular.

I remember a time when our yard super dragged me on the ground. After that, I had a look. Ah! My back is torn! I immediately went back to my home to find my mother. When my mother saw me, she shouted: 'who did it? 'I said:' Da Chao! "My mother said:" I saw two red handkerchiefs? 'I said:' yes. "Mom said nothing and ran downstairs immediately, but the children left. Mother ran to the health center of our family home again, the door didn't open! My mother took me home again and found the medicine for us. Since there is no medicine to wipe! Mom was so worried that she took an alcohol cotton ball and wiped it for me. I felt that it was covered, but I endured the pain. When it's time to sleep, it hurts. But I stayed through the night. The next day, my mother took me to Dachao's house. I didn't know where Dachao's house was, so I made my mother turn around. But the warm-hearted children helped me and my mother find the address, and brought it to his house. As soon as he opened the door, my mother said he had a meal. Then his mother came. Dachao's mother and Dachao apologized to us, and gave me a patch. I I went home satisfied.

I think mother is the best person in the world! My favorite person

My favorite person is my mother. Because she is very beautiful, she has long black hair, round eyes, pink lips and high bridge of nose, and she also has rows of neat teeth. Uncle and aunt always praise her as a beautiful woman when they see her mother.

My favorite person is my mother. Because she is patient and has a good temper. Usually she is very busy, but she will help me with my lessons as soon as I get home. When I have problems, she always teaches me patiently and earnestly until I have learned it completely. Sometimes I also make mistakes or get tired of learning, which makes me lose my temper. But she always talks to me peacefully and never beats me. My mother loves me very much. Whenever she has time, she will come to play with me, jump rope, play go, run, etc.

In life, my mother always gives me meticulous care. I remember once when I was in hospital with a fever, my mother accompanied me to have a condole shot, and I didn't sleep all night. In the morning, I said I would like to eat biscuits, but my mother drove out to buy them for me immediately. Because it was too early, the supermarket was not open. In order to buy my favorite biscuits, my mother ran all over the development zone to buy them for me. When she gave it to me, I took out a piece for her to eat, but she refused, and said she didn't like it. I know that my mother was reluctant to eat, and wanted to leave it all to me. How much my mother loved me!

Mom loves me, and I love mom, too. Mom is my favorite person!

My favorite person

My favorite person is my mother, because he attaches great importance to my study and loves me very much.

Mother's hair is like a black waterfall, her eyebrows are brown, her eyes are watery, like two black gemstones, her face is red, like two red apples, her mouth is red, like eating honey. The color that mother likes is green, because green represents youth and hope, she also likes to wear green clothes.

My mother loves me very much and cares about me very much in life. Once, when I was ill in hospital, my mother asked for leave to the unit immediately after receiving the news, and came to the hospital specially to take care of me. When I was making a bottle in the evening, my mother kept by my bed and didn't sleep for several days. Tell me stories, comfort me in the hospital, and say: 'don't be afraid, your illness will soon be better'.

My mother is very strict with my study. Sometimes I can't write some words in my family dictation, so my mother asked me to practice them several times until I could. Another time, I got 73 points in the English test. I came home with uneasy mood. I didn't expect my mother didn't criticize me, but found out the bad reason with me. Originally, my method of learning English was wrong, and sometimes I was careless. My mother asked me to get rid of the bad habit of carelessness and to read and practice more when learning English. According to my mother's method, I persisted for a period of time. When I took the mid-term exam, I scored 100 points at once. Did I come home happily and say to my mother: 'Mom, your method is really powerful. 'mom said:' your efforts are not in vain. Keep on cheering. '

My favorite person is my mother. When I was sick, she cared about me and took care of me. When I was studying, she was very strict with me. My mother loved me and I also loved my mother.

My favorite person is my mother

My favorite person is my mother. She is sometimes amiable, sometimes furious. My mother has black and shiny hair, big bright eyes and a high nose. Under her nose, she has a sweet mouth like eating honey.

When I fell down, my mother comforted me and sent me to the hospital for treatment. When I was sick, my mother didn't sleep all night. She took good care of me. When I can't, my mother will give me a patient lecture until I understand.

My mother is sometimes irascible. Once I failed in the exam, she was like a lion roaring at me. Once when I was in the composition class, she talked to others like a rhinoceros. She said, don't take composition class next time you talk.

My mother is also a chef sometimes. On Christmas day last year, she made a very rich dinner for my father and me.

Mother is not only a good mother, but also a good teacher. He teaches knowledge to her students in a gentle voice like a kitten.

My mother is also a calligrapher. When I finish my homework, she will teach me how to write calligraphy.

My mother is still & hellip; & hellip;

In a word, no matter my mother roars at me like a lion, is gentle like a kitten, or is fierce like a rhinoceros, I love my mother very much. I think my mother is the greatest mother in the world, and I am proud of her.