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Mom in my eyes

The mother in my eyes

Since the third grade, my mother has taught me how to cook and cook. The first dish I learned to cook was omelette.

First put the pot on the gas and light the fire, pour oil and other oil into it, stir the beaten eggs evenly, put some scallion, salt and stir them again, and then pour them into the pot. There is a squeaking noise from time to time in the pot, and the smell of green onion and eggs is also distributed. At this time, turn the fire down, turn the surface, and finally the eggs become big and soft, which makes the egg cake.

Once, in the class meeting, the teacher asked the children who can cook to stand up. There were not many children standing up. One of them was me. I was very proud at that time. My ability of self-care in life and self-reliance character were cultivated in this way. I am very grateful to my mother!

Chapter two: Cui Binyue, the mother in my eyes

My mother is a lovely and gentle person.

I love to sleep in late. Every morning, I will play a trick on my mother and say: 'sleep for another five minutes, sleep for another five minutes, and my mother has to rely on me.

Once, in winter, it was snowing heavily. My mother and I wore gloves, hats and scarves. They were warm.

As soon as my mother and I went out, we saw a mass of snow, which blocked our way. My mother and I thought of a good way to make a snowman. After that, we went there together. The mother in my eyes

'ring the Bell', school is over! I don't know which student shouted, and the classroom turned into boiling water. I also rushed to the door with the speed of 100m hurdles and broke in.

Eh? What's the matter today? It's really a new thing -- a distant sound of stir fry is heard. I suddenly realized that it was my mother who was training! I left my bag in a hurry and rushed into the kitchen in a flash. At this time, my father looked into the kitchen with his toes on his hands, and kept scratching his head. Seeing that I rushed in, my father felt more relieved and watched TV leisurely.

My mother is waving her arms on the stove. I really sigh for the dishes in the pot. It's brilliant. I've got the wrong buyer!

Three times, five times and two times, my mother has already 'Hu' well, smilingly asked us to taste the delicacies she made. I've made a lot of excuses. Mom rushed to me and grabbed my ears. Oh, my ears are red! All kinds of scoundrels, it's better to be obedient than respectful!

In order to adjust the atmosphere of the family, my eyes turned, and the idea came -- I gobbled it up, Mommy, it's terrible! I have to say it painfully.

In fact, in my eyes, mother is a serious and selfless mother.

The mother in my eyes

My mother's facial features are correct, round face a pair of bright big eyes sparkle. She's medium-sized, just a little fat. Mother always likes to wear a purple red sweater. It looks good on anything outside.

Not long after she gets up in the morning, she can finish everything, and then Lili Soto's goes to work. That's how she likes to finish one thing and then another. She's busy all day. Mom likes singing. For a while, she bought a song book every two days and sang it gently when she was free. I like to listen to my mother singing. Sometimes, I am infected by her when I listen to her and hum along with her.

My mother is very concerned about me. Once, I had a fever of nearly 40 degrees. My mother got up several times at night to take care of me and took me to the hospital for injection. She also tutored me in my study and was strict with me in all aspects.

My mother cares about me so much, and I also care about my mother.

The mother in my eyes

My mother is in her early forties. She has a round face and big eyes. She looks good. She likes singing and loves me very much. Although she lives well now, she is still frugal.

I remember one day in the summer vacation, when school was about to open, my mother and I went to the department store to buy stationery for me. Before that, my mother didn't want to come because she thought my stationery would work. But she couldn't resist my repeated requests and finally agreed to buy it. When I came to the department store, I saw all kinds of stationery. I was dazzled. I chose several for my mother to buy, but she said they were too expensive. In the end, mom didn't like it. I said to my mother: 'you can buy one for me! 'mom said:' no, it's too expensive here. I'll look elsewhere tomorrow and buy it for you. 'I begged again and again that my mother would not buy it for me, so I had to go with her.

The next day, my mother came home from work and brought me a stationery. When I saw it, it was beautiful! Mom said at the same time: 'I went to the store on the way to work, and it was beautiful, cheap and not easy to break, so I bought it back. 'since then, I have a new understanding of my mother. She is not only frugal, but also affordable. The stationery she bought for me never broke.

Chapter one: my mother's bank account

When I finished reading the book "mother's bank account", I was deeply moved by the maternal love. What impresses me most in this article is my mother's white lie that "I have money in my bank". It gives my children the belief of growing up, gives the whole family decades of stability, and embodies my mother's most sincere and simple love for home and children.

The mother in the book is like my mother. She not only looks forward to the growth of her children, but also worries about their illness and suffering. She always wants to give them the best and happiest life, but often forgets her hard work and always affects their hearts with an optimistic and upward attitude towards life.

Second part: my mother's bank account

When I finished reading this book, I saw my mother taking care of me from time to time. She would wake up in the middle of the night to cover my quilt, carry me to the hospital in the rain when I was ill, cook delicious dishes for me every day, sit silently beside me and do my homework & hellip; & hellip; whenever I asked her if she was tired, she would wipe her sweat and smile and say: 'how can I be tired? '

This is maternal love, no gorgeous performance, but always silently care for our growth, always give us love and encouragement. This is the mother, who always leaves happiness and happiness to her children, and stress and tiredness to herself. Chapter three: my mother's bank account

I like this book very much. I didn't know until the end that there was no mother's deposit in the bank. It was just a lie that my mother told us not to be afraid in order to give us a sense of security. This book has given me a lot of knowledge and deep maternal love. I used to think that if I didn't have money, I would be rich if I went to the bank to get it. I didn't know that I could only get it out if I put in the money first. At that time, I was such a stupid girl that I didn't even know this knowledge.

I was suddenly moved by this book. Mothers are very kind to their children. We must study hard and come on!

Chapter four: my mother's bank account

Every mother wants her children to grow up happily. Of course, my mother also wants me to grow up happily.

"Mother's bank account" is American writer Catherine. Forbes wrote it. It tells about a family in the face of difficulties, their housewife mother will try her best to do everything possible to make difficulties a good thing. There are five children in their family. Their mother takes good care of every child. When her children encounter any trouble in life, even a little bit, it is solved by their mother. As long as there is a mother, the whole family life will be full of sunshine.

Chapter five: my mother's bank account

After reading this book, my biggest feeling is how great my mother is. For us, efforts have been made, even life; even a small matter, how important it is in their eyes, but not in our eyes. If you fall down, your skin is scratched and bleeding, your mother will bandage you meticulously, and we don't care at all; if you do something wrong, your mother will comfort you, tell you what you did wrong, and let you promise that you will never do it wrong again & hellip; & hellip;

At every moment, our mother is concerned about us, afraid of what dangers and difficulties we encounter.