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Beauty Field

For a place with four seasons like spring, the place with the most autumn breath is that field.

When the fields were golden, sister Qiu had quietly come to people.

The field in the morning is quiet and beautiful. The thin fog veiled the autumn fields with mystery. Before you go to the field, the strong fragrance of the field has firmly grasped your heart, making people hate to fly into the field and embrace the field at once. It's still dark. I can't see the true face of Lushan Mountain clearly! I don't know which girl's pigtail was caught. Oh, the sun is willing to give thanks and sprinkle a golden color. Ah! It turned out to be the shy "rice girl" rice spike!

At noon, the sun seemed to paint the crops with gold paint, which was dazzling. The autumn wind blows, and waves rise in the endless fields. At this time, the fields were bustling. The old ones, the young ones, are all like those who are engaged to carry hoes and sickles. Write a lively chapter. Sweet laughter across the golden road. In a moment, the sun father-in-law put on a fiery veil, and the golden fields were dyed fiery red. The crowd went home again and again, and the field became a quiet little girl. Everything was so peaceful and sweet. Only the proud sorghum in the field raised its head tenaciously in the sun, as if the unyielding child had to watch the sun admit defeat. lovely.

In the evening, walking barefoot by the field, smelling her residual fish fragrance and listening to her beautiful voice, the unhappiness in her heart will float gently with the sunshine wind

In fact, the field is not wild at all, the field has her lovely, her quiet smile, her charming and unique fragrance The field here is a quiet place, a paradise for poets and monks, as beautiful as the garden of Eden. The blue sky, the white clouds, the green grass, the green lake, the crooked path, the wild flowers surrounded by miscellaneous flowers are blooming. The chirp of birds is clear and clear in the cool and humid morning, just like the sweet and graceful voice of fairies. The newborn sun reflects on the earth with shame. The earth suddenly becomes bright, like wearing a beautiful coat Keep your spirits up. And the season of June is a beautiful cool wind blowing gently across the cheek, which makes people intoxicated in the world of wind for a long time,

The wind is soft, like a woman's slender hand, it feels very comfortable. It's like stepping into a fairy mirror. The flowers here are also fragrant. You can smell its fragrance from afar, like a sweet spring flowing into your heart, moistening your pure heart. You can swim in the sea of flowers, splashing with spray, which is a beautiful flower roll. Look at it The whole field is surrounded by flowers. Where there are fields, there are flowers. There are flowers on the ridge. Colorful, like a group of guards in fresh clothes guarding the wheat field, green wheat seedling like a woman with a slim waist wriggling in the wind under the guidance of a cheerful dance to follow the wind, rolling up the wheat waves layer by layer, surging like the waves of the sea, majestic and magnificent, surging momentum, with rhythm, gnawing songs, let people enter a different sea world World, music ocean into such a wonderful world makes people relaxed and happy. Rippling in the wheat sea sucking the breath of wheat is so intoxicating!

When we look at the wheat, one after another, it is neat and compact, with moderate distance. Rows of wheat are standing upright like soldiers. The wheat leaves are covered with dewdrops, which are crystal clear like the tears hanging on the gills of the Iraqis, making the wheat grow more green. When we look at the wheat fields, one after another, though they are scattered, they are very beautiful. The fields are full of lush wheat seedlings, competing to grow and bursting with strong life The power makes people look and sigh, and the infinite awe comes from the heart. The awe of this stubborn life, the pride of nature, makes me realize the spirit of heaven and earth. It is the sun, the moon, the wind and the rain that infuse life, and the sun turns to the stars, and the weather turns to be the angels of all things.

The fields in the morning are beautiful, fresh, watery and pure. But I love the fields in the sunset,

Walking alone in the afterglow of the setting sun, the afterglow is thinly sprinkled on the ground, and the feet seem to break into pieces when stepping on it. The fields under the setting sun are more and more delicate, and the sun is inlaid on the mountain top. The Earth presents a yellow gray tone. A good painting that Van Gogh can't reach is really gorgeous and wonderful. It has never been tasted carefully, and it has been deeply intoxicated and completely removed The clothes in the morning are more charming.

Along the path of overgrown weeds came to the center of the field. Suddenly, a clear lake appeared in front of us. The water was sparkling and scaly, with colorful colors. The setting sun on it was like the stars blinking in the blue sky, or the stalactite in the cave was flashing with psychedelic colors, making people dazzled, as if they were alone in a magic world. Like precious pearls, the lake is full of colors that fascinate people and make them lose their eyes. It's also like a gold bursting out with dazzling golden yellow, like the lake turning into a whole precious gold stone in a flash, which makes people extremely happy, has endless wealth, makes king Solomon look speechless and envious to me.

The lake is still bright and scaly. In the middle of the lake, there are dense reeds coming from the bottom of the water. The leaves are narrow, thin and long. They stretch out everywhere. The wind blows the leaves gently, and the head swings back and forth, left and right, down and up. The head turns and twists, dancing in a spicy way. The reed of turquoise oil is growing freely in the water. The lake breeds the reed. The reed embellishes the lake, making the nature more beautiful and colorful. The kingfisher falls gently on the reed tip of the water, looks straight at the fish in the lake, and doesn't move. His eyes are bright and full of energy. However, the fish are free to swim and chase each other in the water Playing happily or jumping or turning back or diving or turning around completely forget the sharp red beak of Kingfisher. The world in the water is so delicate that the fish forget their life. All of a sudden, the kingfisher leaped down and held the fish in his mouth. A swoop came up and puma rose to the mid air, flying freely in the sky, declaring the joy of victory, spinning back and forth among the mountains, singing happy songs, enjoying delicious food and leisurely life, making people envious and envious, as if they had become a bird flying with wings Blue sky singing, imagine their own happy life next year.

I love here, like rain, like wind, like thunder, like rainbow.

I am here, growing with grass, flying with kingfisher, flying in the blue sky, swimming with fish, looking for the taste of spray.

You can enjoy the wind of the field, far away, to the side of the mountain, the side of the field, the side of the girl.

I just want to sleep sweetly here, let dream back to the field, dream back to my hometown. Field I rode to the field, to see the green field.

The air in the spring field is very fresh. The wind blows to us and hugs us again and again. The birds can't help singing wonderful songs on the branches. It's so nice to hear. The naughty little dew is sliding on the lotus leaves. It's like a child playing on the slide. The buds of the willow tree are curious. Look at the world. In the spring field, in the summer, we know that there is nothing on the tree Jingdacai cried, but this hot summer is the children's world. The children rushed to the river and played a water battle in the water. Even the quiet little girl couldn't help playing. This peaceful summer was broken by the happy breath of the children and became so interesting.

All of a sudden, a breeze blew, and the Buddha in the water made waves like Grandma's wrinkles. How interesting!

In the red leaves of autumn, autumn girl seems to have burned the leaves, so red, cotton sister saw this scene, she was so happy that she laughed, but no one expected it. The cotton sister held in her mouth stretched out, and the children saw it and scrambled for it. Cotton sister was in a hurry, and she immediately closed her mouth, but she couldn't. cotton sister, don't be too excited.

In winter, the ground seems to be covered with a thick white blanket. There are children playing hide and seek behind the trees. They are very happy, but there are more than that! Some play snowball, some play sleigh, some play hide and seek

Fields, no matter when, no matter what season, are so beautiful in my heart! Fields the fields of our hometown are very beautiful all the year round. Although it's not as graceful as the flowers, it's much better than the black smoke from factories in big cities.

In spring, there are small buds on the branches, green grass on the ground, pink, yellow, blue and red flowers. After the heavy rain, the soil sends out a light fragrance, which is amazing.

In summer, Shanshan is coming. The red sun is shining on the earth, and the grass ignores the sun. However, the sunflower turns left and right to follow the sun, just like the sun is its baby. The sun made people sweat. At this time, people ran to the trees to enjoy the cool, and went to the river to play water.

In autumn, the fields are full of songs and laughter. Who is it? It's the lovely children. They gather rice and cut ears of wheat. Tired, sit on the grass to rest, bored, tell some jokes. A gust of autumn wind blows, rice swings to the left and right, as if to refuel them.

In winter, the fields are covered with snow. The children came out to play in their padded jackets. Some snowfights, some skis, and some snowmen. I'm so happy! So, day after day, year after year. Spring is coming quietly again

My hometown is so charming and charming all the year round. I love that vibrant spring Hot summer And the golden autumn I love the snowy winter even more. When autumn comes to the fields, the crops are ripe and the fields are bustling. The soybean shakes its pods and makes a loud laugh; the tall sorghum raises its black, red and red face, like singing happily; the golden rice bends heavily, like greeting us

From afar, there was a scene of harvest in the field. All the mature crops seemed to shout together: "Uncle farmer, come and harvest us."

The farmer uncle harvested all the crops and put them in the warehouse. Their faces are brimming with the joy of harvest. How they hope to harvest more next autumn than this year!

What a beautiful field in autumn! The fields in my hometown are very beautiful, the air in my hometown is very fresh, and all things in my hometown have their own characteristics in four seasons.

In spring, the grass in the field comes out of the soil secretly, tender and green. Many flowers, plants and trees in the field are full of bright flowers; everyone refuses to give in, red