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Our beautiful hometown

Part I: Zhu Chenyue, the ancient city wall of Jingzhou

My hometown is Jingzhou, which is one of the first famous historical and cultural cities announced by the state and the hometown of the Three Kingdoms culture.

Jingzhou has a very old Jingzhou Ancient City wall. It is the only well preserved brick ancient city in southern China, and it is a national key cultural relics protection unit.

Today, my mother took me to the East Gate Scenic Area of the ancient city wall. On the wall, there is an antique building called Binyang tower. Standing on the wall and enjoying the magnificence of the ancient city, I feel proud to be a kid in Jingzhou.

My mother told me that there are also very precious inscriptions on the walls of the ancient city, also known as text bricks. Some of these bricks are on the city wall, some on the horse road. They record the long history of building the city wall. Among them, some bricks have the names of relevant personnel such as the time and place of brick making, brick maker and management officer. So far, the earliest written brick found is from the Ming Dynasty, more than 640 years ago. Now these are very precious historical relics and unique tourist scenery of Jingzhou Ancient City. Visit Jingzhou Ancient City wall, there are many historical sites left here, waiting for me to understand.

I love my hometown, I love the ancient city wall of my hometown.

Part 2: Liu Simin, a natural wonder

There are many places of interest in Lufeng, my hometown. In particular, there is a tourist resort 'Jieshi Xuanwu mountain'. There is a big stone, like a big mountain. The stone surface is very smooth. Some children climb up from the foot of the stone and slide down from the stone. Dad said that the stone is natural, that is to say, it forms a natural view & hellip; & hellip;

There is a more peculiar sight beside the stone, that is, 'stone tower', named 'three yuan tower', which is built with stones. There is no wood or steel structure, and it is made of stones. The tower is as smooth as the big stone. Although it is only three stories high, it can see the sea in the distance. You say it is not high.

The next day I went to my hometown, I woke up in the morning full of white. I wonder if it's fireworks in the early morning or natural fog? It can be said that in the house, it is like a few small hillsides looming.

There is a huge pond under my home. There are many strange flowers and plants beside the pond. Although these are not precious trees and flowers, they are not many in the city. I also saw immature rice for the first time. It's green and lovely. The rice doll is sleeping happily.

All the way, colorful, I like my hometown. Chapter 3: Xiaohe Yang Xueshang

My hometown is in the countryside. Although there are no tall buildings, there are also beautiful scenery.

The river in Yangwan is very beautiful.

In spring, the river reflects the plants around it. The green grass on the long riverbank looks like a green carpet from a distance. Flowers reflect all kinds of colors of light: red light, yellow light, green light, purple light. How beautiful it is from afar!

In summer, the green trees around the river can't be green any more. In the morning, you can always hear the beautiful song of birds and the rustling sound of leaves. It's like a talented artist!

In autumn, I saw a golden one. The leaves falling from the tree are like the scene of gold coins falling from the money shaking tree! The leaves on the river bank look like a golden carpet. It's soft and comfortable to step on.

In winter, there is heavy snow, and the frozen river is covered with silver snow, which is like Santa's beard, soft and soft. How bare the trees around are like soldiers guarding the river!

My River has its own scenery in spring, summer, autumn and winter. It's really beautiful!

Part 4: Zhu junyang, bingang Road

My hometown is Shenjiamen, which is rich in fish, where bingang road is a household name.

This is a busy street. Cars go on and on. In front of bingang road is the rough sea, behind it are tall buildings of different colors and sizes. Its beauty comes at night.

When the night comes, the high-rise buildings turn on colorful neon lights. There are red, yellow, purple, blue, green,,,,, like a beautiful rainbow bridge, illuminating the whole street. The whole street is like a big stage with the ornament of stars and moonlight. The lights on the masts of different shapes in a fishing boat on the sea are also turned on. The lights are gathered on the sea. The sea looks more beautiful. The sea wind is beating the rocks and making a beautiful sound, like a pianist is playing. What's more, that orange little house is our most famous nightstand.

The view of bingang road is different, needless to say how much I like it. I love my hometown.

Part 5: Yao Yuxuan, Wanda Plaza

Wanda Plaza is located in my hometown, Jingzhou, Jingsha River, is a bright and incomparable building mall.

When night falls, the whole Wanda becomes a sea of lights, a world of lights. Wanda mall is dazzling and gorgeous.

The plaster statues on the square have different postures, showing the folk customs of Chinese traditional culture. There is a "spring" light on the gate, and beside the "spring" words are inlaid with "colorful flowers and butterflies", representing the arrival of spring and the vitality of all things. There is a rainbow like galaxy on the wall, and many small silver lights are 'pasted' up, like stars in the vast night sky.

Wanda is a good place for shopping, food and entertainment. Here, there are a wide range of goods, good quality and low price, everything: clothing, jewelry, food and so on. Here, people can taste different cuisines, and every restaurant is full of people who are eager to try. Enter the two big game halls of Moby Dick world and big players, and you can't play enough of all kinds of game levels.

Wanda Plaza is not only brilliant, but also enriches the cultural life of our hometown. I love Wanda in my hometown, but also my beautiful hometown.

Chapter one: beautiful hometown of yangleijia

In my hometown Xi'an, there are magnificent terra cotta warriors, magnificent wild goose pagoda & hellip; & hellip; but my favorite is the beautiful lotus garden of the Tang Dynasty. Lotus Garden of Tang Dynasty is located in Xi'an, the ancient capital, close to the big wild goose pagoda. It is the first large-scale royal garden style cultural theme park in China to fully display the features of the Tang Dynasty. Entering the gate of Tang lotus garden, you can see the words "Tang lotus garden". In front, there is a magnificent stone bridge, called "Lotus Bridge". It is made of white marble. It is as white as a snowflake. Under the sunshine, it shines and radiates charming light.

There is a lake under the bridge, called Furong lake. The water is clear and the waves flash. Little fish are playing in the lake, enjoying the beautiful scenery. Even more amazing is the silver bridge waterfall. As Li Bai, the great poet of Tang Dynasty, said, "the waterfall falls down from the top of the mountain, arousing numerous water flowers, which makes people feel comfortable and cool. It is believed that the Milky way falls nine days. '

On the top of a hill, the famous Ziyun building will come into view. It is a four story Tang style building. When you come to the first floor of Ziyun building, you can see the panorama of Hibiscus garden from the window. In those days, Emperor Minghuang and his beautiful concubine Yang stood here to enjoy the fairyland like lotus garden. The second floor of Ziyun building is a hall, where there are statues of Emperor Tang and concubine Yang receiving ministers and envoys from all countries. They are vivid and lifelike. There is also a huge concert hall, which regularly performs Dongcang ancient music with a history of more than 1000 years. In the magnificent hall, there are countless maids in beautiful clothes, playing beautiful music.

Tang lotus garden, it is the pride of our Chinese descendants!

Part 2: Chongqing, a beautiful hometown

Chongqing, one of the four municipalities directly under the central government of the people's Republic of China, is one of the important central cities in China. There are different sceneries in spring, summer, autumn and winter, which are beautiful, pleasant and desirable.

In spring, flowers are in full bloom, birds are in contention, trees are drawing new branches and buds, and grass is bashfully sticking out its head. Little bees and butterflies are busy and playing in the flowers. Bees are picking honey, and butterflies are sucking flowers & hellip; & hellip; Groups of little swallows came back from the South and flew back and forth in the air, as if they were happy that they had spent a cold winter safely. They were planning to build a beautiful, comfortable and warm house for themselves & hellip; & hellip; spring, a new start, which brought vitality and fun.

In summer, the trees are green and luxuriant. Groups of people chat and drink tea under the trees. The wind blows and it's cool. The swimming pool is full of people. The children are playing and playing. The coach has put up various swimming postures. The children are very active in learning. The cicadas on the nearby branches are sucking the sap happily on the trees, and they often sing "cicadas, cicadas", which seems to be very satisfied & hellip; & hellip;

When autumn comes, the fruits in the orchard are ripe. The apples are big and red, the pears are round and bright, and the grapes bend the branches & hellip; & hellip; looks like eating well. After the fruit is picked, the leaves begin to drift down slowly, yellow, red and withered, and then the ground is covered with leaves to form a large colorful carpet.

In winter, snowflakes fly. Children make snowmen, fight snowfights and have a good time. The heating is on in the room. The children run back to the room to keep warm when it's cold. Then they come out to play with the snow and come and go. It was originally a layer of white snow on the slopes of green, red and fiery trees, and the ground was white. Looking from afar, it was like trees turning into rows of solemn and incomparable guards guarding the great rivers and mountains of the motherland.

My hometown is a beautiful and warm city, but also a good place to travel - Chongqing welcomes you! Part three: Tu Siyuan, a beautiful hometown

My hometown is a beautiful and rich geomantic treasure land with charming mountains and rivers. To the north of my hometown is the towering Guanguo mountain, to the south is the rolling suojin mountain and Guanguo mountain, to the west is the vast and infinite Mengquan lake like a huge bright mirror inlaid between the heaven and the earth, and the winding Longtan River flows quietly from west to east from the foot of suojin mountain. Today, let me show you the beautiful scenery of suojin mountain.

In the early morning, let's follow a cement road to the foot of the mountain. At this time, in the early morning light, suojin mountain is like a shy girl, looming in the mist. After a little yellow mud road, I arrived at the entrance to the mountain. The path at the entrance was overgrown with weeds and wild flowers. These flowers and plants sway with the wind, like waving to welcome us.

Follow a narrow concrete step to the hillside, when the mist has gradually dissipated. The east of the mountain is covered by a large lush orange forest. The white orange flowers like snow are dotted with green orange trees. The fragrance of the wind attracts numerous small bees to dance in the flowers. On the orange tree in the distance, the small white flowers in the branches are like the stars. They are very beautiful. Look, look, I