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My favorite dog

My father bought my dog. It has a round head and black eyes. It looks like two black gemstones. Its ears go up and down for a while, as if it is fanning itself. Its hair and tail are tawny. It's very picky. It only likes meat. It doesn't eat anything else. The dog likes shopping very much. As soon as we go shopping, it will bark. It seems to say, "I like shopping very much.". The dog is very cute and active, so I love it very much. My favorite dog is a gentle little white dog in the yard downstairs. Every day when I go to school and go home, I can see the dog walking leisurely in the yard.

The dog is very cute. It has snow white fur. It rolls up playfully. Two triangular ears are soft and drooping. A pair of black gem like eyes are always looking around, as if they are full of curiosity about the world. A wet little black nose, always sniffing East and West, as if looking for something.

The little white dog's ears are very smart. As long as there is a bit of wind and grass, it will bark. Sometimes I walk deliberately without making a sound, but it can still hear. I asked my mother why the dog's ears are so smart, and my mother said, "when the dog lies on the ground, one ear will cling to the ground, so you can hear a very subtle sound."

Little white dog's nose is also very smart, can smell all kinds of different smells. One day at noon, I took a sausage, just walked into the yard, the little white dog followed the smell to come over. He saw me eating with relish, stretching out his tongue greedily, panting and following me closely, as if to ask me to give him a piece of meat. Seeing his pitiful appearance, I had to give the little white dog the rest. The little white dog took the meat and swallowed it into his stomach. After eating it, he licked his mouth, raised his neck and looked at me, as if he was thanking me. Then he wagged his tail and walked away satisfied.

Little white dog is very docile. I like it very much. I always want to touch its curly hair. Whenever you get close to it, it will jump around you, sometimes wagging its tail to say hello to you. When you touch its curly hair, it will lie on the ground obediently, leaving you to touch it.

What a lovely dog, it makes my life more fun! My favorite dog is my favorite Border Collie from my friend Ni Kexin's family. There are some black fluff on the white fur; big eyes like two light bulbs are watching around, like a brave soldier defending everyone's safety; small ears are branching, listening to the sound. The little tail wagged and wagged all the time; he sat down, jumped up and put on a sports vest. My friend gave it a nice name: "little fat".

"Woof!". It's time for xiaopang to eat again. It darted to the plate with the bone, biting the bone with its teeth, and licking it again and again. Then, as soon as he took a small bite, he found that I was looking at him, thinking that I was going to rob him of his delicious food! He immediately looked at me warily, and Mao stood up, as if to say: hum! You can't rob my bones, or I will be rude to you! After a while, xiaopang saw that I was still, and ate with relish. In the blink of an eye, a bone was eaten. Xiaopang licks the corners of his mouth, which makes him feel very memorable! Soon, my friend brought some apple slices to xiaopang. "Dogs eat this, too?" I know that dogs eat meat and bones, but I never know that dogs eat fruit. My friend said that little fat likes eating. My friend just put the apple slices in front of xiaopang, and xiaopang couldn't help his saliva. He licked the apple slices with his tongue for several times, like saying, "I love apple slices most!"! Great! Then he ate one mouthful at a time, and in the blink of an eye, he ate all the apple slices. Xiaopang can really eat them! I like my friend's very cute little fat Border Collie. My favorite little dog is a little bit of a dog who has a hard time in his life. He's a little bit of a fan, and he's a little bit of a fan. He's a little bit of a fan.

I remember the day when Han Han first came to my house, he immediately attracted the attention of the kitten. When Han Han doesn't pay attention, the kitten raises her paw and gives him a slap. Han Han is surprised. I said to one side: "silly, give it two down!" Han Han looks at me, blinks and shakes his head, as if to say: "the grievances of the elders should have ended. We can't be enemies for generations." Later on, Han Han got along with the kitten in a very friendly way.

Han Han is so cute, I love Han Han! My favorite dog, Xiaobai, is a cute dog that my father gave me on my ninth birthday.

It is covered with long white hair, tail like a curved broom. A pair of big eyes with water spirit, especially a God. I like it very much.

Xiaobai is lovely. Whenever I come home from school, when I hear my footsteps, it shakes its tail, comes out to meet me, turns around me, licks my trouser legs, and softly cries: "woof...". It's as close as a good friend I haven't seen for many years. Then it comes to me like a coquettish child. Let me hold it. When I hold it, it's half squinting and obedient. Xiaobai is not only lovely, but also conscientious. It often guards at the door of his own house. If a stranger approaches, he shouts at his throat: "Wang Wang, Wang Wang!" Follow the stranger closely. If the stranger intrudes hard, he will bite his trouser leg and not let it go until the stranger flees in fear or the host comes out to greet him

I like my Xiaobai, do you like it? My favorite dog has a lovely dog in my family. It was given to me by my brother. Its "big name" is Zhuang Zhuang.

When I first came to my house, I was over one year old. It was about ten centimeters long. It was a Xishi dog. He just came to my house and was very curious. He bit here and there. He got stuck under the chair and cried out because of the pain. I couldn't help but take it out

On the second day of his coming. That day, I got up early in the morning, carefully observed the Zhuang Zhuang, how lovely it is, a pair of black gem like eyes, looked at me without blinking, looked at me askew, four strong legs, seemed to be able to run far, no wonder it is called Zhuang Zhuang. Its lovely little tail is wagging all the time

It's cuter to eat. You'll laugh when you see it. No, look! My mother gave a strong bone, it jumped on it, I wish I could swallow it in my stomach, but just opened a big mouth to bite it down, the bone rolled to one side, it chased it up, bit a bone and rolled away, it chased it out again, as if playing a trick on it At last, he gasped and stopped, sat down with his face down, and cried sadly, as if to say, "you are playing a trick on me! I won't eat it! " It made us laugh. It hears our laughter and looks at us curiously

Zhuang Zhuang has two toys, one is "new Jiamei" doll "Jiajia", the other is my cousin Huang Peixin's yo yo. As long as it sees "Jiajia", it will bite it, throw it up and catch it again until it is tired. As soon as the Yo Yo rolls, it will chase after it. It occasionally accidentally bumps into the door and the chair. It doesn't cry even when it hurts. It just touches it with its hind legs and chases it again.

You say? Is my family strong and lovely? When will I come to my house, I will take you to know each other. Maybe you will like it!