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Chapter one: beautiful flower Yao Juncheng

Today, I happened to find that the water lilies in our community's pond were in bloom.

A lotus leaf is big and round, like an umbrella, like a loyal guard to protect their own side of the water lily. They whispered together, and a few drops of water splashed on the lotus leaves, rolling around like naughty children playing fast. There are several small fish playing hide and seek in the thick lotus leaf, which reminds me of the ancient poem Jiangnan: Lotus can be picked in Jiangnan, lotus leaf hetiantian, fish playing lotus leaf, fish playing lotus leaf East, fish playing lotus leaf West, fish playing lotus leaf south, fish playing lotus leaf north. Although the lotus leaf is green and beautiful, the water lily is more beautiful. Against the lotus leaf, the ten thousand green leaves are a little red, which is more bright and dazzling.

A closer look shows that some of them are still full of flowers and bones. They are very cute, like jade balls. It's like little peaches. Some of them spread out one or two petals, as if they were going to be full and split. Others are already in full bloom. The golden stamen is surrounded by four or five layers of petals. The closer the petals are to the stamen, the more tender, the more colorful and flat they are. They can squeeze out water. Some 'stand' on high stems, like noble princesses, some hide behind leaves, as if they are shy and unwilling to show their faces. A breeze blows, and water lilies dance, making a sound of 'sand, sand' and then light fragrance enters my nose.

I like the water lily, like its graceful, like it out of the mud and do not dye the noble character.

Part 2: Guan Yulan, Feng ruozhong

In the spring, the flowers bloom on the branches and smile. The plum blossom is not afraid of the cold, but in my heart, the magnolia, the angel of early spring and the king of early spring.

The towel mountain road near the sea, the sea of flowers, the world of Magnolia. In this early spring, the flower festival began. As soon as I stepped into the mountain road, I was immersed in the world of Magnolia. Look, is that flower umbrella protecting the grass? I took a few steps closer and watched carefully. That flower, the posture is different, some looks like the trumpet, in the broadcast spring, some looks like the raindrop, hangs in the branch. What's more, huaguduo reminds me of pistachio.

The color of Magnolia is very bright. Some are as white as jade and snow. Some of them are very beautiful!

I reached for it. Soft, like jade, crystal clear, soft. There are about nine to ten petals. The nose also leaned up and smelled. It was sweet and fragrant.

I stand in the ocean of flowers. When the east wind blows, the petals will fall off. I am intoxicated here, looking at the Magnolia and enjoying the "Magnolia hot spring".

I stared at the tender petals and dreamt.

I am a elf with a pair of transparent wings. My friends and I flew to the magnolia tree to play. You chase me, I chase you. To build a house in Magnolia, I live in the largest magnolia flower. Once I do magic, the petals will open, and then I will recite different magic spells, and the petals will close. In winter, summer, autumn, Magnolia will never wither!

Thinking about it, I gave a happy smile.

Magnolia, not afraid of the cold, the ability to survive in winter, released in the cold season. There is no fragrance of jasmine, no nobility of peony, no redness of rose. But magnolia is magnolia, it is itself, not something else. Please remember its name, because of its simplicity and beauty - Magnolia. I like peach blossom Li Yuanzhe

Spring is coming, all kinds of flowers are blooming for the second time, colorful and colorful. Among them, I like peach blossom best.

Peach blossom is very simple, with only five oval petals and a cluster of dark red stamens. Its petals are white with pink, pink with red, red with a little purple. The peach blossom water is smart, just like a little fairy, they are delicate and moving against the sharp green leaves. I couldn't help but walk up to the peach blossom and take a deep breath. Suddenly, a light fragrance came to my nose, intoxicating me. Butterflies and bees seem to be attracted by the fragrance. They come here one after another, dancing around the peach tree, sucking her honey, fiddling with her flower clothes, and the face of peach blossom is even more red & hellip & hellip; on a peach tree, there are many peach flowers, all open, in bud, and a small flower bone flower! From a distance, it looks like a pink cloud.

A gust of wind blows, peach blossom gently swings its petals in the wind, as if waving to me. From time to time, several petals fall, like pink butterflies dancing in the wind, and finally fall to the ground, becoming the 'red mud' for protecting flowers.

Peach blossom has no natural flavor of peony, no ice and jade of Magnolia, no quiet and elegant of orchid. It is common and common. There are her figures in front of the house and behind the house, in the mountains and fields, and she makes silent contributions. In autumn, she presents us sweet fruits.

I like peach blossom, I like her lovely, I like peach blossom, I like her ordinary, I like peach blossom, I like her silent dedication & hellip; & hellip;

Chapter 4: Magnolia Zhang Linglong

Spring rain, although the cold still lingering, but the roadside, a magnolia has quietly opened. Walking on the road, you will inadvertently smell a light fragrance.

Magnolias have blossomed a lot. The flowers are delicate and delicate, like beautiful little girls. The Magnolia rose on the thin branch. Some of them are still shy when they cover their small white faces! Some half of the petals are curled, half of the petals are open, like an orchid finger, with a delicate look. Some of the petals have all been opened, gracefully to show people their graceful and graceful.

So many magnolias, all beautiful, but one has a taste. Look at that one. It's very elegant and noble. Look at this one. It's quiet and gives people a feeling of cold and melancholy. There are no leaves on the thin branches, which give Magnolia a sense of pride.

I suddenly felt that I was the most beautiful magnolia among them. I was wearing a snow-white dance skirt, standing on my toes, and dancing with the violin solo of Feng girl. I led my friends to a graceful ballet. Spring breeze blows, spring rain baby runs down to play with us, put on a crystal necklace for me. When the clouds are over, sun Gonggong tells me interesting stories and puts on the beautiful colorful gauze skirt & hellip; & hellip;

It took me a long time to remember that I am not a magnolia. I am looking at Magnolia!

Chapter 5: yulanhua Shen Yifan

In the morning, I passed by the electric road, and suddenly I smelled a refreshing smell of flowers. Although it was spring, it was still cold. We were still wearing down jackets. Which kind of flowers are so strong? Looking back, I saw that the roadside was full of Magnolia and Magnolia. I was happy for a while and ran to them.

Although the weather still makes people shiver with cold, but the Magnolia has opened a lot. From a distance, the bare branches are full of fairies in white or purple dresses. Come closer to see, some completely wrapped themselves up, like a brush with green paint; some just spit out a little point; some just spread out two or three petals, the others are very shy to cover the delicate pistil; others spread out the petals, like a small white bowl, carefully look inside the hidden skin pink pistil, like a pine nut!

This reminds me of the strong fragrance and sniffs hard. The smell makes me intoxicated in the spring. I couldn't help but take off a petal and hold it in my mouth. Looking at the white and purple angels, I smiled. Because I already know that spring is approaching us quietly.

It seems that the magnolia flowers in front of us are moving. They are all elves. Petals after petals become cake skirts. They are having a dance! The elf also dressed me in a skirt and invited me to join. At this time, a gust of wind played the violin for us. We stretched out our arms, rotated, and the snow-white skirt unfolded, like the snow lotus. After the dance, we shouted together: 'spring is coming! '

I returned to God, but also want to see the grace of these angels, but also to go to the interest class, finally reluctantly left.

Chapter one: Peach Blossom

On Saturday afternoon, my mother and I rode to the riverside to play. When we got to the steps, I was attracted by the gorgeous peach blossom. I got close to my nose and smelled it. There was a faint fragrance of flowers.

The riverside is lush, but the peach blossom has opened a lot. Against the green leaves, it looks more colorful and beautiful. The peach blossom in various forms blooms pink petals in the breeze, like a little fairy dancing, some only bloom a few petals; some petals have all unfolded, showing a little red stamen; some are in bud, showing a red mouth circle Like a little girl with a smile; peach blossom next to each other, crowded with the whole tree, they are like a group of urchins, scrambling to let people watch their gorgeous beauty.

I suddenly feel that I am the beautiful peach blossom, which is integrated with the nature. The bees come and tell me the harvest of the day's work. The butterflies come and tell me the scenery across the river. They all sang around the peach blossom and sang about the fragrance it brought to spring. I was completely intoxicated with & hellip; & hellip;

Chapter two: the first apricot flower Miao Shimin

Spring arrived, spring girl waved the magic wand in her hand, woke up father-in-law sun, called out brother Xiaocao, and put on green new clothes for our campus. Look, elder sister Xinghua also shows her beautiful face and smiles at us.

Apricot flower, also known as apricot, is a kind of plum plant, whose flesh and kernel are edible. Apricot flowers are solitary, first leaves open, petals white or slightly reddish. In February, when the apricot flowers are in full bloom, they are bright red, and then the color changes from thick to light to pink. When they fall, they become white.

There are many apricot flowers, but the first one is unusual. If I get the first one, I will give it to my parents. They gave me life and raised me to grow up. The first one should be theirs!

Red pistil, pink flower, just like the kind love of parents. I grew up in the love of my parents. Chapter three: beautiful cherry blossom

Everyone has seen cherry blossom! It's so beautiful. Let's go to the park and have a look!

The cherry blossom has blossomed a lot. Each flower has five petals. The petals are peach shaped. On the Yellow style, there are pistils like small POMs. Some of them are in bud, showing crimson color. Some of them are blooming, showing pink smile. Some of them are in full bloom, white and white, very beautiful.

So many cherry blossoms, one with one posture. You see, this cluster, a piece, full of branches, full of clear sky, you can not distinguish flowers, petals, calyx, pistils, but a ball, a string, like silver frost, like transparent sawdust, like washing rouge. I feel like I am a beautiful cherry blossom, wearing pink clothes, standing in the sun. When the breeze blows, I will dance and the petals on the tree will be in succession