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I love this beautiful autumn 200 words

In the golden autumn, there are many beautiful plants: the vigorous and vigorous pine trees, the golden osmanthus flowers, and the maple trees, the girl in the flaming red skirt. Diary

Under the guidance of Mr. Kang, we observe the autumn on campus. We chose two kinds of life that are full of autumn Flavor -- Wutong tree and Osmanthus fragrans. These two kinds of life thrive under the care of autumn sister.

We observed osmanthus first. Osmanthus usually has four petals, which look like bright stars in the sky at night. Osmanthus fragrance is refreshing, standing under the osmanthus tree, you can feel the fragrance from your nose has been into your heart. Osmanthus is different from other flowers. She is in the tenth. A 'before a flower, golden. At ten. One 'and then another, but this time it's dark. Don't you think it's strange?

Then we watched Wutong tree again. Looking at Wutong tree, a tall soldier stood in the courtyard regardless of the weather. The leaves of the Wutong tree are in the shape of a mandarin jacket. At first glance, they are like giant's palm. There are various colors of leaves: green, golden, and earthy & hellip; & hellip; branches are in the shape of ya. The tree is thick: three children hold it together.

Under the care of sister Qiu, Huang cancan's pears and red apples hang all over the branches. The farmer's uncle is too happy to close his mouth.

Autumn is the harvest season, but also a beautiful season.

I love autumn!