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A pleasant spring outing

On June 11, our school organized a spring outing.

The time of the activity is 6:40-13:30, which is located in the Cultural Park of Nantong street. I wear the uniform clothes of this year's sports meeting and yellow hat.

To the Cultural Park, we first played the sweet storm, which belongs to the second exciting game. Of course, this is not enough to consume all our energy, and then we played three more games, because those three games are dull and not exciting enough, so we didn't even remember the name of the game.

After playing four games, it's almost noon. We went back to the base camp hungry for lunch. The four students at our table ate very well together. On the premise of hygiene, we can exchange food. Everyone gave me a lot to eat, and I also gave the food I brought to other students. Soon, we were all full.

After a short rest, we went on playing. The fifth project is the ferris wheel, which can be said to be used for sightseeing. We are very lucky to sit in the same cabin with Marshal Jiang, and we have a pleasant conversation in a relaxed atmosphere. I showed all the knowledge about position and direction that I had accumulated at ordinary times, and won the praise of Mr. Jiang. At the time of going down, we saw Guo Changyuan stagger out of the cabin and down the stairs, which made the people in the cabin laugh for a long time.

When you get off the ferris wheel, you can play Caesar's wheel, which is the most exciting game. When I saw other people screaming in the fast rotating seats, my heart all mentioned my voice. The staff reminded us not to play this game if we were afraid. I swallowed my saliva and pretended to be calm and said: 'no fear. Before playing, Guo Changyuan told me in a low voice that he was a little timid and afraid to play this. I didn't even think about it at that time, so he said it was OK. I was there. When I want to play, I'm a little regretful, but I can't get back the water splashed out. I promise that I will do what others do. I keep cheering myself up and making myself strong, so I let him sit in front of me. In the game, I was dizzy for a while, so I couldn't distinguish the southeast from the northwest. But I insisted on saying a lot of encouraging words to him, encouraging him to insist is victory, don't be afraid. After coming down, I almost vomited, but with his thanks, I am very proud! From this experience, I know that as long as I firmly believe, there will be no insurmountable difficulties. The difficulty is the spring. If you are weak, you will be strong.

After that, we played some game items, which made us hungry very quickly. Then we had a good meal. At last, we took a lot of pictures together. So, this is definitely a happy spring outing. Happy spring outing 300 words grass green, flowers open, spring came.

One sunny morning, our third and fourth grade students bathed in the warm spring wind and set out to Xikou for an outing. Walking all the way, there are green mountains in front of us. The stream flows slowly around the foot of the mountain. Peach and pear flowers on the hillside in the distance open their smiling faces. They are red like fire, white like snow, and the fields nearby are green and golden. They attract butterflies and bees. The farmer's uncle and aunt are busy with spring ploughing, as if they have entered a peach garden outside the world.

Along the road, the students walked all the way, singing and dancing all the way. Soon, they arrived at the destination. On both sides of the stream, the majestic mountains have been covered with green clothes. They are shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand. The peaks rise up to the blue clouds. The mountains on one side are like a screen, with cliffs and precipices. The surface of the stream is very calm. You can see the stones at the bottom of the water, the wide water surface. The stream is from deep to shallow, silvery white, light blue, dark green and deep blue. We are fascinated by what we see.

Then, we played a happy game. The students talked and sang. They were very happy. What's so fragrant? Oh, it turns out that my brother and sister in grade four are having a picnic.

The spring breeze blows away the fatigue all over the body, making people feel particularly fresh. Time flies. Looking at the beautiful scenery, we are reluctant to go home. Today, the sun is shining brightly and white clouds are floating in the sky. My father, mother, uncle and aunt take me, Yaoyao and my brother to Shiguo for spring outing. We had a good time at the bottom of Shiguo pit.

Along the way, I heard birds singing, springs singing, spring wind singing.

We spent nine cows and two tigers to reach the bottom of Shiguo pit. We smelled the fresh air and couldn't help shouting 'ah'. No wonder people don't say that spring is a good time for all things to wake up. Spring is full of birds and flowers. 'that's true.

Our children are catching fish and screws. Adults are basking in the sun. After a while, we caught a beautiful fish. It was like a super large gecko. It was blue on its body and had a red line on its back. It had four legs: two back legs, two front legs. The big eyes were blinking and blinking. There are 16 big and small red circles on the belly. I asked my mother: 'what's the fish? 'my mother said:' this is called a giant salamander. It's a first-class protected animal! "We let the giant salamander go.

Later, our children all fell into the river and swam three times. Everyone laughed.

What a day! I remember the first time I went to the children's palace to learn martial arts, I went to the kindergarten class. When I first walked into the gate of martial arts class, I saw a lot of strange children in front of me. I was afraid that I couldn't say. I held my mother's hand tightly. At this time, Mr. Dong came over and said: 'Xiaoyi is the best! 'after listening to this sentence, I was really not afraid. I followed the teacher into the practice hall.

Since then, no matter the wind and rain, or the heat and cold, I have been practicing. When I don't want to practice, Xiaoyi is the best! 'that's what I heard, so I kept on biting my teeth.

I am now a primary school student in grade two. I have practiced martial arts for three years. In these three years, I have made great achievements in martial arts. Although it is inseparable from my own efforts and the help of my father and mother, the most important thing is that Mr. Dong's' Xiaoyi 'is the best! 'this sentence always encourages me and encourages me to move forward. When I was six years old, I performed Chinese martial arts for Japanese friends in the international hotel for the first time, which surprised the Japanese. The next performance, one after another, I am most proud that this year I have included all three firsts in group D of Shaoxing martial arts competition. Let me tell you the latest news. Recently, I won a gold medal in the International Wushu exchange competition of Hangzhou West Lake Expo! You say, am I great?!

Yes, I am the best, now or in the future! Happy spring outing 650 words have you tried group spring outing? I've tried several times. Next, I'll tell you a story about spring outing

Last Friday morning, when I came to the school, I felt surrounded by the jubilant atmosphere as if I wanted to do a happy event. When I came to the class, let alone, I saw all the students were full of energy, enthusiasm, and even dancing!

Suddenly, a broadcast came: please get on the bus in Qiuzhen square in grade one, two, three, and at the South Gate in grade four, five, and six. After listening, we immediately picked up our backpacks and prepared for the sprint

Finally, the teacher said a word that the students would wait and see: go out and line up! We have all lined up before the teacher finishes

We got on the bus and raced all the way to our spring outing

Finally, the students got off the bus and looked around for fear of missing fish

The teacher took us to a shady place and sent us a small stool. He asked us to sit down, and a line came along. Some black beads and white beads said to us: let's play a game, \ 'skillful hand beading \', everyone has seen the bracelet! Now we string one by ourselves. OK, the students said, and began to string. After a while, a piece of handicrafts came out. The teacher also asked us to wear them on our hands, Wearing their own bracelets, the students are a bit proud

Then, the teacher took us to play a lot of projects, the most interesting is to catch fish in the pond. We catch fish by men and women

I didn't dare to go down at first because I was afraid of the fish. At last, the teacher said that the fish won't bite, so I went down in fear

I don't know where the cunning fish has gone. I finally saw one. I quietly grabbed the tail of the fish and caught it easily. However, as soon as it struggled, it slipped down from my hand. It swam away as fast as it could. It was not a taste to watch its booty disappear

Then, the teacher took us to visit the desert botanical garden, strange melon different orchard and so on

4 o'clock is coming soon. I can't help but feel reluctant to leave here. At last, I took a look at the flowers and trees here and got on the bus reluctantly

Happy spring outing 550 words look forward to, look forward to, we finally look forward to the long - awaited spring outing

On March 22, 2009, the spring was bright and sunny. Like happy birds, we arrived at the base of Moral Education -- Shajiabang spring outing under the guidance of our teacher in a spacious bus

When we arrived at Shajiabang, we visited the Revolutionary History Memorial Hall with reverence. When we stepped into the memorial hall, we saw that there were all kinds of things on display, including guns, glasses, books, shoes, and a curved boat

... after reading the instructions, I know that these items were used by the New Fourth Army. Some of them are still relics of martyrs!

After the visit, we came to the sculpture group. The sculpture here is very tall, with the heroic fighting image of the New Fourth Army soldiers. There are amiable sister-in-law a Qing, entertaining guests from all walks of life, and children's innocent and lively smiling faces... We surrounded the sculpture group

Careful appreciation, reluctant to leave

Then we passed a steel cable bridge paved with wooden boards, and came to the green grass. We saw a big lake shining silver like a mirror in the sunlight. A breeze blew over it. There were ripples on the lake. It was very beautiful. By the lake, there were dense reeds. The bright green leaves swayed gently under the wind, as if nodding to us, Welcome to us. We are happy to sing and dance on the reed marshes of Shajiabang... Happy laughter reverberates over the reed marshes

After a rest, we came to the reed maze to play. I walked and walked in the laughing path of the maze, but I couldn't find the end. Just when I couldn't hold on, I thought of the New Fourth Army's struggle with the enemy in such a maze, and suddenly I had faith. Calmly coping with the obstacles in the maze, I stepped out of the maze and succeeded, I made it. I jumped up and shouted excitedly

Happy time always flies away, and in a short time, we gather. We are reluctant to leave Shajiabang, which brings us joy, knowledge and courage. The plan of a year is spring, and the plan of a day is in the morning. In March, everything recovers. On March 29th. Our school has an annual spring outing.

This morning, all classes in our school are waiting for us. Only grade one to grade three can't go for a spring outing. At half past eight, with the order of president Huang, the team set out, looking far away, like a long dragon. After two hours of long journey, I finally arrived at the destination.

So the students of our group started