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Sunshine always comes after the rain

Some people say that the sun is always bright, is bright, although sometimes a little wind and rain, but as long as your heart is full of sunshine, it must be the most beautiful moment.

There is always a clear sky under the dark clouds after the wind and rain. Often the most brilliant moment of sunshine, is after the rain that shot, is so dazzling, so warm. But what do you think of the sun under the dark clouds? I think the sun must be desperately breaking away from the malicious embrace of the dark clouds and dedicate its light and heat to the earth again.

And the most unfortunate people are not just like a bunch of sunshine blocked by dark clouds? In a sad situation, hard work is the best way. Disability, illness, melancholy, these patients are not like no bright sunlight, in the dark, that kind of sadness, that kind of pain, is there no one in the world can resolve it? Let life bloom like summer flowers and dissolve everything with happiness.

Self confidence is often the foundation of success, struggle is the root of life. The sun always after the wind and rain, think of SangLan. In that competition, Sang Lan was injured in the middle of the race. Until now, Sang Lan is facing life with a smile and dressing up with happiness. Although Sang Lan is still in a wheelchair, she never gives up. She firmly believes in the saying that "nature makes me useful." she has become a host in various professions. She tells everyone with her firm face: "although I am disabled, I don't dislike myself, because each of us is the first. Although I am disabled, I can't participate in the Olympic Games, but I am still in the first place The emperor closed a door for me and opened a window for me. I will try my best to learn to face life! '

Disabled people are not ridiculous. In Xiaohe, I saw a senior high school student named "disabled girl". Her right leg was injured in a car accident and she is still on crutches. She wrote a composition "I am a disabled girl". I was deeply moved by it. The disabled girl wanted our friends to help her find happiness. In her composition, she wrote that she was a sensitive and melancholy person (seemingly not written, but the pitiful between the lines), often sad because of her disability. I thought to myself: there is no one in the world who is perfect, who is short of legs and arms. Everyone is a perfect person. As long as your mind is healthy and you are happy, you can join our happy family. For short, it's human's big home. Because no one in the world can do without, everyone is not what you think Some are poor, some noble, some civilized, some criminal, some disabled, some perfect.

Sunshine is always after the wind and rain, there is a clear sky under the dark clouds, wind and rain hand in hand, I have been with you around. The sun always after the rain, please believe there is a rainbow. Cherish all the moving, happiness has been around you. The sunshine is always after the wind and rain. Please believe there is a rainbow? How many successful people, not from a fall, and success? It is setbacks that refine our perseverance and confidence. It is setbacks that make us learn to be strong and brave. Everyone needs a baptism of wind and rain. Failure doesn't mean the end, but it means that you go further to the end of success, and you have to read it thousands of times in your heart: 'the sun is always after the wind and rain, the sun is always after the wind and rain & hellip; & hellip; 'everyone's brain and intelligence are equal at the beginning, but today's differences come from the different levels of effort in ordinary times. In retrospect, when others are struggling, what are we doing? But we can't be discouraged. We need to catch up step by step, step by step. We need to make more efforts and pay more price than others!

'I want to climb up step by step and wait for the sunshine & hellip;' this sentence comes from snail. We need to learn from snail, because it is not afraid of slow, step by step and firmly believes that there is still a day of its own. Perseverance, perseverance, courage are the most rare. Can't we, like snails, be afraid of failure, not afraid of falling, and stick to the end?

Success, in fact, is not far away from us. As long as you are willing to work hard, it will seem to be around you and within reach. But if you just say no and don't do something and don't pay a certain amount of effort, then you will feel that success is far away. You can't even see it, as if there is no success. In this case, why don't we fight for it? Can you be more incompetent than others? No, it's not. It's because of different efforts, but you can't just give up like this. If you miss the chance and regret growing up, it's too late.

God, since we are arranged in this world, there must be a reason for it. Why, why don't we strive to make our lives more valuable? Why, why not make our life perfect?

If we don't work hard, what are our dreams and ideals? I can only say that it's just a fantasy without any value, because it's just an empty shell. What do you want an empty shell for? Or do you want to let yourself sad and disappointed at the end? To succeed, we have to pay a price, we have to work hard, we have to pay more than others, we have to insist, do not linger under the tree, do not walk in the rain, do not hesitate, to use practical proof.

'the sunshine is always after the wind and rain, please believe that there is a rainbow & hellip;' that's right. Although the lyrics are very simple, they are enough for people to regain their confidence, reach the end of success, and return to the right way & hellip; & hellip;

Six sunshine in Chenwei primary school always opens the gate of memory after 800 words of wind and rain. The trace of human development flashed in front of me like a picture in a slide projector; A despondent emperor, driving a fragmented carriage, watched his wife being enslaved as a slave, listened to the harsh insults, and left bitter bile in his mouth, but what he did not forget was the grand blueprint in his heart. He succeeded in adding to the history a dilapidated cottage covered with bamboo slices, on which we can clearly see the dense calculation. Under such simple conditions, the PI is accurate to 7 decimal places; A scientist holds countless thin wires, tries to touch them on the electricity, fails again and again, experiments again and again. After thousands of repetitions, a thing called a lamp turns the earth into a dazzling city of no night & hellip & hellip; Therefore, heaven will give us a great responsibility. We must first work hard, strain our muscles and bones, starve our body and skin, empty our body, and mess up what we do. Therefore, we should be moved and patient, and we can't help them. The road of life is not smooth! Everyone will encounter difficulties and setbacks, it depends on whether you can overcome it. If you win, you are a hero and the strong one in life. Of course, Brilliance will bloom after setbacks, and sunshine will shine even more after storms!

Sunshine always after wind and rain, please believe in your dream! He dabbled in the dream of Red Mansions for two years and added and deleted it five times, as if he also saw the sharp decline of the noble family of the author. It is unimaginable that we want to finish a novel handed down from generation to generation in the period of the prevalence of literary prison. A little carelessness in writing will touch the ruling class, light exile, heavy Zhulian Jiu! In spite of poverty and bullying, others cling to their dreams. Although he didn't get any material wealth, he still felt deeply satisfied and happy. Posterity's praise of the Red Mansions should also be his due honor.

Sunshine always after the wind and rain, please forget your pain! Face the setbacks with a calm mind and cry for the overturned milk, which may make you accidentally overturn another glass of milk. It's hard to recover. When you learn a lesson from a setback, forget it. Always carry the burden of failure, will only be negative stagnation. Life is a long run. You need to run to the end in light clothes.

Sunshine always after the rain, please believe there is a rainbow! Success is only one more time than failure. If you fall, get up, fall, get up & hellip; & hellip; when you fall the nth time, you just have to hold on, because the nth time + 1 is to get up. To know that a sharp sword needs painstaking efforts and the tempering of fire; a gorgeous rainbow will appear after the storm.

Tangyuan senior high school senior one: learning Jizi sunshine is always gloomy after 800 words of wind and rain, which seems to be grieving for me; rain is falling continuously, which seems to be crying for me; the wind is howling, which seems to scold me & hellip; & hellip; all these sad things are due to my dishonorable 90 points.

Yes, 90 points, that's 90 points. When I heard about my achievements, my mind was blank, as if I had been hit by a bolt from the blue. I was blinded.

After school, the students flew out of school like happy birds, and my legs were filled with lead, and I didn't even have the courage to step out. In such a big campus, I am the only one wandering around, in trance, in sadness. The uneasy heart would be even more disturbed by the bad weather.

I moved my legs to my mother. I don't have the courage to face my mother. My mother worked for me day and night, and I returned to her is such a result. I went to my mother's, just want to say, but see her smile I just to the mouth of the words swallowed again. I really don't have the courage to say the score, my ability is not only 90 points.

The road is really close. When I got home, I couldn't help it any more, and tears came to my eyes. 'Mom, I'm sorry. 'my mother was at a loss and asked:' what's the matter? "Mom, I only got 90. 'finally, I said, but my heart was heavier. I thought my mother would scold me for a while. But today's mother seems to be very abnormal, she said to me kindly: 'it doesn't matter, don't be discouraged. If you don't do well this time, you will do well next time. 'I was more moved by my mother's words, but this time I didn't let the tears stay. 'have you ever heard the song "sunshine always after wind and rain"? 'mom asked me. I nodded and said: 'I can sing. "Sing it again. 'I dried my tears, cleared my throat, and sang:' the sun is always in the wind and rain, there is a clear sky on the dark clouds, cherish all the moving, every hope in your hands & hellip; 'suddenly, a light illuminates my heart.

How can we enjoy the joy of success without paying the price? How can we pick the fruit of hope if we want to succeed without labor? At this time, I think of the students' message: don't lose heart, you are always the best, believe in yourself. This is my encouragement from my classmates, so I should study hard. What's the use of crying? Can crying improve performance? What's the use of regret? Regret to get the first? To move forward, the most effective way is to move forward, absorb new knowledge and harvest new knowledge. Come on, Yang Haihui; go ahead, Yang Haihui. believe