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Campus in autumn

Autumn, is a box of colorful pigments, it gives the pale yellow to chrysanthemum, it gives the golden yellow to the field, it gives the red to the maple leaf

So let's go into this colorful campus and have a look!

The flower bed on campus is full of gorgeous lilies, osmanthus dancing with the wind, and rose with fragrance and beauty There are big poplars and thin willows in the forest of the campus. Their leaves float to the foot of the tree mother. Groups of leaves are spread into a golden carpet. They creak and creak when they step on it. In the playground of the campus, there are happy laughter, and in the classroom of the campus, there is a sound of reading

Autumn, like a selfless mother, she gave the harvest to the farmers, she gave the smile to the flowers, she gave the joy to the children

Autumn is beautiful, but autumn campus is more beautiful; I love autumn, but I love autumn campus more. The sweltering summer of autumn has passed, and the cool autumn quietly comes to our school. The sun father-in-law is not as irascible as in summer. It gives out soft light. The students feel very comfortable. The wind girl became lively. She ran happily, rustling the treetops and bringing cool to the students.

Accompanied by the autumn wind, I stepped into the school gate and found several peeling thousand story trees standing on both sides of the campus. It was green in summer, and now it is full of pale yellow flowers. When I stepped to the playground, I saw a flower bed under the national flag. There are colorful flowers on the flower bed. There are chrysanthemums, dog tail flowers, cockscomb flowers. What attracts me most is chrysanthemum, because it is the chrysanthemum in the flower bed when all the flowers are withering. It is not afraid of the cold, heads up in full bloom, and shows its unique style. The solemn and bright national flag, inspired by the wind girl, looks more magnificent than in summer. Take a look at the teaching buildings that have been renovated. Now they have put on beautiful clothes and become more bright and spacious.

You see what a good learning environment autumn gives to the campus. Ah! I love the scenery in autumn and the campus in autumn. Autumn campus our school is located in the middle of Wanxi Road, it is a beautiful school. Look, Miss Qiu also came to our school with light steps.

There are two teaching buildings in our school. The walls of the teaching building are full of creepers. They have changed from green to red. There are group activity room, multimedia classroom and dance room in the teaching building - of course, there are our classrooms, which are big and bright, and are good places for us to study.

In the middle of the two teaching buildings is our playground. To the west of the playground is a small forest. A cool autumn wind blows through it. Yellow leaves fall from the trees and step on them like a golden carpet. And those pine trees are still wearing green clothes, and they look more green. To the south of the playground is a flower bed. The rose and rose in the flower bed have withered, only the chrysanthemum stands there. Chrysanthemums are red, white, yellow, etc. Some of them are in full bloom, some of them have exposed bright flowers and stamens. Chrysanthemum sends out light fragrance, which attracts bees and butterflies. Chrysanthemum, it does not compete with flowers for spring, exclusive autumn. To the east of the playground is a sports ground, with ping-pong table and basketball stand - where students will play and play at the end of each class.

Autumn girl dressed up the campus more beautiful, I love autumn campus. The campus in autumn is very beautiful.

The yellow leaves on the campus floor are like a huge carpet, and the leaves blown in the air by the wind are like a butterfly dancing in the air. There is a beautiful garden behind the school. There are many flowers in it, including Peony, rose, butterfly, orchid, chrysanthemum There is a fountain in the middle of the garden. It sprays all the year round. There are some fish around the fountain. Goldfish, Snowfish, dragon fish, snowball fish, butterfly fish

I love our campus, because our campus is more beautiful in autumn. Campus walking in autumn, autumn sun is more red and more delicate.

Walking in autumn, the air in autumn is sweeter and better.

Walking in autumn, the sky is higher and bluer in autumn.

On Saturday, the teacher took us to the corner of the campus to see the beautiful scenery.

I first came to the Carved Red Crowned Crane. The beautiful and lovely red crowned crane is as lifelike as the real one.

Then came to the pigeon, mischievous pigeon, fly to the top, fly to the bottom, free.

Then I came to the small pond where there were fish and lotus. Seeing the lotus reminds me of the touching story of Baolian lamp and its fragrance saving my mother.

Finally came to our school pond, where willow gently stood there, in the autumn wind blowing, liu'er seemed to nod and smile to us, welcome the children to come here, chrysanthemum opened, red like fire, white like snow, pink like the same Xia, yellow SAIJIN five colors, colorful, close your eyes and take a deep breath, you can smell a light fragrance 。

Ah! What a beautiful campus in autumn! I love our campus. The campus of autumn unconsciously, autumn has come, the beautiful campus put on gorgeous new clothes.

The trees in the campus grow stronger, but only half of the green leaves, some of them turn yellow, some of them turn red, and some of them turn green and yellow. They couldn't help the autumn wind. Some of them fell down from the trees, dancing like butterflies. They fell to the ground, like a layer of red and yellow carpet. When they went up, they could make a "click" sound. With the children's laughter, they echoed over the campus. In the flower bed, although some flowers have withered, the chrysanthemums are in full bloom in autumn. The colorful chrysanthemums have all kinds of postures, some are like anemones, zigzagging, overlapping, some are like hydrangeas, hugging tightly into a group, approaching the chrysanthemums, you can smell a fragrant fragrance. Autumn is coming, and the playground is full of joy. Some people kick shuttlecock, only see shuttlecock up and down, many onlookers praise it, some people can make many patterns, some can plate kick, some can use heel kick. Badminton players are even hotter. Some people are sweating. They run to the left to receive a ball and then to the right to receive a ball. They have a good time. Basketball players, catch up with each other, the ball will be snatched by one side, and then by the other side. You come and I go, all energetic, ready for the next challenge.

How beautiful the campus is in autumn!