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My teacher

From small to large, we will meet many teachers in our life. These teachers have their own characteristics, some are gentle, some are serious, some are humorous.

My favorite teacher is our teacher in charge, Lin. from the first grade of primary school to now, the teacher is with us. The teacher is very beautiful, medium-sized, thin, with long black and bright hair, sometimes a shawl, sometimes a Pinus massoniana, and a kind and bright eyes embedded under the curved eyebrows.

The teacher is a gentle and considerate person. He feels very kind to us just like his own children. The teacher speaks with a vivid voice. The students like her class. The teacher is meticulous and responsible for our study. Every homework will be corrected and checked. If you find any problems, you will explain them carefully. The students respect her very much.

If we don't perform well in our study, the teacher occasionally gets angry. A few days ago, when we were in the last text, a classmate who didn't listen carefully was seen by the teacher. He was furious and severely criticized, because we seldom saw the teacher getting angry. At that time, we were shocked. After that, the teacher continued the class, and the students' wonderful answers made the teacher very satisfied.

Miss Lin, our head teacher, I will never forget you. I love my teacher 800 words from the beginning of kindergarten, teachers will play an essential role on our way to study. They constantly give us new knowledge, create a good learning environment for us, let us roam in the ocean of knowledge, and become civilized people and cultural people in the new era.

My teacher Yang is the first teacher I stepped into the gate of junior high school. Hey, although she is not tall, she has a sense of responsibility. Even if she walks, she has a great general demeanor.

Mr. Yang almost broke our heart. In the first entrance test, due to our lack of effort, we got a very bad result. From the words of the geography teacher, we know that it's impossible for the competitive Mr. Yang to make the last one of a class. We are precedent, so Mr. Yang fell ill & hellip; & hellip; Mr. Yang has a very lovely son, and the teacher also loves him very much. However, the teacher always leaves her son in the office, makes him do math problems alone, and then gives us a lecture. Don't say it's a teacher, even when we look at it, we are also distressed. That mother would like her son to suffer so much, so I still can't forget the helpless and distressed eyes of the teacher.

Mr. Yang has a strong sense of class honor. In the first grade military training competition, our class only got the excellent award, which made Miss Yang very unwilling. So in the next chorus competition, we finally won the first prize. It was the happiest day for Miss Yang.

Not only Mr. Yang, but also our history teacher, Mr. Yuan. Although he is a history teacher, his ability of speech and language organization is not inferior to that of a Chinese teacher at all. I like Mr. Yuan's class very much. In Mr. Yuan's class, we never memorize those boring years by rote, but let us recite and remember them in our understanding. Mr. Yuan said: 'rote memorization can only be memorized for a while, while understanding can be memorized for a lifetime. Mr. Yuan is particularly responsible for us. Every time he did history homework, he would change it. He was very serious and didn't miss to change it once. Although this is only a detail, it is such a serious attitude that I see the most basic sense of responsibility a teacher has.

I love my teachers. They have a mother like attitude towards their students.

I love my teachers. They are responsible and meticulous to their students.

I love my teachers. They let me learn new knowledge and know more.

I love my teachers, because, without them, there would not be a day when we are full of vitality and have a good future!

First day of junior high school: my teacher scolded me when my friendship faded. I cried again.

The teacher went up to the platform and said: 'some of the students did well in the middle of the term, but some of them didn't. 'when I said that, the teacher came to me.

I thought the teacher would comfort me, but he roared: 'if you don't do well in the exam, you will cry. You won't do any good work, so you rely on it! 'say it and go.

Students are surprised.

Ling Yangbo is happy.

I'm sad.

Can teacher four really be our friend? 250 words As the saying goes, when we fail, the teacher sets sail for our progress. When we succeed, the teacher shares the joy of success with us. When we make mistakes, the teacher patiently corrects the course of our progress. We are proud of our achievements. The teacher is our sobering agent. Although this is true, the teacher really does what we do Friend? I tell you no, the teacher regards me as his tool. There are several teachers who sincerely treat the students, and there are several children who treat the students as his children. When you make a mistake, you accidentally deduct the class score. He will hate you and advise you to quit school. That's why. Because you deduct his salary, can he not hate you? The teacher can think of his parents How do you do? No, because you are not his child. Why should he treat you like this? He just uses you as a tool. As long as several students in the class don't study well, they hate their itchy teeth. That's why you don't study well. He doesn't have a bonus. Don't he hate you? I tell the teacher that there are few people who treat me as a friend.

You can believe it or not. That's what I said.

Junior two: my teacher, Mr. Wang, is our former math teacher, deputy head teacher and one of my favorite teachers. But Mr. Wang turned away.

Mr. Wang's hair is a little curly. It is yellow and black. His voice is loud and his writing is sonorous and powerful. He doesn't drag and sprinkle. Mr. Wang's lecture is lively and will not drag the class. Look, Mr. Wang walked into the classroom with a brisk pace and taught us math lessons. "Students, do you know the direction? 'there was a positive answer in the classroom:' yes! Of course I do! "OK, let's step into today's class & lsquo; position and direction! "Teacher Wang said. 'East, South, West and north respectively represent four directions, but how to distinguish between southeast and northwest? Now, Mr. Wang teaches you a way! You know counter clockwise and clockwise, it has a lot to do with southeast, northwest! Going clockwise, they are East, South, West and North, forming a & lsquo; Cross & rsquo; shape. Do you know? "I see! 'we all agreed. Mr. Wang used to be a head teacher! Teaching Chinese! We have won the "top ten class teachers in tiantaigang primary school garden campus" and the "backbone teachers in tiantaigang garden campus" & hellip;. All of them are the pride of our class 4 & middot; (1)! Miss Wang, we are so proud of you! Miss Wang, I miss you so much. How are you at Shanghai City campus?

Four, my teacher, teacher Zhong, 350 words, is the head teacher of our class. She is sometimes serious and sometimes amiable, but she often comes to our mother to take care of us. Mr. Zhong has a melon seed face, with a pair of glasses on his face. His sister's head is middle-aged, but he looks like a quiet little girl.

Mr. Zhong is very kind. When he is cooking, he knows that we want more or less. You can see: when Wang Xiao is cooking, he stretches his neck, looks at the rice and frowns. At a glance, Mr. Zhong can see that he doesn't want to eat more of these meals, so he gives him less than half a spoon. When he leaves happily, Mr. Zhong can't help feeling a little happy Mo looks at the food, her eyes are shining, and her eyes are fixed on it. Miss Zhong knows that she wants to have more food, but she has a big spoon. Indeed, Mo looks at the food with complete coloring and fragrance. Before she can resist the temptation, she takes a big bite & hellip; & hellip;

When Mr. Zhong read the first lesson "watching the tide" in Chinese class, he asked the students: 'what kind of tone do you think should be used to read the Qiantang River spring tide? 'I' whoosh 'raised my hand, I thought: Miss Zhong must choose me. Sure enough, Mr. Zhong called my name, and I replied: 'I should read it aloud in a passionate voice. Mr. Zhong said: 'it's absolutely right, because you can feel how spectacular the Qiantang River spring tide is by reading the text from & lsquo; how tall is it? & lsquo; and & lsquo; as if thousands of white horses are marching together! 'Miss Zhong, our head teacher.

Four notes my primary school Chinese teacher Chen teacher 800 words everyone has an enlightenment teacher, and behind this enlightenment teacher, there is a touching story.

Look, who is that? A pair of bright big eyes, a high nose, hair is black short hair, like fashion people. Yes, that's my primary school Chinese teacher, Mr. Chen. The mother of the Chinese teacher has to have an operation on her lung cancer. "Said Zhang lie, the news king of our class. Look at his schadenfreude compared with his classmates' worries. I want to call him "inhuman" in three words. Luo Xiaoxue, the monitor, came to him and said, "really? How did you know that? I don't know. Don't talk. Really? "Really, I didn't lie to you. It's true. You don't believe it. Anyway, I told you that. Believe it or not, hum. 'then he pouted and exhaled away. I don't believe him. I walk into the office to see who is right and who is wrong. I was surprised to see teacher Chen crying. What about other teachers comforting her? At this time, my heart will have a doubt: why usually humorous, optimistic, cheerful teacher Chen will cry? Is it true as Zhang lie said? No & hellip; & hellip; is not. I decided to watch for a while. The voice rang again, and I heard a female teacher say, 'why don't you go to the hospital to accompany your mother, let's help you with your lessons, OK? 'but when Mr. Chen heard it, he firmly retorted:' no, we can't be irresponsible. 'I was shocked to hear that. The teacher's mother's illness has reached that kind of field, and she still thinks about us. It's great. "Jingling bell" in class, I just feel my legs are shaking, and my feet don't listen to me; I feel confused, as if I want to jump out of my chest. When the teacher came in, she didn't come to give us a lecture with sadness, but came in smiling. At this time, the class is very quiet, even a pin dropped on the ground can be heard. This class is the quietest class ever taught by Mr. Chen. It's also the one we remember the most. This is my primary school Chinese teacher Chen, a strong, responsible teacher.

Junior two: Cheng Hanqing