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Thank you, mom

Mother's love is the greatest magic power. Mother's love is the power of all life. Success is when she blesses me, and still tells me to win without arrogance or discouragement. When I fail, she gives me the strength to stand up again; when I fall, she tells me that the ups and downs will not destroy my firm belief; when I fall, she tells me with her stern eyes; when I fall, I will climb from where I fall. Look at the distance to take every step, smile in the face of all the ups and downs of life.

Time flies. In a flash, I have been in this world for nearly 11 years. Every day, you and my mother are indispensable. You take care of my little bit, will always stay in my heart.

I remember when I was a child, I often fell asleep in your arms, smelling the sweet breath. After school, you stayed up all night to make the clothes for me to attend the speech contest. When I study, you always put the peeled apple on the table for me

That's how you hurt me. That time, you had a day's work, so I didn't go home for lunch, and I had a lot of homework in the afternoon, so I went home late. When you get home, you are tired and lie in bed. However, the disheartened mouth accidentally let out the fact that I didn't eat. You are in a hurry. You are determined to buy me a night snack. After eating the hot dumplings, my empty stomach is finally comfortable. I see you panting and watching me lovingly. I don't know whether it's steam or something. My eyes are hot.

That's how you understand me. Once I failed in the exam, which was far away from my goal. I shut myself in and stared out of the window. You brought a warm towel, slowly wiped away tears for me, and said gently: "darling, it's OK. You can actually do better because you have that ability. You just put a lot of pressure on yourself and carry the burden of ranking. Mom knows you need to be strong, but you have to liberate yourself before you can play to your level. " In fact, I all know, just dare not face. Listen to your words, I finally showed a smile.

Mom, I don't know how to repay your love. It's endless. I can only use the most ordinary words to send to the most extraordinary mother, thank you! Thank you for your mother's beloved teacher. You are always so tall in my heart. Your knowledge and character will always be a beacon in my heart. Because of you, the world will be so beautiful, because of you, my life will be so colorful!

In the future, whether I become a towering tree or a low bush, I will bless you with the green of life, my teacher! Under your attention, I have been given endless confidence and courage! You are my teacher forever! I sincerely wish you health and happiness!

I want to write the most beautiful poem for my teacher with the words and sentences that my teacher taught me

Along the way with your teaching, you will not lose your direction; along the way with your attention, you will be more confident and brave. Thank you, teacher!

Among all the teachers, the position of the head teacher is the lowest, but among all the teachers, the head teacher contributes the most to the society. Teacher, we are always grateful to you!

We like you, you are as handsome as a spruce, as deep as a blue sky; you have knowledge, and a heart that is compatible with us. I hope that today, all teachers will smile from the heart, in order to make the world full of peaches and plums! As long as the teacher is happy, we will be happy!

I don't want to disturb you! Just want to know if everything is OK. No matter how busy work, as long as I remember all the time in the distance to close you and bless you. You are like a hard gardener, we are like the small trees you cultivate. We are willing to resist the cold in winter, bring you green in spring, cool in summer, and fruitful in autumn!

A text message, there are so many concerns, only because it carries a thick blessing: dear teacher, you have worked hard. When your hair turns white, your peaches and plums are all over the world. Dear teacher, it's hard to say to you! Thank you for your care, for your help, for all you have done for me. Please accept the best wishes from the students and wish you a happy day! If I can fight against the blue sky, it's the wings you give me to fly; if I'm the warrior to fight against the waves, it's the power you give me to make waves! I am the seedling, you are the rain, moisten my dry heart. I am a grass, you are the sun, shining on my growth path, with youth, dreams come true; with happiness, frequent achievements; with wealth, the world is full of peaches and plums. It's you who use blackboard eraser to purify my mind, and you who use chalk to add wisdom to my blackboard like mind. I sincerely wish you happiness forever!

I always thought that I was very strong, but every time I think back to school, I think of your teaching, drizzle and moisten things, always make my eyes wet with tears. White chalk powder, waves of falling. It whitens your black hair, but sets off your green youth more strongly. I wish you every success and a good mood every day! I can't express my gratitude to you. My best wishes for you will not change my teacher for a million years. I wish you all the best!

No matter the wind and rain, no matter the ups and downs, you are silently supporting and guiding me. You have worked hard, teachers. Students will always bless you on the podium. In the spring, summer, autumn and winter, they will spare no effort. In the garden, they will help the weak with their disability, and bring forth new flowers and pavilions. Teacher, it's hard!

Teacher, the mountains are cheering, the water is singing; the sun is laughing, the grass is dancing: praise you, be a teacher, work hard! May my blessings moisten your dry throat like tea, illuminate your office like candles, and send you a fragrance like flowers!

Dear teacher, your teaching has made me know such a beautiful world, and your hard work has made me realize the colorful life. Today's sun rises for you, today's flowers are in full bloom, today's anthem is singing for you, today's eagles are flying for you! Stir the sincere heartstrings, remember the bitterness of growth, the road to success can never be separated from you, dear teacher, I wish you happiness forever!

It's you who light my heart with your heart and nurture my love with love. With you, I feel the warmth of the world I am not your best student, but you are my best teacher. Sow with language, cultivate with colored pen, irrigate with sweat and moisten with heart and blood. This is the noble work of our beloved teacher. The teacher expects you to cherish your body while working. Your health is the wealth of the country and students.

Move the sincere heartstrings, remember the bitterness of growing up, and you will never be able to succeed. Dear teacher, at this moment, I just want to give you a couplet: two sleeves of Qingfeng, Qin, sword, calligraphy, painting, culture and military strategy, a man of integrity, Mao Deng, teaching and educating.

Teacher, you are the engineer of soul! We will always respect you, thank you and love you! Thank you for your mother's greatest strength in the world is maternal love. Loss of maternal love is like grass losing sunshine, fish losing water, flowers losing color. Mom has brought me to this happy world for 13 years.

From the beginning of my understanding, I always wanted to say to my mother, "thank you, my mother." The sun shines on the earth with its light, and my mother takes care of my happy growth with her love. Remember once, I had a conflict with my classmates. When I got home, I cried and told my mother that there was a conflict between me and my classmates, and they would see me in the future. But my mother told me in a gentle voice, "don't think too much about it, my child. You can change your shortcomings even if someone looks at you. Mom will never look at you again. " There was another final exam. I didn't dare to go home because I didn't get home until dark. When you see me coming back, you should ask me what's wrong instead of the score. When I explained the reason to you, you kindly said to me, "silly child, it's just an exam. Although it's not good, there's still a chance next time!" Thank you, mom. You infect me with your happiness. When I am in trouble, you help me to relieve it; when I am in pain, you help me to share the pain. There is nothing greater than maternal love in the world. Students, let's sing a song for mothers all over the world, that is, "only mothers in the world are good.". Let's say a word to each mother: "thank you, my mother. \"Thank you mom. People often say," motherly love is the greatest! " Indeed, from the beginning of my sensible, mom's little bit of love I see in my eyes and remember in my heart

My mother is very concerned about my study. Once, I was playing downstairs with my friends. My mother asked me if I had finished my homework. I said casually, "I have finished!" When she said she wanted to check, I had to lower my head and curl up my clothes. Mom seemed to see it and said, "you can't eat until you finish writing!" I had to go home and do my homework. It happened that there were too many homework that day. If it wasn't for my mother to urge me to write it right away. I may have to write late. Mom, thank you!

My mother is also very concerned about my health. As soon as there is delicious food, she leaves it to me. Because I like to eat fish very much, so every time I have fish, my mother will give me to eat. When I clip it to you, you say, "you are still young, you need to eat more fish, which is good for your body!"! I have food, too. " She only eats vegetables. Mom, thank you!

My mother is also very concerned about my safety. There was an unexpected cloud in the day. I still remember a rainstorm. The school left school early, but I didn't bring an umbrella. When I came to the school gate, I saw that the parents of other students came to pick up their children with umbrellas. But today, my parents are on business trip. If I want to come back later, I have to be helpless. At this time, a car stopped and a familiar mother came down. It turned out that as soon as she came back and saw the rainstorm, she immediately took a taxi to pick me up. Looking at my mother's wet clothes, I was so excited that I almost cried. Mother also fell ill with that cold.

Mom, thank you!

Flowers thank the earth, which gives them life; eagles thank the sky, which makes them fly freely; painters thank the wonderful scenery, which brings them inspiration. And I want to thank my mother.

From the moment I came to this world, she was with me day and night. When I cry, she will continue to comfort and encourage me; when I achieve good results and dance, she will tell me not to be conceited; when I encounter danger, she will recklessly stand up to protect me My mother has paid so much for me, but I haven't paid back.

Today, it's mother's day. With a grateful heart, I make a love cake for my mother who works hard day and night. First, I found a small stainless steel basin, beat the eggs in, poured in the sugar, and then began to stir the eggs. Then add the flour and baking powder to the egg and mix in one direction. When the cake ingredients are almost ready, pour these "semi-finished products" into a pot coated with peanut oil, and finally put them into the microwave oven. With the "Ding" sound, a loose and soft cake finally came out fresh. I am enjoying my masterpiece. The door creaked open and mom came back from work.

I'm nervous. It's like I'm thinking