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Little Bookworm

The small Bookworm's eyes are thick, dark and bright. However, since becoming a "Little Bookworm", he has a inseparable friend glasses. Her mother felt very sad for this, but the "Little Bookworm" said indifferently: "that's good! It's more like a doctor. "

He's either someone else or me.

I am a real "Little Bookworm". I often want to get into a book as soon as I see it. Every holiday, I let my mother take me to the book city. As soon as I arrived at the book city, I went straight to the children's book area before I heard my mother's nagging and began to "nibble" books with relish. There are few seats and many people in the book city. I often read books standing for an hour. Every time my mother asks me to go home, I always say, "Mom, please! Let me see for a while! " Just like this, until my mother lost patience. That's not enough. When I leave, I still want to cheat: never leave without buying one. As time goes by, the bookshelf in the home is full of books, and the desk is also piled up like a mountain.

Next time, if you are in a bookstore, you see a little boy standing in a corner, with his glasses on and his head buried in a book. Ha ha, that may be me! Little Bookworm Little Bookworm Little Bookworm

Fan Yaxin, class 5 (1), Shuinan primary school

I remember Mr. Lu Xun once said, "books are nutritious bread." This is my favorite sentence. Book is a teacher who can't speak and brings us endless knowledge; book is a key to open the door of knowledge treasure house for us; book is a piece of bread, let us forget hunger However, what bothered me most was that my mother would never let me read novels and other books, only allowed me to read some composition selections and fairy tales books. Therefore, when I read, I often have to peek, which makes me always feel that I have done something bad.

I remember once I borrowed several books from the bookstore and carefully carried them in my arms. I was uneasy, "thumping" to jump a non-stop. I can't imagine my mother would stand at the door like Sherlock Holmes and search my schoolbag. I was surprised, but a little lucky, because I didn't put the book in my bag. Mother had no reason not to let me in, so she had to stand aside. I strutted in as if demonstrating to my mother.

I closed the door, held the book and read it with interest. Just when I saw it, my mother suddenly rushed in. I was shocked by the surprise, but I still haven't forgotten to hide the book. I put the book under the bed. My little action didn't catch my mother's attention. Mother opened her eyes and looked around the room, as if to find a little bit of clues. My mother didn't find my flaw and had to stop. However, my mother refused to give up. A pair of eagle eyes stared at me directly, and finally said, "fan Yaxin, have you read those blind books again?" I chuckled, thinking: hum, I want to find my flaws, no way! I'll see what you can do! I told the lie with my eyes open: "I didn't do anything bad. I'm not afraid of ghosts knocking at the door in the middle of the night!" Mother said angrily, "I don't care whether you read or not, but, fan Yaxin, I warn you, if you dare to read those messy books again, you will be careful for me." I ignored her and did my homework on my own. My mother's face turned pig liver color and left. So I started reading again.

Book, is our friend, I love your book! Little Bookworm I like to do a lot of things, but my favorite is reading. Sometimes in order to read more books for a while, even sleeping time is not let go, for this, made a lot of jokes.

I remember once when I watched "the old man" at home. Maybe I was so obsessed with it that I didn't even know my mother came back. My mother asked me to go downstairs to buy two catties of pig liver, but I called it four or five times, but no one agreed. This scared my mother. She thought to herself, "no, it must have been abducted by the bad guys.". Scared my mother hurriedly to look for me everywhere, but found that I was reading in the house with interest, which made my mother laugh and cry. "You are such a Little Bookworm!" said mother wittily

Another time, I was watching the story of Zheng Banqiao, but I killed Cheng Yaojin halfway. My mother said with an order: "it is time for bed, child". I had to go to bed sullen. But I couldn't sleep, thinking: the Yamen is a pure or corrupt official, what would he do to Zheng Banqiao? All this agitated me, as if a villain was saying, "quick, as long as you pick up the flashlight, you will understand all the problems." This seems to be an unstoppable "temptation", I quietly picked up the flashlight to read. At the beginning, I also told myself to watch less for a while, but once I entered the role, everything was thrown out of the sky. As a result, I won't say. As you can guess, I watched it all night.

Ha, this is my "Little Bookworm". The river of Little Bookworm's time flows quietly by a common bug from ancient times. In the river, the bug sees too many stars like historical giants of science, society, humanity, nature, politics and military. In the light of the masters shining in the black and white books, the bug is a greedy and happy bug.

When he first set foot in the book sea, he entered a fairy tale world where he met the beautiful and kind snow white, who taught him sincerity and tolerance; he met the poor match selling girl, who taught him to sympathize with the weak and the suffering; he met the brave and strong Robinson, who taught him to persevere in the face of difficulties. These little stories are deeply attracted and touched by the insects, who have spent a golden childhood with them.

The bug continues to climb forward, enjoying the pleasure of being a bug in the book, often salivating at the delicious book and forgetting everything around.

In the sea of books, Xiaochong feels the green intoxication described by Zhu Ziqing beside Meiyu lake, listens to the dialogue between LIULANG and Huangying beside the West Lake, and appreciates the white lotus like snow beside the MINMING lake of Peking University.

In the sea of books, bug and poem fairy Li Bai indulge in the elegance of the Tang Dynasty, which is "cloud wants clothes, flowers wants looks". They visit green mountains and rivers together, sing and walk. They take neon as the line and rainbow as the hook, and go to the sea to be a pair of fishermen. Together with Su Shi, they raise their glasses to invite the bright moon, ask the wine to the blue sky, and wish the lovers in the world a thousand miles together. Together with Xin Qiji, they make the sunset tower head and the voice of breaking the goose In the south of the Yangtze River, as the same as the high-rise building, "I saw Wu hook and clapped the railings all over the place", looking forward to "when I'm drunk, I'm looking for lights and swords, and I dream that I'll fight with each other.".

In the sea of big books, the little insects often hold the Long Ge to stand alone in the desert, stare at the sunset of the rainbow and the lonely smoke of the desert, feel Jingke's sadness of "the wind is bleak, the water is cold, and the heroes are gone and never to be returned", listen to Genghis Khan's clanking iron hooves across Europe and Asia, and stir up in Yuefei's "ambition to eat the meat of the Huns, and laugh and drink the blood of the Huns.". Driving a long car to break through the lack of Helan Mountain, I feel its heroic life of "eight thousand miles of cloud and moon, thirty achievements and dust and earth".

From "will climb Taihang snow mountain, want to cross the Yellow River ice jam Sichuan", the small insect understood the twists and turns of life, realized the bumps of life road; from "things are human, everything is life", the small insect knew the importance of self effort; from "the environment is made by the mind, step back naturally wide", the small insect knew that should stand the failure, should have the courage to accept the setbacks, from the book, the small insect knew We should have dignity, ideals, and pursuits when we preach. We should be grateful and responsible Book, let the bug know the anecdote of famous people at all times and in all countries, appreciate the great rivers and mountains of the motherland, exotic scenery, and the world.

Warm and hazy spring night, misty summer night, calm and cool autumn night, quiet and cold winter night, the insect wanders between the lines alone, watching the sword, the wind and snow, the beauty of art, the sigh of life are all displayed in front of him. When you read it, you can clap your hands and smile, or stand by the window and watch the stars and the moon move and the shadows of the trees dance. Looking forward to the triple highest reading realm of "go to the high-rise alone and see the end of the world", "don't regret when your clothes are getting wider and wider, and you will be drawn away for Yi", "when people look for him for thousands of times, suddenly looking back, that person is in the dark place".

Life is limited, but learning is boundless. As a wise guide, the book guides the worms to face colorful life and challenge the unknown world. It's a good book to let the bug walk more steadfastly, safely and happily on the tortuous road of growth! They grow with the bug, recording every bit of the bug's growth, and branding every footprints of the bug's growth!

The worm hobbles, tired and full, laborious and happy. The bug doesn't know which day it will turn into a beautiful butterfly, but it doesn't care. Because bug knows that in his growth, as long as there are books to accompany, there must be happiness with him.

Although I am a bookworm, I will not be lazy, and I will travel in the realm of books. Books bring me a lot of fun, in life, my best partner is books! The so-called "reading breaks ten thousand volumes, writing is like a God." Know who that bug is! Insects always turn into little butterflies. Little Bookworm, I don't want to go to the bookstore secretly like Lin Haiyin, or hide in the corner like Ji Xianlin, or read so many books as ye Wenling did when he was young. I'm just like myself. When I read a book, I'm drunk. I forget to do my homework, forget my time, forget my promise to others, and often read secretly when I do my homework.

On a Sunday, I didn't go to the tutoring class, and my father was not at home. My mother and I were the only ones at home. At about nine o'clock in the morning, I picked up the folk story and read it. After a while, my mother came up and said, "one hour's reading and one hour's homework." I casually promised, "Well!" After a while, my mother said, "now it's time to do my homework." I said in surprise, "why?" "My mother said," I'm sorry for what I said I casually said, "OK, I'll write now." After a while, when my mother came to see me, I was still reading. My mother shouted, "go and do your homework!" I put down my book and started to do my homework. But as soon as my mother left, I began to read again. As soon as my mother came, I hid the book under the exercise book.

In this way, I read books for more than two hours. When my mother checked my homework, I didn't even write a word. My mother was very angry and asked me severely, "how much homework have you done? What were you doing? " I stammered: I I I have more Read a little more. " Hearing my words, my mother's stern eyes immediately became kind and said, "you like reading so much, which makes me very happy, but I can't read it secretly when I do my homework. This time I forgive you. Next time I can't do it!" I look down, on the surface very depressed, there is a bit of mistaken look, but in the heart but think: ha ha! What a great harvest! I read books and let my mother forgive me.

It's a lucky day. Hello, Little Bookworm! My name is Zhan Tuqiang. Don't look down on me