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Love into a wisp of wind, can blow away the troubles of people's hearts; love like a bunch of sunshine, can warm people's hearts; love like a bay of spring, can moisten the boring life. Love, in my heart is an endless force, urge me forward.

I am a girl who likes music very much, so I beg my mother to let me study piano. At the beginning, I learned easily and happily, and I always thought: 'it was so simple to learn piano. '

On the eve of a national competition, I feel a lot of pressure. Every time when I practice, my mother always sits beside me silently, her gentle eyes look at me calmly; 'come on, you must be the best. 'once, when I was practicing at home, my mother said to me,' it's really good. Why don't you teach me. 'my mother has no foundation, so I have to be patient and teach slowly, but after teaching for a while, I began to be impatient. When I saw my mother's rigid hands, I couldn't help complaining;' my mother is so stupid, I waste my practice time every day. Later, I simply gave up teaching, but my mother only said a word to me: 'daughter, my mother asked you to teach me how to learn the piano, so that you can review it from the beginning, because only by laying a good foundation can you play good music. "My mother's words kept hovering in my mind. I was shocked, filled with shame, and blamed myself for my actions.

I began to teach my mother to practice piano again. This time, I taught her again and again, and corrected her. In the process of teaching, I found my own shortcomings, and I found that I was making progress again and again. And my mother is still saying one sentence after every 'teaching'; 'it's really good, thank you, my little teacher. '

Maybe it's the "piano lesson" once a day, maybe it's mom's philosophical words, maybe it's a sweet "really good, come on" every day, I got good results in the competition.

Encouragement and love make me have a strong power. It is my mother who uses her love and encouragement to make me succeed. The power of love is infinite! Sometimes, love is a pressure 800 words night has been deep, bringing the moon has come out of the clouds, white moonlight on the stairs. A gentle breeze blew through the girl's hair. The girl was wearing pajamas and her hair was covered. Her name is Li Lucy. She is 12 years old. At the beginning of her childhood, she is very beautiful. She has long black hair, small cherry mouth, white skin & hellip; & hellip;

Today, is the second day after the final exam, the other students should have been in sweet sleep. Why is Lucy Li still on the dark stairs? Let's have a look!

Li Lucy is an only child. She is about to take the final exam. Her parents can't be idle, of course. They have applied for many remedial classes and interest classes for her. When she saw her mother take out a lot of red paper, don't mention how sad she was. Busy in review all day, there is no free space, only 'you want to test key junior high school! 'and' study hard! '& hellip; & hellip; is full of learning, learning and learning.

Day, clear sky, birds open their wings, in the boundless blue sky, free and carefree to fly. Lucy is envious of birds. They can fly around freely. How much did she miss her old life and laugh freely and carefree? Now? I can only hear busy learning.

Whenever she complains, her parents will say: 'I'm all for you. If you don't get into a good junior high school, you won't have a good future, and you won't have a good job & hellip; & hellip; in the future, you will have a good fortune.' Lucy Li is very upset, but she has to obey like a machine.

Every time she took the exam, she felt that she was carrying a big burden, very painful, very sad.

Today is the day of the final exam. It's a very important day. Lucy Lee can't think she will go wrong.

As soon as I entered the classroom, I could smell the tension. Yang Lin ran to Li Lucy and asked: 'Lucy, how are you reviewing. "Well, I'm so busy. "Come on! "Well. '

After a while, I arrived at the examination hall. It was so quiet that the sound of a pin falling on the ground could be heard, and everyone was concentrating on answering questions.

And Lucy Lee thought all over her head, 'you're going to go to a key school! 'she suddenly felt very tired, felt her tension, her legs were shaking, thinking:' this is an important test, I want to do well! 'but somehow, she felt blank.

After several exams, I finally got better.

Two days later, her grades came out unexpectedly. She scored 89 in mathematics, 91 in Chinese, 90 in science, 93 in English, and Lucy Li was the top student in the class. She cut her heart like a knife, deleted the text message that released her grades, and recalled her mother's taking out a lot of red paper and staying up all night to study hard. She was heartbroken. When no one was there, she came to the stairs and cried low. Moonlight on her, the moon seems to be sad for her.

The reason why Lucy did so badly in the exam was that her parents' love made her feel like a mountain of pressure.

Five focus is a kind of strength. What is 1400 words focus? 'concentration is concentration, concentration'.

Concentration is the king, dispersion is the enemy, knowledge and success are the people.

, note why? In order to prevent the enemy from dominating their own position and unifying the world, the whole river and mountain will fall into the hands of the enemy, which will eventually lead to the destruction of knowledge and success at the foot of the enemy, and then the river and mountain will perish with nothing and nothing.

Why focus? Focusing in life can focus your energy, so that you can use your imagination and finally achieve a great result. In learning, concentration can make you forget the unpleasant things, focus your thinking on one point, and then send you a bag of golden keys to solve problems, so that you can experience the joy of opening the window of knowledge.

Those who lose their focus are often absent-minded, exhausted and embarrassed. It's not that they don't listen to things outside the window, but they know that there are tigers in the mountains and they prefer to go to the tiger mountain. They regard the teacher's teaching as noisy noise, the brightness of the classroom as the devil's hell, and they don't know how to be blessed when they are in bliss.

Those who have to pay attention often fight against the clock, have more spirit and concentrate. Instead of being outside the classroom, they insist that the green mountains are not relaxed. They regard the teacher's teaching as a magic weapon of the world and the narrow classroom as a broad sky. Therefore, they understand the principle of plum blossom fragrance coming from the bitter cold, and find the mentality that the sea is wide by leaping fish and the sky is high by flying birds.

If success is a vast blue sky, then focus is a lot of stars hanging high above the blue sky, shining brightly, illuminating the whole earth and decorating everyone's dream.

Mark Twain said: 'people's thinking is amazing. As long as they focus on their career, they will surely make amazing achievements.' it is just the so-called: 'eyes can't be seen while eyes can't be seen, ears can't be heard while ears can't be heard'. When you are pushed by concentration, you will get the pull of success, thus forming a joint force to open the first door of success.

Chrysalis, the reason why it can break into a butterfly, open its broad wings, and decorate itself with beautiful colors, is because it has the goal of absorbing more nectar, the desire to fly into the blue sky, the focus of achieving dreams and goals.

The clock on the wall used to be one of my favorite landscapes in my childhood. I have an indescribable worship for it, because it can take charge of time, and our work and rest seem to be dominated by it. Although it has no goal, no vacation, no thinking brain, no expression of happiness, anger, sorrow and joy, and no right of personal freedom to walk around at will, it has a loyalty That's electronic. It focuses on a cause with the encouragement of electronics. It may attract many audiences to catch up with it because of its over focus. It may slip away from people's feet because of its over focus. But because of its focus, it has today's successful people, today's pillars of the country and today's world of flowers and flowers.

There is no need for abnormal circumstances for nature to show and play its role. There are many aspects and even darkness that can be shown, just like a stage without a curtain. The stage of life is full of mystery and doubt. As long as you turn concentration into a premise, as a driving force, you can have a sky of your own. What's the music, not for it?

Senior Three: Peng Xiangdi's love is a kind of power of blooming 650 words when the sun is full and the rain and dew nourish them to the fullest, this love becomes the power of blooming flowers

What is love?

Lu you thinks that he is the delicate needle in his mother's hand; some people think that it is the gentlest and kindest in the world; some people think that love is selfless and immortal.

I remember that when I was a child, my health was very bad. A cold was like a regular meal. It was more common to go to the clinic. My mother always accompanies me to have a brooch. Every time she sends me to the clinic, she goes home to cook and then sends me the rice. Every time, she feeds me one mouthful at a time, watching her blowing the rice in the spoon one mouthful at a time, watching the sweat on her head falling like broken beads, I get tears like a spring Out of the orbit. When my mother saw it, she asked me nervously if it hurt. I shook my head and rushed to my mother's arms, while my mother said in her mouth that the silly child's hand was holding me tightly. At that time, it felt like time was still at that moment, belonging to my mother and me, a wonderful moment.

I still remember when I was in the fourth grade of primary school, I felt hot all over in the morning. I don't care. When I was going to school, my mother touched my hot forehead with her hand when she saw my red face. He said to me hurriedly, 'go, I'll take you to see a doctor. 'I hurriedly took my mother and said,' Mom, it's too early. The clinic hasn't opened yet. Besides, I have to go to school. 'before my mother replied, I rushed downstairs. By the time my mother ran to the gate, I had already gone to school by car. I feel bad at school. The head is hot and the face is hot. I have no energy. I feel like I'm going to collapse there. When I was confused, I saw a familiar figure running from the school gate in the distance. In a blink of an eye, the man appeared in front of me. Mom, it's mom. Mom explained to the teacher and looked at me eagerly. After a while, my mother came over with medicine and a cup of hot boiled water in her hand. As a child, I watched my mother pour water for me, watched the sweat on my mother's head fall down like a broken bead, and I rushed to my mother's arms with tears. At that time, how I wanted to say to my mother: 'Mom, thank you, I love you' but I swallowed it again. I'm like a dry stream. You keep irrigating me, accumulating the water drop by drop and forming a real stream.

Love is the power of blooming flowers, which is also a power of 600 words. If there is a power that can make people persevere, it is the power of smiling. If there is a power that can make people confident, it is the power of smiling. If there is a power that can make people warm up, it is the power of smiling!

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