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A trip to the countryside

During the Spring Festival, my parents said they would take me to Qidong to pay a new year visit to my grandmother's house. Hearing this, I was as happy as a little rabbit, jumping three feet high.

On the second day of the lunar new year, my father drove with us. Along the way, I saw through the window a vast expanse of white outside. I think it's snowing here! After about four hours, we came to grandma's house. What a beautiful place! A clear river flows slowly. The crops in the field are green and there is no snow on it. Oh, there is no snow here! In those days at Grandma's house, the two lambs in the sheepfold attracted me most. Grandma told me that the two lambs were just born. I was so happy that I went to play with the lamb in the sheepfold. At one time, he ran around with the lamb in his arms, and at the other time he kept playing with his father to feed the sheep, which made the adults laugh. On the fifth day of the lunar new year, before I woke up, I vaguely heard my parents talking about leaving today. I'll stay in bed and refuse to get up. It wasn't until 11 o'clock that mom and dad dragged me. Mom and dad said, "I will be sent here as soon as summer vacation is over, but now school starts immediately. I have to go home, so I have to promise.".

At one o'clock in the afternoon, Dad took us home. I'm looking forward to summer vacation coming soon, so that I can come to grandma's house again. Last summer, when I was bored, my parents decided to take me to catch fish in the countryside when I was a child.

When I came to the countryside, I saw the clear mountains and green waters, which were much different from the city. I was so happy that I jumped on the soft green blanket without putting my luggage. My father put on a "yes" look and said to my mother, "I'm good! I knew it was the best! " Mom smiled and didn't answer. Instead, she told me to go to the house to change my clothes and catch fish. I jumped to the pond, arm in arm. When I came to Tangbian, I was like a diver. I worked out first, and then I jumped. Ask parents to come down together. All three of our family entered the pond. I said: "let's play to see who catches more fish. No tools! Use your hands! " "Ready, start!" At one command, we rolled up our sleeves and grabbed them.

I've been looking for fish everywhere. I haven't found them for half a day, but he has caught several of them! Hear a "catch it!" "I got it again!" My heart is very anxious. At this time, I saw a half meter long giant fish. I was very excited. I approached it slowly and slowly. My hands were shaking with tension. My eyes were staring at it tightly. My eyes were eager to jump out to see it. I seized the opportunity and caught its tail. The fish was frightened and swam forward desperately. I was carried and bumped by the fish. It swam towards a big stone, only to see that I was about to bump into it. I concentrated on my wits, lost my hands, and the fish bumped into it and fainted. I went to it, grabbed it, and said, "small sample, it's still tender to play with me!" And then he brought it to the shore. Then I went to catch the fish... After more than an hour, we all returned with full load, and finally I was judged to catch the most. In the evening, we made a fire by the pond, ate the fish we caught, looked at the stars in the sky, the bright moonlight seemed to be whiter, our family leaned against each other, and our thoughts flew to the sky

Wang runchen's journey to the countryside has arrived, and the car is speeding on the road. The fuzzy green is gradually expanding and becoming clear. My heart is full of expectation for this rural trip.

After getting off the bus, our happy composition students came to orange garden. From a distance, the orange garden looks like an endless ocean. Entering the "maze", I came to an orange tree, and found that each orange tree here is very low, like a villain, golden orange hanging on it, like a small lantern, very cute! I picked one and held it in my hand. I couldn't help drooling.

Peeled off the orange skin, one by one the small orange petals were tender and arranged in a circle, as if to say: "come and eat me, I'm delicious!" I quickly picked up two pieces and put them into the import, ah! Sweet, delicious! And a little fragrance.

I picked a few and went deep. Gradually, I found that the deeper the orange, the more yellow. Walking, walking, I lost my way, surrounded by orange trees, "what can I do?" Just as I was at a loss, a whistle suddenly came from afar, "assemble, assemble!" I followed suit and found the army. What a thrill! We paid and went to dig sweet potatoes with oranges.

As soon as I got here, I saw five or six beds of sweet potato fields. Zhao ran and I got busy with a small stick. I looked around. Many people were bowing and puckering. Like a group of moles, they were almost digging the ground to the ground. Suddenly, I saw a few drops of sweat on Zhao Ranran's head. She must be very tired! At this time, a small sweet potato came out. I shook it with her for a few times. When we pulled it out, a big and red baby sweet potato came out. We dug according to this method again. Sure enough, a few sweet potatoes were soon available. I carried two bags back to the car, full of joy.

At 12 o'clock noon, the bus carrying our laughter, through the haze of gauze, set foot on the way back. On the rural trip "wowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowo.

The country morning is quiet. There are not many people along the way. I only come here occasionally to do small business. Also because of this, I can play more unscrupulously. There is a huge osmanthus tree in front of the house. The autumn wind blows down a shower of osmanthus. The air is full of osmanthus fragrance. I hurriedly ran to the stream and picked up a basket of stones to smash osmanthus trees so as to drop more and more dense flowers. It's so easy to bring a stone, pick up a bigger one, throw it up with full strength, one, two... Falling on my head. It's refreshing to pick up and smell the four delicate petals. I put a lot of folded small paper boats filled with petals into the stream gently, and the strong fragrance of the river drifted down the mountain streams.

After lunch, I was in a hurry to climb the mountain. On the way, I met an oversized Mantis. It waved two big green pliers and seemed to demonstrate to us. Its huge compound eyes popped out and stared at us. I watched it with interest for a long time before I continued climbing. After unremitting efforts to climb to the highest peak, I can't help but murmur that I will be near the top and look at all the mountains.

Although it's "the plan of a day is in the morning", the time in the evening can't be wasted. The best program, of course, is "door-to-door". In addition to some warm condolence, it's just some family affairs. They laugh from time to time.

Ah, the beautiful rural tour is over. If you stay for ten and a half days in summer vacation, you won't be tired of it!