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I love grass

'the wildfire will not burn out, and the spring wind will blow again. "Yes, how tenacious the life of grass is. Suppose that a fire can burn the grass without a trace of life, but you can't expect it to happen the next spring. When you come to the grass again, ah! It's full of life! The grass is very lush and green, without any trace of being attacked by the fire. The flowers grow in the grass, the beautiful butterflies stop on the flowers, the birds sing sweet songs in the treetops, the whole grass is immersed in joy, unable to extricate itself

Grass is worthy of our praise because of his modesty. There is a garden in my community. When I walk into the garden, the most noticeable one is the little pink flower like a plush ball hanging on the tree top. I like this flower, because it is beautiful and charming, but what I love more is the unknown grass, which sets off the beauty of flowers, the height of trees, which is great, just like teachers, they are just like teachers, they are always painstakingly added to our study, will they not be bored? Someone said: 'this is their duty! 'no, they are not for themselves, but for us, the flowers of our motherland! We have been fascinated by the name of teacher since childhood, but you can know that when they stand on the platform with "air", you have thought about how much sweat and time they have paid behind this! You know what?

Grass is great, really elegant, really refined! I love grass, it's praiseworthy!