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Cute little rabbit

In a beautiful forest, there lived a pair of lovely little rabbits. They often have breakfast and play by the river. Today, they are playing by the river as usual, when a huge meteorite falls from the sky and falls in the river beside them. The rabbit thinks it is a carnivore to eat them and runs away. After a long time, the rabbit and the carnivore didn't come after them, so they looked back. It's not a carnivore, it's just a big stone! The two rabbits were ecstatic to see such a big stone in the river and jumped on it to play. A rabbit asked: 'why does this big stone float up? 'the other rabbit replied:' you are stupid, because it eats a lot of pollen. "Why does pollen come up? "A bee can fly when it eats pollen. It can fly when it eats pollen! "Can we fly after eating pollen? "Sure." then I'll have pollen, too. Two rabbits tried their best to pry the meteorite open, and there was the same mountain of pollen in it. They ate crazily and slowly flew higher and higher. Diaries fifth grade Diaries

These two rabbits fly out of the ozone layer, out of the atmosphere, into the universe super rabbit.