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My deskmate's composition is 500 words

My classmate Tang Xiaoli, because she is thin and short, so her classmates nicknamed her little.

When it comes to smallness, I have a lot to say.

It was one afternoon last semester. After the bell rang, the Chinese teacher came into the classroom. When he saw that there was still math homework on the blackboard, he asked: who is on duty today? How did you forget to clean the blackboard? The classroom is quiet. The students can't help looking at the students on duty. At this time, she stood up from her seat, went to the blackboard, picked up the eraser and wiped it silently. Because she was short, she stood on tiptoe from time to time and even jumped up to wipe it. Seeing her like this, some naughty classmates laughed, but she didn't seem to be doing anything until the blackboard was cleaned, then she lowered her head, blushed and went back to her seat. Then, the teacher said: in the future, the students on duty should be serious and responsible, and don't affect the class because of their own negligence! As the teacher said, Xiaobu's face grew even redder. At this time, you can also contribute, I do not know which students said: today is not Tang Xiaoli on duty! Then two female students stood up embarrassed and said: today is our duty. The teacher saw the scene, understood everything, and cast a look of approval to Xiaodian.

There are many things like this. I remember that one morning when I was reading, Xiaoyan suddenly vomited. She was panting heavily, her face was red, and the filth was all over the floor. A bad smell in the classroom was disgusting. Some of the students covered their noses with their hands, and some picked up the books and fans. At this time, I saw Xiaobu standing up quietly from his seat, walking to Xiaoyan, taking out his white handkerchief, patting Xiaoyan gently on the back, wiping the stolen goods off her mouth, and whispering, "let me help you to the bathroom.".

You see, my deskmate is just such a person. She has only a group in her heart and only others. She has a heart of gold.

I'm proud of having such a deskmate. About the composition of childhood interesting stories: I and the story composition of my deskmate 500 words the story between me and my deskmate is endless and endless, and it happens all the time.

No, last Wednesday, my deskmate XX and I had a conflict because of a little incident, and finally upgraded to 'fight'. That scene is still fresh in my memory.

That day, I accidentally dropped her pencil box. She said to me in an imperative voice:

'son of a bitch, pick up my pencil box! '

'Oh,' I reluctantly picked up her stationery box, 'what kind of clothes should I put in? It's because she is the youngest in the class! '

'what did you say? Wait for me after class! '

After class, she used the "grasping God method" to me again. Her hands and ten claws scratched me violently, and I fell to the ground with itch. This' grasping the God Dharma 'was taught to her by Ru Linhan, my former deskmate. When changing seats, Ru Linhan was afraid that she would not be able to cure me, so she taught her 'unique skills'.

Class again, I also used my 'unique skill' -- stupidity shaking technique. To put it bluntly, it's just sitting on the bench and shaking, and there's a 'stupidity - Stupidity & hellip; & hellip;' noise in your mouth. Don't underestimate this' spell '. Its annoying index is 100%, which is enough to make the opponent helpless.

Sure enough, she couldn't stand it. She disarmed and surrendered. I finally subdued her. 'ha ha, sample! You are too young to fight for me! '……

There are many stories and interesting stories happened between me and my deskmate. A few of them will make you laugh; there are a lot of 'dues' between me and my deskmate, with half of the winning and half of the losing, and the war is still burning.

In a word, I have a lot of stories with my deskmate and have a lot of fun! It is these "many" that make us grow up healthily and happily. I hate my deskmate's name is Chen Zijun. He has a super fat face with black hair on it. His eyes are so small that he can't see them when he smiles. There is a cherry mouth, cherry mouth is generally long in the face of girls, I don't understand why it will grow in his face. Do you know why I hate him, because … … because he doesn't listen to lectures in class, and he keeps buzzing like a fly, always talking with my good friend Yang Liuqing. For example, at noon, the teacher asked us to read quietly. He and Yang Liuqing seemed to be bickering. I kindly reminded Yang Liuqing that Zhang Yuting saw him. She thought Liu Qing and I were talking. Chen Zijun has two other bad habits that I don't like very much. First, he has a bad temper. He is like a wild boar with crazy hair. He always calls me his nickname. When I say something about him, his face turns red. However, in a few seconds, he smiled. Second, I want to peek at my answers. Every time the teacher asks us to do homework, if he can't write it, he glances at my homework book, knows the answer, and then he buries himself in it. But every time I expose it.

The above is a small part of Chen Zijun's shortcomings, of course, his shortcomings are more than these. If all of them are written down, the teacher will surely say: 'Lou Mengting, please look for Chen nan to help you with your composition! 'I hate him. I hate it when the teacher scolds him. I call it right in my heart! He scolds me, I scold to death his that kind of degree! I really don't know why he is inferior to those in the secondary school! If you don't teach him a lesson, you can't! Forget it, don't say it, the more I say it, the more angry I am. Students, do you think he is boring? It's not just boring, it's very, very boring! I'm really pissed off!

I hate him! When it comes to my deskmate, I have to pay a "miserable" price -- one billion brain cells. Why? Listen to my explanation for you: in a math class, the person didn't understand a problem and couldn't do it. Then he asked me for advice. He told me clearly. Then he asked me 'why (⊙ o ⊙)? 'I told it again. I couldn't bear it after I told it n times. I called Xie Xinyu, the talented math girl in this class. When the talented math girl said it n + 1 times, the talented math girl shouted' Oh, my God, don't you understand such a simple problem? How did your mother give birth to you such a fool? No, I can't be angry. I need to calm down. I need to calm down;

He is my deskmate, Li Xinhao. If you don't look at the words in front of you, you will think that she is stupid. No, no, no, he is very smart. His biggest shortcoming is that he has a dead brain. Besides, he has made n buttons instead of a button. If you want to untie it, I'm afraid that it will take you a lifetime, unless he is enlightened. Therefore, I am living in such an environment. Although she is a brainless fool, this kind of situation doesn't happen often, and the probability is only 1%. She is still relatively open-minded.

This man is still a blue face disaster. I think you all know the meaning of the word "blue face disaster". Yes, he is the prince of many girls in our class. Unfortunately, the prince doesn't pay attention to them, so these fans are not easy to express, and some express it, but there is no result. So, naturally, it's gradually diluted.

We still have one year to graduate! I'll make do with a year. Bear it. 555555555, it's like a year. My deskmate composition 500 words my deskmate is a wish, he has a pair of small eyes that can talk, a big mouth, a collapsed nose, a meat face, let me look at it and feel it. But if you really have to touch his face, he'll blow at you in a flash of thunder, which will make your face full of saliva.

Make a wish to paint very well. Once Mr. Wang asked me to draw in his homework book. He drew very vividly. The apples made me want to bite and the flowers made me want to smell. The angry birds in the painting are even more lifelike. There are blue sky, white clouds and green grass in his landscape painting, which makes me want to fly in the blue sky with beautiful wings.

It's very generous to make a wish. Another time, I didn't bring a wet tissue. I borrowed it from many students. They didn't lend it to me. One of them glanced at me contemptuously and said, "who let you not bring a wet tissue?". 'I thought to myself:' look at his complacency. 'then I went to ask for a vow, and he gave it to me without saying anything.

Vows are also very honest and kind, never put their own mistakes on others. Sometimes others regard his kindness as weakness and deliberately bully him. Once again, when standing in line on the playground, a boy pretended not to see him, rushed over and hit his wish. Several girls picked him up and asked: "wish, do you hurt?". "Wish you all right? "Do you want to tell the teacher? '。 Can make a wish if nothing happened to say that it doesn't matter to stand in line again.

It's fun to make a wish. Once, he drew a triangle and a circle. Let me guess what the painting is. I said: 'it's a triangle and a circle. 'he said:' no, it's a wish. 'it's killing me.

Wishing is not the best in the class, nor is it the cleverest. But I and many girls in our class like him. They like his kindness, loveliness and humor. My deskmate composition 500 words my deskmate is a very fat little boy with a round face and a big stomach. He looks more and more like a lovely giant panda. He is the famous little fat man in our class, Li Xu.

He doesn't have many advantages, but he likes to help his teachers. At the same time, he took good care of me. Once I forgot to bring a watercolor pen, I asked Li Xu: 'can you lend me some watercolor pens? 'unexpectedly, he agreed without hesitation and said:' I don't need to borrow it all. 'in class, Li Xu was quarreled by the teacher because he didn't bring a watercolor pen. I was sitting next to him, ashamed, but he said: 'don't just get a fight, and don't lose a piece of meat. '

Although he has some advantages, he has many disadvantages. In addition, the most headache for the teacher is talking in class and doing homework in class. Although Li Xu likes to do his homework, he always does it in class. It's said that he didn't hear what the teacher said in the several guest classes this time. He just wrote his homework. The teacher found out, said he several times, he still does not look back.

We have a good relationship. He can't ask me questions he won't do. I can ask him if I have English words. Sometimes I bring too much fruit. I can't eat it all by myself. I will also give some to Li Xu. He sometimes gives me something

It is said that no matter how good a friend is, there will be conflicts. I remember once in class, the teacher asked us to write small words in school, asking: no dirty, no wrong words, no rotten paper. After Li Xu finished writing, the teacher asked me to check it for him and hand it in. He had to tear up and write again because he had made a few mistakes. When Li Xu tore his homework, his arm just touched mine. As soon as the pen flickered, there was a "little snake" in Ben, which made me have to write again. I didn't bite my teeth