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All of a sudden, the rain came, fierce and urgent. Wind with rain tore open the cloud curtain, pouring down like the sky. In the dense rain, cars sped by. I was waiting in the crowd of the waiting shed of the station. There was a big hole in the roof of the shed. The cold rain poured into the shed, making people feel cold from the bone.

It's getting darker, and the rain doesn't mean to stop at all, but it's getting bigger and bigger. I raised my hand and looked at my watch. It was more than eight o'clock. If I didn't go home, my mother would be worried. I couldn't help but feel more anxious. At this time, a bus turned into the platform, and when I saw the light in front of me, I rushed forward with a brisk stride and waved to it. But the driver of the car, as if he hadn't seen it, drove straight away with a dozen hands. The splashing mud of the roaring car left a stain on my coat. I stayed there, but there was no way, so I had to go back to where I was. There was a red light coming, another car was about to enter the station, but I didn't see the car coming in from left and right. I went to have a look. The car stopped in the middle of the road carelessly, the doors were wide open, and rain water poured into the car. People could only wait behind the long queue in the rain to get on the bus. From time to time, there were abusive voices and impatient roars from the driver. Rain, drenched my clothes, drenched my body cold, but can not drench my heart anger.

Another red light shines, but it's soft enough to make people feel warm. The wheels rub the ground but there is no harsh "sudden" sound. The red bus is particularly conspicuous in the hazy and dense rain, just like a cluster of dancing flames. The street lamp lights up the dark night, and the car slowly drives into the station under the warm halo of the street lamp, and slowly drives into the shed. The speed has been reduced to more leisurely than walking. The driver steadily turns the steering wheel, and walks past from the puddle, without splashing a drop of muddy water. "Squeak", the door opened gently, and a hoarse but gentle voice came from inside: "please don't crowd, the road is slippery in rainy days, everyone should be careful..." The driver leaned out half of his body and smiled at us. He asked us to pay attention to safety in a soft voice.

Looking up at the sky, I found that the rain was small. The drizzle came down gently, like the hair of a cow, gently and slowly, even with the sweetness of a silk, which faded the cold and warmed the heart. In this cold rainy night, the red car drove into my heart. Waiting for

Haikou railway station exit

Pick him up you

You've had a long day.

Facing the vast sea of people

I haven't waited for you to meet

Autumn night is already deep

The moon is full

Sea water that can capsize a boat

He hurried from

Exit of Haikou railway station

When exhausted

That's from

Qiongzhou Strait

The autumn wind is cool

And blow your clothes thin

Night at Haikou railway station

Except the joy of meeting

It's not far away

The sound of helpless waves

This time

He stayed

Haikou railway station exit

Looking through tears

Home beyond reach

Only to find out that you're treating him

Like his family

Gentle and considerate

He who makes a vagrant

For a long time

Touching and unforgettable

Tonight he's the only one

Can read your dream

And the one who cleans your tears

The moon has read it

His heart awaits the Iraqi

That night that song that lake that moonlight, hazy a fascinating heart. You smile, you frown, you kiss, you touch, ripples, I don't give up. Wutong bears fruit without flowers, and moon shadow shone with a hasty color. Dance for you and sing for you. I'm afraid that I can only rely on others because I want to say too much. You can know the huge nostalgia after thousands of words. I miss you before I'm far away. I know what I'm unwilling to do. I'm the only one who should expect to be lonely. I hope you can go away and burn the whole dark color with a drop of boiling hot. I'm afraid that the rumbling words will increase my sadness. I hope AI will crush the shadows in my eyes. Twist the thread, take up the needle, wrap the finger, wear the clothes, and worry about nothing but boxing. Fu tree only wait for your life.


With thousands of soldiers and thousands of horses, they march on mountains and rivers. Facing thousands of enemies, they are as crisp as broken brocade and sing the song of leaving in red in the evening. Across Ma Canyang and Jin Jia, there is a river of blood flowing across the bank. At night, I raise my head in the cold and wear the moon to see the Iraqis hanging tears but persistently. I know you didn't give up that night, but I can't promise you. I know you bite your lips, but I don't know if you should raise your hand and brush it off. Forget that you smile and frown, but remember that your eyebrows are locked. Turn your head, and you will never hear the next drop of your sigh, which will sink into the sand pit. That night that song that lake that moonlight, you open the blood to fill the light lips to give me a heavy ink you wait for me.


Love, sincerity, thread embroidery, etc. for a number of spring and autumn, flowers bloom and fall faintly for a few years and months. Leaning on the door thousands of times, I can see my neighbor's sorrow and laughter. Why do you come back in a hurry when you are gone. Another year people are thinner than yellow flowers, another season of melting ice and snow dye my heart with little expectation. Turn over the river and fall into the sea, but smile to the mirror gently, just for you to come back and give you comfort. Do you remember that the world is old? Yuanyang weaves thousands of pillows and pierces thousands of pains with dry hands. How can I feel heartbroken and heartbroken if you don't return to me. Under the Wutong tree, you can find your shadow at night, and lift your eyes and see the moon full of flowers. I wait for you, holding spring and autumn.


Red candle, red light, red curtain, red silk, beautiful food, beautiful moon, beautiful wine. Open a window to watch the river and another autumn across the bank, red happy red Chen auspicious emperor gives his wife to do away with her worries. My heart is full of needlework, silk, bamboo chairs, wooden beds and soft couches. In the middle of the night, I wait for you thousands of times in my dream. The thunderstorm is so urgent that I can go out in my clothes and watch the Apricot Branches in the Grand Courtyard enchanting. Can't see, can't see the moon, Xiao Xiao, this is heaven's will. How happy is it?


A day into a season, a lifetime together, you know that Iraqis hand is only for you. Tears wet pillow side clothes blood dye Yuanyang jade you remember her saying she waited for you. Wutong hang flying crane, and broke several trees in winter, but only heard her weeping and weeping. Smash ice to get water and tear down thousands of clothes when you go. Looking at the moon and thinking of the night when the sky is desolate and the earth is smiling and the dawn is dawning. You fight south and rush north, and you know that she's afraid to sleep at night. She doesn't fit her eyes and doesn't leave her clothes. You marry Jiao people and think that there's still someone in the deep who is exhausted, singing, breaking dumb and leaning on trees and waiting for you to be willing. You look at the moon but don't remember to wait for a full and hurried night. How can she know where you are in love?!

The tree knows all nightmares, but it can't return to the sky. Although the moon is full of sorrow, it can only hate in the heart. How do you know that you have a beautiful woman in the night, and on the moon she still remembers that you are the same in your heart. Who has pity in this life.


The old is like the sun, the broken wadding is like a chapter, unable to wash all the blood of the couch, pointing straight to the sky.

I'll be waiting for you.