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Miss in spring morning

In the morning, open the curtains and open the windows. Breeze blowing, a fresh, fragrant, elegant smell of the earth came face to face.

Spring is coming so fast, quietly and unconsciously, the grass is green, the branches are sprouting, the flowers of wild flowers and rape are blooming, all bathed in the dawn of spring morning, swaying and swaying in the spring wind, as if the girl's singing and dancing is charming.

Creatures wake up in the spring morning, showing the value and attractiveness of life.

In the spring morning, the hope in my heart is touched and the passion of life is aroused.

bright spring days

The natural world is so beautiful at the moment: it radiates bright sunshine everywhere, shows off five colors everywhere, flies sweet birds and insects everywhere, and floats intoxicating fragrance everywhere. It's a green world, a sea of flowers.

There are lots of people for outing, old people's love and satisfaction, lovers' happiness and children's innocent smile.

Suddenly I understood that the reason why spring is so beautiful is that it makes people's mood bloom at this moment.

Spring rain

Spring rain and spring thunder, with the spring wind, with the patter.

Spring rain is like silk, fog, smoke and tide. Through these strands of silk, all things in the world are like a light, misty freehand painting, which is flickering.

I like the spring rain, not only for its springing up appearance, but also for the light blue rain. In this rainy season, you give me a rainless world.

spring is in the air

Spring is lively, fanatical, full of vigor and vitality.

Spring is full of the shadow of people's hard work. People use their own hands to sow their firm faith and eternal hope, and to sow their true love and selfless love.

There is no spring of all colors? Where are the fruits of autumn?

Spring night meditation

Spring night, light moon cage yarn, Ping Tingting. The wind swept my face and my hair.

The moonlight is as calm and soft as the level.

My heart is like this moonlight, calm and soft.

I don't dare to pursue anything deliberately, but I hope that all the good beginnings will have a good ending, just like this spring night is long and far away, bright spring, gentle spring, has come back, and has come to my side. You always flutter gently in the mountains, so close and kind. You can't forget the intoxicating dream. I walk in the trees, looking for the charming spring scenery

I set foot in the deep mountains and huge valleys. Following the mountain, I went up against the current. A little bit of poetic warm wind, gently blowing across my cheek, always let people miss. It's not hard to imagine that the green is always around you. Green, refreshing, never tired of seeing, it represents the color of life, the color of nature. After a winter, the green has returned its freshness and brightness. Stop in the woods, Play hide and seek with me. Sing "the story of spring" in my mouth, thinking about the joy of summer. There is no lack of harmony of birds, which makes people never tire of hearing

I, sometimes shuttling in the forest, sometimes climbing, standing on the rock. The only faith in my heart is to keep going up! At my feet is spring soil, which is full of spring meaning, becoming moist and energetic. There is a trace of clear spring flowing down the valley, flowing into my heart, moistening my heart. If I drink the old wine that has been hoarded for many years, I am slightly intoxicated. I look forward to the future, As if heaven and earth were in front of me. I was like that mountain, the mountain god in charge of the green forest. I always felt a little proud of it. The water flowed down, the mountain grew up, and I was like a mountain, and I kept going up. The nearly 90 degree hillside failed to make me slide down the deep valley; the cunning old tree failed to trip me. Although my knee was bruised; my hand was cut; the higher the mountain, the harder it was to breathe; Sweat goes down like water. But those are all for the sake of fighting sacrifice. Struggle against oneself, fight against nature. Eyes always stare at the top of the mountain, the target is there, the highest end of the mountain!

Spring water Ding Dong into life, vast mountain in mind, this is the joy of spring! Spring has been said, winter, spring will be far away? Indeed, in a twinkling of an eye, the cold winter has gradually left us, and spring has unconsciously come to us. All creatures bathe in the dawn of spring morning and sway and sway in the spring wind, as if they were girls' singing and dancing. The cool spring breeze blows on our faces, and the warm spring day makes us take off our thick coats.

Spring is the most beautiful season of the year. In spring, the grass can't wait to stick out its head and see the colorful world. On the grass, people can fly kites, play football, chat and take a walk The beautiful flowers are full of flowers, full of affection, charming and charming. They swayed freely in the wind, competing for splendor, fragrant, refreshing and intoxicated. Butterflies are also dancing. Those hardworking bees are gathering honey in the fragrant flowers.

The willow drew out new buds. In the breeze, the willow silk was dancing like a graceful young girl. After several years of spring and autumn, the tree seems to understand that "the plan of a year lies in spring". It continuously spits out new leaves and fills the tree with green. The little snail, with its big shell on its back, crawled out of the fertile soil leisurely, and its expression gradually changed from sleepiness to surprise. The bird also sends out its clear song. Those little swallows, also flying from the south, joined in this wonderful picture of spring scenery, adding a lot of fun to the spring light, which is really intoxicating.

Spring rain is more beautiful. It is as fine as ox hair on the grass, on the trees and in the flowers. Gradually, it seeped into the soil, light and fine, and could not hear the sound. It felt as if it was a kind of wet smoke, gently moistening the earth and people. Under the moistening of spring rain, the grass grows more luxuriantly and the flowers bloom more brightly. Yang tree, willow in the spring rain stretch out the branches and leaves, slowly taste the sweet rain. Let them take root and sprout to add vitality to spring.

After the rain, the sun came out and the air was fresher. The grass has become greener, the flowers are blooming brightly, and the ground, trees and the earth present a dazzling landscape, which is really beautiful.

In spring, everything seems so natural and full of vitality. At sunrise riverside flowers are redder than fire, in spring green waves grow as blue as sapphire. So now we should cherish the good time of spring to study hard, and grow up to make the mountains and rivers of our motherland more vibrant and colorful. Spring has just shaken off the cold ice and snow, just through the fierce cold wind, spring smile is also very reserved. It's too late to sort out the dream quietly, or to summon up courage clank. Spring will show its vitality. On the land of spring, the color begins to enrich, no longer clinging to the pure white of snow; in the forest of spring, the voice begins to contend, no longer showing the cold tranquility. The light green color renders a strong vitality, and the light flowers decorate a strong poetic feeling. It seems that spring suddenly gives the depressed people a sunny mood, and suddenly gives the rustling world a warm beauty. However, people regard spring as the extreme of a year, and it is easy to spend time in the great spring light. Spring is not our capital, but a start, it is a kind of driving everyone to renew their life attitude like a flower bud gradually blooming. Therefore, since spring gives us a chance to start, we should seize the time to start seriously! You don't have to complain about the late arrival of spring, nor do you have to feel sad that spring doesn't last long. Because our fearlessness can make spring colorful and vibrant! Therefore, when we stand outside the threshold of spring, we should walk into spring without any worries. Only when seeds are sown in the permafrost that blooms at the beginning of spring, can the fruits of hope be tested by the sun and the wind and rain, and thus be fruitful. Because spring is just a sprout of green branches, we can't just disturb our hard work with the glory of our dreams, and we can't shake our solid steps with the vague hope.

As a philosopher said: don't dream in autumn in spring. In order not to let spring waste in rhetoric and fantasy, we must design a future for spring. Because no plan is to plan failure, no direction of navigation will never be the other shore. In order to get the return that spring deserves, we must give it from now on. Only when we do it right at the beginning, when we do it right at the beginning, can our plans in spring be enriched and our sowing in spring be fruitful. The purpose of spring flowers is autumn fruit. The hope of spring is to fight against the summer sun with sweat, and measure the distance of autumn with firm steps. So, in our struggle, after spring is still spring! Spring is ushered in by a snowfall. Strolling in the garden, a stream of fragrance comes face-to-face, refreshing and mingled with the unique smell of spring. It seems that people say, "I'm here, I'm here!" Spring is like a magician with many changes. It makes everything alive again. It's hard to appreciate her! Look! The grass are also full of energy, stand up, put on green clothes, seems to show their own style. The green wicker is not to be outdone. Encouraged by the spring breeze, she puts up the soft wicker and dances with confidence. She is very proud! All kinds of flowers have been seen, but they also dress up secretly first, put on their favorite clothes, and then stand up haughtily, all of them have an extraordinary temperament, competing with each other! Can we not appreciate this lively phenomenon?

Spring is like a child's face. It changes when you say it. Look! Just for people to give her advantages, but in a moment, turned. I saw the dark cloud in the treacherous smile, slowly covered the lovely white clouds, it seems to say: "ha ha ha!"! I'm coming too! " Watching the little white cloud being driven out of power by the black cloud, watching the wind and waves of the black cloud, I wish I could fly to the sky, wipe out the black cloud, and let the white cloud continue to set off for this beautiful spring. However, the rain is still under, the more it is under, the more anxious it is in people's heart, ah! The child's face!

Spring is like this, giving people joy and worry! Even so, we will love spring and our beautiful tomorrow! The warm spring wind blows through the mountains and plains, and everything recovers and is full of life. Gently, spring girl in a green dress, came to us.

Spring girl uses her tender little hands to touch the willow branches; spring rain uses her little happy tears to bathe the flowers. Willow branches sprouted, and green leaves grew; flowers were in bud, showing a pink smile, and blooming beautiful flowers. Chungu sows the seeds of spring. The grass shows its head quietly and branches and leaves quietly. Spring girl asked grandpa to take away the cold and ice, and she brought us fresh air filled with flowers and pleasant scenery.

The spring wind combs the willow's hair. The willow swings its charming long hair. Let the spring wind fasten countless green flowers on her. The willow proudly takes photos on the river. The willow branches ripple with the wind. Spring rain shower flowers, give her bright red, yellow, orange and purple Spring rain and spring wind play on the river, melting the ice, splashing each water nest, blowing layers of ripples. Ah, many