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Washing my mother's feet for the first time

On Mother's day, the teacher assigned us a special task: washing our mother's feet. From childhood, it was my mother who washed my feet. To be honest, I felt uneasy from the bottom of my heart.

When I got home, I thought for a long time and finally got up the courage to call out to my mother in the kitchen: 'Mom, come here, I'll wash your feet tonight. 'my mother was surprised. She held out her head from the kitchen and said,' I heard you right? "I've already poured the water. Come and sit down! 'she came slowly and sat on the stool in front of me.

I lowered my head, closed my eyes, held my breath, and took off my socks for my mother. I put my mother's foot into the water and got the water with my hands, splashing everywhere. After a while, the resistance in my heart slowly disappeared. I picked up my mother's feet and gently washed and rubbed them for her. I felt my mother's feet tremble in my hands. I looked up and saw that my mother was wiping tears from the corners of her eyes.

Until today, I understand: Although mom and Dad don't say it, but in their hearts, they are still eager that we can care about them. Sometimes it's just a greeting, a glass of water and a hug that can move them.

Washing my mother's feet for the first time

In today's morality class, the teacher arranged a task: each child should wash his mother's feet once. When I got home, I racked my brains and thought, how can I tell my mother? I'm always sorry. I finally came up with a way to simply come to a 'stone scissors cloth' with my mother. Whoever loses will wash his feet. Of course, I must have deliberately lost. This is the first time I washed my mother's feet.

I brought a basin of hot water first, took off my mother's shoes and smelled the stink of my feet, which made me a little uncomfortable. When I was about to rub my mother's feet, I found that there were many calluses under her feet. My heart was broken. My mother's feet were so rough. It's for me and my family! At this time, I think of my mother washing my feet when I was a child: my mother holds my feet in her hands and washes them seriously. They are so gentle and rhythmic. What else can I be ashamed of? The more I think about it, the more I regret it. Thinking of these, I washed my mother's feet more seriously. I wish I could rub the calluses off. I carefully dry the water with a dry towel, and then put it on my shoes. Although I am tired and sweaty, I am very happy because I finally have the ability to repay my mother.

I raised my head and my mother looked at me with loving eyes and smiled. At this time, my eyes are full of tears, I said quietly in my heart: 'Mom, thank you for all these years of hard work and hard work, thank you for raising me up. Thank you, dear mother!

After this, I know: filial piety is a responsibility, but also a sincere return!

Washing my mother's feet for the first time

Who gave us life and brought us up? Who gave our youth selflessly? It's mom. Indeed, the greatest love in the world is maternal love. From small to large, my mother took good care of us and washed our feet countless times, but have we ever washed our feet for my mother? I'm sure most people will answer: 'No. 'tomorrow is mother's day. Miss Hua gave us a special assignment to wash our mother's feet.

At dinner, I stammered to my mother that I would wash her feet. When she heard this, she was stunned, and then she said to me with a smile: 'what's your idea again? "Can't you come out from the West today? 'I said. 'no, I have to clean and wash for grandma. "Mom, you said, the teacher asked me to write about the dog. Can I write about the duck? 'I asked solemnly,' it's a big difference! 'after my persuasion, my mother finally agreed. 'yes! 'I quickly moved to my mother's foot basin and carefully poured most of the hot water into it. Reach out and try the water temperature, ah! It's hot! I quickly withdrew my hand and thought: if I let my mother put her feet in now, wouldn't her feet become braised pig's feet? Hee hee. I put some cold water in the basin, and then reached for a try. The water temperature was just right. I put the basin in front of the sofa, took another book and put it on the sofa. I pulled up my sleeve and asked my mother to sit down. I helped my mother take off her shoes and socks, rolled up her trouser legs, gently put her feet into the basin, and slowly rubbed them. My mother enjoyed reading very much. When I rubbed her left ankle, my mother called softly. I quickly turned her foot over to see if it was a scar the size of a dollar coin. 'Mom, what's going on? 'I asked anxiously. 'when I was a child, my family was very poor. There was only one bicycle. "My mother talked about the old events in a long time." once, my family of three rode out on this car together. I fell asleep in the car, and my feet stretched out to the wheel unconsciously, and I was caught like this. I'm so sad that I don't know my mother so well. When I massaged the soles of my mother's feet, I felt her thick calluses, which my mother ran around the ward every day to grind out. All of a sudden, I felt that it wasn't calluses on the soles of my mother's feet, but hard work. I have a sour nose when I think about it. When I wiped my mother's feet, I saw her eyes were red behind the books.

After washing my mother's feet, I accompanied her into the bedroom. I believe my mother will sleep very sweet tonight, because she still has my love for my mother on her feet. 'who said "inch grass heart, three spring sunshine.". 'from now on, I must repay my mother well.

Washing my mother's feet for the first time

The most precious thing in the world is maternal love. Mother is great, mother love can't be bought with money. My mother gave me life and raised me up. Since I fell to the ground, my mother has been fulfilling his obligations. But what has a mother done in the past 12 years?

Wash your mother's feet! Although it is a thing that everyone can do, it all reflects the children's repay and love for their mother! On March 8 this year, it was the first time in 12 years that I did something for my mother to wash her feet. Although it's a mother's day in the world, my mother is still working in the field. She's all for our family. My mother came back from the field so tired that she couldn't straighten up. I am very distressed. I quickly sat on my mother's tutoring sofa, poured her a cup of boiled water, and then called a basin of warm water, put a handful of salt into the water (listen to grandma, use salt water to wash feet effectively, and then the effect of initiation). I put the basin in front of my mother and said: 'Mom, let your daughter wash your feet! 'Mom quickly waved and said:' no, no, I can wash it. 'I smiled and said:' Mom, let's respect this filial piety. 'mother had to stop talking. I pulled up my mother's feet and carefully took off my shoes and socks. At this time, a smell came from my nose. My nose twitched for a moment, thinking: mother's feet stink! But on second thought, how tired is mother working in one day? How can she show her feet stink? So, I put my mother's feet gently into the water, carefully scrubbing up, washing, washing, thinking: I will always wash my mother's feet in the future, so that her mother can feel her daughter's love. When I looked up, I saw that she was smiling at me.

I really said to my mother: 'Mom, I love you! '

Washing my mother's feet for the first time

Today, after school, the Chinese teacher gave us an unusual assignment to wash our mother's feet. As soon as the teacher's voice came to an end, the class immediately opened a pot: dry cough, hiss, laughter into one, some students also do vomiting.

In the evening, when my mother learned that I was going to wash her feet, she was also puzzled. She didn't know what medicine I sold in my gourd. Under my repeated requests, she was only half pushed. I happily called a large basin of hot water and said to my mother: 'Mom, bubble feet. 'I (first) yanked my mother on the chair and (second) helped her pull up her trouser legs and take off her socks. Her legs were shaking. 'Mom, is it cold? "Well, a little. "Just wait for the bubble. 'I soaked my mother's feet in the water and rubbed her feet vigorously. Suddenly, my mother was like an electric shock and pulled her feet out of the basin, splashing my face with water. 'Mom, what's wrong with you? "Mother has foot pain. 'I looked down carefully and was shocked to find that there were many frostbite on my mother's feet. 'Mom, what's the matter? "Mother smiled lightly! Write down my mother's disapproval and greatness.) Say: 'when you were a child, your mother washed your feet. You were always dishonest. Once, my mother poured a basin of boiling water, before it could be mixed with water, the basin was knocked over by you, and the boiling water was scalding on my mother's feet. At that time, it was the ninth cold day, and my mother was busy working every day. She didn't take it seriously, so she had chilblain, which would happen every year. 'my heart suddenly seemed to be hit by something. The corner of my eyes was wet. I didn't hear what my mother said. I couldn't imagine that there were so many stories hidden in my mother's feet. (this is) I couldn't dream of it. (I) silently holding my mother's feet, rubbing them carefully, my heart couldn't help being sour, and the tears of disheartened came again, dripping into the water. In order to cover up my guilt, I rushed to add some boiled water to the basin, holding my mother's feet, gently washing, carefully washing, (to) wash away my guilt, water mixed with my tears, splashing in front of my eyes. After washing my feet, I dried them for my mother. At this time, my mother just came back to me and asked me: 'eh, it's strange. Why do you suddenly think of washing my feet? 'I replied mysteriously:' well, keep it secret! '

(back to the bedroom,) lying on the bed, I tossed and turned. The scene just now always lingered and reverberated in my mind. Mother's feet give me pain, happy smile give me happiness, I will always help mother wash her feet, so that there is no frostbite on her feet.

Washing my mother's feet for the first time

Today is women's day on March 8. I want to do something for my mother. The teacher said that women's Day is a day when children give thanks to their mother and make her heart warm.

Usually I'm my mother's sweetheart. My mother won't let me work. She said that I'm small. Today, I'll prove it to her with practical actions, and I'll wash her feet.

First of all, I'll take a towel and put it in the basin. First, I'll put some cold water in it. Ah! It seems too cold. I add some hot water. My mother will be very comfortable.

When I washed my mother's feet, she said: 'my dear son, you have grown up. 'I'm so happy to hear that.

After washing, I dried my feet for my mother, poured out the water, and thought to myself: 'how hard and great my mother is, I will be a good child and live up to her hope. '