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My hometown's composition is 400 words

Blue Zhanzhan sky above, floating a few floating long white clouds, path side planted neat white like trees, where is this? This is my hometown.

Entering my hometown, I saw the pothole path. The poplar trees standing by the path are like the farmland around the solemn soldiers' defenders. Looking at a beautiful house neat, can not see the end. The corn, sorghum and soybeans in the north and South fields are luxuriant. When autumn comes, they are all transformed into yellow, orange and red. Under the leadership of sorghum, a piece of soybeans plays a farmland symphony with sweet flavor. It's a lot of fun. How pleasant it would be to walk alone in the field and smell the flowers and look at the scenery!

My hometown also produces persimmons. Persimmon trees are planted in front of every house. In spring, persimmon trees sprout and blossom. Persimmon flowers are very special. They are like beautiful fairies. There is a protective umbrella around them to protect the delicate persimmon flowers. In summer, the flowers wither and produce small and round persimmons. Persimmons grow up day by day and become big and round and green In the yellow, yellow, red, and finally become red, like lanterns hanging high on the branch, pick a bite, sweet Tianjin, that delicious, that refreshing, mouth watering.

There is also a man-made lake behind our house. The lake is sparkling, moving and still, just like a naughty little doll loved by people. When it's still, the lake is like a huge silver mirror, and when it's clear, there are smooth pebbles like jade. When it's moving, there's a breeze blowing through it. The waves are breaking on the lake, and the waves are beating on the feet.

I love my hometown! It's a beautiful place.

I love my hometown composition 400 words

My hometown is in dongxiaoqiu. It is a beautiful and rich village with a long history.

I love my hometown full of laughter.

In spring, sister willow took off her white dress and put on her green wedding dress. The naughty little grass brother sticks out his little head, and the little flower sister shows her white cheek. The farmer worked hard and sowed in the field. Our children are playing on the lawn. The birds seemed to be attracted and sang. In that beautiful country left a beautiful echo.

In summer, the stream is flowing. Our children are playing by the river. The adults talk in the shade of the trees. Cicadas are shouting, as if to say: 'the heat is dead, the heat is dead! 'birds fly freely and happily in the sky. In that beautiful field left a good memory.

In autumn, sister Maple falls with red leaves, as if greeting a harvest year. Xiaohua is going to say goodbye to her brothers and sisters. Farmers in the field of hope, harvest their own fruits of labor. We are helping the farmer to do his work. Birds are flocking to say goodbye to everything here. In the field full of laughter left a good farewell sound.

In winter, heavy snow began to fall. We played happily on the path. All the plants have succumbed, only the holly tree stands proudly in the wind and snow. Most of the animals have hibernated. In this quiet winter, I left my sister's footprints.

I love my hometown.

There are flowers, grass and streams in my hometown.

Welcome to my hometown.

My hometown has a beautiful scenery. One of the streams in my hometown is the place most worthy of nostalgia. 450 words of composition

My hometown has a beautiful scenery. One of the streams in my hometown is the place most worthy of nostalgia.

In the spring, in the dense forest, the stream 'cheers' singing, happy songs flow to the distance. The birds are chirping over the stream, greeting the sister of the stream! Look, mother-in-law Chunfeng is also coming. She is combing her hair for the stream! The ripples are the silk clothes of sister Xiaoxi. At this time, we also came. We sent a bunch of beautiful flowers to sister Xiaoxi.

Summer is coming, and the stream is singing happily to meet sister Xia. The red sun is shining in the lush forest, cicadas are crying in the trees, as if talking to the sister of the brook. When the stream came to the crops, it saw that the young plants were dying of thirst, so it gave them some water to drink. At once, Miao became more energetic and bent down, as if to thank sister Xiaoxi! The stream left happily. Autumn is coming. The stream flows through the crops. Seeing that the farmer uncle has a big harvest this year, I feel happy. Because she helped the farmer uncle! The stream came to the orchard again and saw that we were picking fruit. She mischievously bathed the fruit. The fruit smiled happily. Look, her face was red with laughter. The stream left happily.

In winter, a thick layer of ice forms in the stream, which becomes our 'paradise'. I skated on it with my friends. 'look, it's snowing! 'we cried merrily. After a while, when the snow stopped, we made a snowman on the stream. How happy the snowman laughs, how happy he is, even we laugh happily.

The brook in my hometown is like a kind mother, caring for us. I love you, the stream of my hometown!

Experimental primary school 4

I love my hometown. My hometown is Huludao. It's a small northeastern city. It's not prosperous, but it's beautiful all the year round. In spring, all things are revived, the grass is green, and they rush to drill. Green buds appear on the trees, and the jasmine flowers are covered with golden flowers, dancing in the wind with its tender posture, telling people that spring is coming, the ice in the river is melting, the river is flowing, and the swallow is flying in the sky. &Hellip; & hellip; in summer, the heat knows "squeak" and "hot frog" and "squeak" and "hot dog doesn't sleep with its tongue out" & hellip; & hellip; The children all went to the seaside. The waves surged gently to the shore. The children jumped into the sea and splashed the water on each other. They were happy and splashed everywhere. Some picked up shells on the golden beach, and left a string of footprints on the beach & hellip; & hellip; In autumn, leaves fall in the air, like a group of butterflies flying to us. We collect leaves to make all kinds of specimens. The leaves are all over the ground, like golden carpet. In the orchard, the apples are ripe, crisp, sweet and crisp, the pears are yellow and hung all over the branches, the dates are red and hung like red lanterns on the trees & hellip; & hellip; in winter, snow is blowing everywhere, the sky is white, the stream is white, the family is white & hellip; & hellip; Friends make snowmen and play snowsticks on the snow. They have a good time. Pedestrians walk on the street, leaving a series of footprints with different shapes behind. It's really interesting! I love my hometown. There are four distinct seasons here. My friends, if you want to enjoy the warmth of spring, the heat of summer, the richness of autumn and the snow in winter, please come to Huludao, my hometown!


I love my hometown composition 400 words

Shaodong, my hometown, is a land of fish and rice, a land of orange, and a prosperous city. Although Shaodong is not big, I love Shaodong.

I love the reservoir in my hometown. Once, we went to the cave to play, passing a reservoir, the boundless water is covered with blue waves, one after another. The green mountains protect the clear water. The waterfowls seem to have received the invitation of nature and rushed to the upper part of the reservoir to dance. It's really like a beautiful landscape painting.

I love the fields of my hometown. In the late autumn, there are small lanterns hanging on the orange trees in the garden. Come closer and have a look. Where are these lanterns? They are bright orange! In a small river, groups of fish are playing, grass carp is like a reserved gentleman, swimming freely in the deep water; carp is like a naughty child, competing for the high jump. In the daytime, the rice waves are rolling in the fields, and people are farming in the crops; in the evening, people are sitting by the river with fishing rods and fishing leisurely.

I love the city of my hometown. When I was a child, the city was full of rubbish. It was hard to feel that it was grey on sunny days and muddy on rainy days. Now, the broad cement road extends in all directions; a high-rise building rises from the ground and can take the elevator to the top floor; the bustling pedestrian street and the bustling supermarket are filled with surging crowds; under the big tree of the central amusement park, there are rows of benches for people to rest, beside which there are many small fitness equipment; and a small unit courtyard, in which there are flower beds Pavilions and whitewashed walls are covered with creepers and wild grass and idle flowers, which makes them feel more tender and dependent on others.

Shaodong is my beautiful hometown. I love Shaodong.

Shaoyang No.4, Hunan Province

My hometown my home composition 400 words

My hometown is a small village surrounded by mountains on three sides and sea on one side. It is a beautiful and charming summer holiday resort with rich products and beautiful scenery.

What I like most there is the sea. Every summer, the sea at dusk is the most beautiful, I will meet with my friends, go to the sea to play and play. At first, the sea was calm, as if asleep. There was no wind or waves. It was so quiet that you could see the reflection on the sea. The sky is blue and the sea is blue. The sky is connected with the sea and the sea is connected with the sky. It's hard to tell where the sky is and where the sea is. The setting sun, in the twilight under the reflection, appears more beautiful, the sea shining with many colors. Suddenly, a long and thin white line appeared from the sea, growing thicker and thicker, like a group of white swans flying. Before the waves in front came to the shore, the waves in the back caught up. Lift the water wall more than three meters high, like a group of galloping steeds. The waves beat against the rocks, and the sound of the sea wind, together with the beautiful sea music. Looking into the distance, you can see a lot of small black spots marching on the sea. We can only watch the warriors fight against the fierce sea.

We can not only feast our eyes, but also our mouths. There are many specialties of seafood in our hometown, such as: fierce lobster, wearing a hard armor; powerful crab, waving a big mastiff; bouncing fish princess, wearing colorful skirts.

If I have a chance, I will take you to visit other sceneries in our hometown.

Hometown trip (I) my hometown composition 400 words

My hometown is in a beautiful small village in the west of Zhejiang Province.

There is a small river in front of the village. Along the winding road, the river stretches far away. The river is clear, but the water is very shallow. I asked my father why. My father said: 'this year's drought has been too long, it hasn't rained, and the river has evaporated. 'on both sides of the river are rolling hills, on which there are many trees, looking at a lush area from afar. At the foot of the mountain, there are many houses like villas, which are very beautiful.

We went across the bridge and found a lovely yellow cat. Dad stroked the cat with his hand. The cat raised its tail alert. Suddenly, a little dog sprang out, and the kitten jumped onto the railing quickly, very quick. I looked up and saw a Oriole resting on the pole under the blue sky. At the gate of Grandpa's house, a hen was walking on the flagstone road. Looking back from time to time, my father told me: 'the cock's crow is bigger than the hen's, the tail is longer than the hen's, and the hen's legs