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My dear stupid pig

Because pig is very stupid, so people call it stupid pig. It's not only stupid, but also delicious. Once, at the bear's birthday party, I ate up the cream stewed mushrooms made by the white rabbit sisters with poisonous mushrooms, which saved all the animals participating in the birthday party.

Stupid pig also has a bad habit of snoring. Once, benbenzhu and his friends went to Feilong mountain to watch the sunrise of Feilong, but they had to live on Feilong mountain overnight. However, there is only one cabin on the mountain, so we have to live in one. Everyone is tired and wants to sleep. Stupid pig dare not sleep, it is afraid to snore noisy partners. Stupid pig is the most tired, carrying all the things along the way. It was so sleepy that it fell asleep slowly. In the dark of the night, the wolf came, and the boys were awakened by the wolf's cry. They were all afraid. When the big gray wolf approached the cabin, they were scared away by the snoring of the stupid pig. In this way, the stupid pig saved everyone again.

Stupid pig because he brings too much happiness to others, he is also happy, so he is loved by others.

Read "my dear stupid pig"

When I first went to the bookstore to buy a book, the title of the book "my dear stupid pig" attracted me deeply. After a lot of fighting, my parents finally agreed to buy this book for me.

When I got home, I couldn't wait to take out this book and read it with interest. It tells such a story-

Stupid pig is stupid, but he is happier than anyone else. At the bear's birthday party, he ate all the poisonous mushrooms because he was greedy for food, but saved all the animals participating in the birthday party; he snored like thunder, which scared away the wolf who wanted to eat rabbits; when he saw that the salt eggs in the market were easy to sell, he let the mother duck drink salt water to produce salt eggs, which resulted in the mother duck's pecking and swelling his buttocks; in order to make the mice get rid of the bad habit of being delicious and lazy He encouraged the mouse to chew the book and easily changed the mouse's head & hellip; & hellip; I think 'because it brings too much happiness to others, so stupid pig is happy. This quality of happiness is particularly valuable.

However, in our human life, it is totally different from what is said in the book.

Neighbors quarreled with each other because of a small matter. Colleagues and colleagues started to fight because of a document. Classmates and classmates clashed because of a rubber and a pencil. I can also give a lot of examples.

I hope that this kind of thing will not happen again. I hope that people will unite and love each other. I hope there will be a peaceful world. In this peaceful world, there will be no quarrel, no resentment, only happiness! Happiness!

Read "my dear stupid pig"

Some people lose confidence because they are stupid. I don't think stupidity is a disaster. Some 'stupid' people think they've done something wrong, but they've actually helped others.

I didn't understand it until I read my dear stupid pig. Read the title, I think you must know that the protagonist of the book is a pig, called "stupid pig". Because he likes snoring, he scares away the fox who wants to eat rabbit. Because it wants mice to be reborn, it encourages them to nibble at books & hellip; hellip; because of this, the "stupid" of stupid pigs is even more valuable.

My life also has such person: he is very stupid in the classmate's eye, but he has never had a disaster. Once, he was walking in the corridor, because he always stumbled, so he stumbled. Unexpectedly, he crushed the shell of a pen that the teacher was about to pick up. We thought the teacher would scold him, but the teacher picked him up and said thank you to him. Originally, the teacher wanted to change the shell of this pen, but the shell couldn't be taken down. The teacher slipped on the ground. He crushed the shell when he fell down.

We should be as stupid as a pig, 'stupid', but also stupid happy.