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The most memorable Dragon Boat Festival

This year's Dragon Boat Festival is not the same as usual. Instead of eating zongzi at home, my family went to Haimen aunt's home for Dragon Boat Festival with my grandmother, aunt and cousin.

On June 23, at 9 a.m., we arrived at the 'destination'. After lunch, my family, grandma, aunty, cousin and aunt came to my aunt's house in the countryside with gifts -- zongzi, duck eggs, health products, etc. Every family in the countryside is busy cutting leeks. When they arrive at my aunt's house, they see a lot of crops at the door. They ask my aunt: 'aunt, what is this? 'my aunt replied with a smile:' it's Taro. 'why should every row of Taros be ridged on both sides? 'I continued. 'Oh, that's because taro needs enough water, and only when the ridges are built on both sides, the rain will not run off. Oh, so it is. It seems that every cause has knowledge, including farmers. We should respect farmers and cherish food. Then we ate farm food.

The next day, my father, mother, aunt and cousin went to Dongzhou Park in the morning. There is a small lake in the center of the park for people to fish. My cousin and I bought a fishing net with great interest. We went to the lake first and saw a little red fish swimming. But when my net went down, the little red fish swam like a red arrow. I got up my confidence again and began to look for the 'target' carefully. This time, I learned from the last lesson, first put the net pocket into the water, waiting for the rabbit. I saw a few small black dots moving. I looked at them. They were small fish. I quickly picked up my net pocket and I caught them. In fact, there is a way to do everything. If you have no idea, you will achieve nothing.

After two short days, I learned a lot of truth, and had a meaningful Dragon Boat Festival, a happy Dragon Boat Festival!

I remember the annual Dragon Boat Festival on May 28 of this semester. We spent it in our own class, which impressed me very much.

At that time, the school asked each class to make two zongzi by themselves. We have never wrapped zongzi. We are naturally happy to jump three feet high. We washed our hands and put the bowls in place early.

Everything is ready. I look left and right, and pick out the 'Elite' of the two zongzi leaves, which are wide and big, but not very tender. I first overlapped two leaves and gently turned a corner in. A bucket shaped zongzi leaf was born in my hand. By the way, I also carefully looked at whether there was a small hole below. When I was sure there was no hole, I carefully put rice in. That rice seems to be very obedient, obediently into the 'fight', not a drop. After about a third of the rice was released, I picked another piece of meat and placed it gently in the middle of the rice. Then I continued to release the rice, which seemed to go well, but I didn't expect that the trouble came.

When I was about to bend the extra leaves to the front, a sound of 'silk' -- glutinous rice landing came into my ears, and I immediately panicked and bent to check the 'injury' of zongzi, ouch! It turned out to be a corner of zongzi! I look at my baby zongzi painfully, and can't bear to take it out of the heavy bag, but look at other students, some of them have finished it. I crossed my heart, took apart the leaves, poured out the rice and meat, and carefully wrapped the dumplings again. But the original clever rice and I made the opposite. This is not, just want to start binding, silk -- 'a' rice rain 'came again, my patience bit by bit to wear down. Seeing that others have handed over the finished products to the podium, I don't have to worry about it, so I calmed down and tried to do every action in place. Finally, when it came time to tie the line, I held my breath and carefully wrapped the three layers inside and outside the zongzi with the line. Looking at the first zongzi I finished, although it was a little different, I also took a long breath of relief, and I was proud: hum, little zongzi, this time you have nothing to say?

I solemnly put my Zongzi on the platform. Maybe my zongzi is not outstanding, but my own zongzi is the best in my heart!

The 'Dragon Boat Festival' in this class is the most special Dragon Boat Festival I have ever had, and also the most unforgettable Dragon Boat Festival!