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Chrysanthemum I admire

In this sad season, chrysanthemums are in full bloom in the autumn wind. It turns out that there are many trees in our community, but when late autumn comes, they all wither. I used to see the beautiful scenery at ordinary times, my eyes are full of hunger and thirst, looking for the green shadow in the community. But all I saw were brown interlaces and bare branches and sickly faces.

In late autumn, the trees wither slowly, the air is dry, the color of the sky is light, and there is often more rain and less wind. At this time, I was surprised to find that the elegant and light silver needle still showed its style alone. One morning, the weather was very cold, chrysanthemum silver needle became very eye-catching, curling up and standing, so fairyland, elegant. I thought to myself: in such a cold day, even my big man can't resist the cold wind. This little chrysanthemum can stand the cold. I've learned that chrysanthemums can accompany the cold. This beauty is amazing. This kind of beauty only belongs to it. It's like the "cold beauty" in the flowers. Its petals are very long, white, thin, dense, thick stems, beautiful flowers with green leaves, it looks pure and refined. Early in the morning, the chrysanthemum petals left dew, it seems more simple. Dew on the petals rolling, like jewelry, diamonds embellished in the above, icing on the cake. The chrysanthemum in the moonlight is even more holy, surrounded by darkness. Only the white petals are far away from the bright moon, which is the soul of the farmers.


Ornamental Chrysanthemum

Although the petals of chrysanthemum are not very big, there are many, which give people a sense of unity. So many petals are tightly held together to resist the cold of autumn. Just because they have this spirit, they can be indomitable, not afraid of the cold autumn wind, and never flinch in the face of difficulties. Chrysanthemum's perseverance also let me admire, in the cold wind, it is still strong standing, not frightened by the storm.


I like chrysanthemums

I like flowers very much, especially chrysanthemums.

Sister Xia walked away quietly with light steps, and Miss Qiu came to us. She dyed maple red and grass yellow with a beautiful brush. She used her magic power to make chrysanthemum blossom in the autumn wind.

Every autumn, there is a Chrysanthemum Exhibition in Jiefang park. During the exhibition, it is like a sea of flowers.

Look! The pink chrysanthemum held its head high and its petals like bean sprouts were closely packed together. Looking from afar, it was like a small pile ball and a big family sitting together to discuss something. Then look there, a cluster of chrysanthemums piled together, listening to autumn wind teacher to tell them a story! Look at them one by one with their heads up, chest up, sitting upright, probably want to be praised by Qiufeng teacher! The beautiful chrysanthemum exudes an attractive fragrance. Everyone has to bend down to smell it when they arrive here. It seems that they have absorbed enough oxygen, and they feel relaxed and happy when they stand up. They are so energetic when they walk.


I love chrysanthemums.

Climb up radar mountain, stand at a high place and look down, only to see the chrysanthemum in the garden, red like fire, yellow like gold, white like snow, pink like Xia & hellip; & hellip; is more charming against the green leaves. On the whole, it's like a carpet of flowers.

I not only like the beauty of chrysanthemum, but also the spirit of its Aoshuang. In autumn, other flowers are withered, only the vigorous chrysanthemum blossom, in the cold and piercing autumn wind, head up to challenge the autumn wind. Grandpa Chen Yi once wrote a poem to praise Qiuju:

Autumn chrysanthemum can be proud of frost,

There are many evils in the wind and frost.

Nature can stand cold,

The wind and frost.

Indeed, although chrysanthemum is not as elegant as peony, as charming as rose, as elegant as lily, it is really adorable for its proud frost spirit. As a human being, we should be like chrysanthemum, not afraid of difficulties, and strive to climb the peak of science and culture.


Observe Chrysanthemum

There are many kinds of chrysanthemums. There are white hydrangea. Its leaves are fat and big. Its body is white and snowy. It looks like a big snowball far away. It smells fresh and fragrant! The golden Hydrangea is like the thread used by mom to find a sweater, and the delicate and lovely pistil inside is like a shy little girl. The petals of the ten Zhang bead curtain are very few, thin and long, very similar to the little girl's hair, as well as the sharp claws on the tiger's feet. There are many functions of chrysanthemum. It can make tea and drink, clear your mind, clear away heat and detoxify & hellip;

The petals of chrysanthemum are tightly wrapped together, so that chrysanthemum is not afraid of the cold. In the cold autumn, many leaves fall and flowers wither, but chrysanthemum is still open in the cold autumn, standing upright like a soldier. This spirit reminds me of a poem: 'autumn chrysanthemum can be proud of frost, and the wind and frost are very evil. Nature can stand cold, what can the wind and frost do! '