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The little prince read 1000 words

Chapter 1: after reading 1000 words, the little prince feels like a flower. If you love a flower growing on a star, you will feel sweet and happy when you look at the sky at night. All the stars seem to be in bloom. " The first time I read "Little Prince" was in high school. I was immediately attracted by his fresh writing and simple world. Now, six years later, when I read the little prince again, I can't help crying again and again, palpitating the frightening sadness of the little prince, moved by his pure and persistent love, and mourning for his gradually disappearing childlike innocence. As the author St. Ecclestone said in the preface, he "dedicated this fairy tale to Leon wilt when he was a little boy". This is a fairy tale belonging to adults and adults who once had childlike innocence. Children can't understand the heartfelt sadness and heavy love of Little Wang. They should not realize this too early. They should enjoy a happy time in a sunny world. This is not so much a fairy tale as a tragedy. The hero in the fairy tale always lives happily like snow white or Cinderella. The sad little prince died in the desert after seeing the true meaning of love. The plot of the novel is very simple. It mainly tells the travel process of the little prince from the perspective of "I". Because of a beautiful and delicate rose, the little prince left the small B-612 star that has been living peacefully. He has traveled to six planets. On these planets, he met some adults he felt very unreasonable, arrogant kings, money obsessed businessmen and pedantic lighters... So he kept sighing, "the adult world is really strange." Here, the author reveals the emptiness, blindness and folly of these adults from the child's perspective of the little prince, as well as the loneliness and unadaptable situation of adults. Finally he came to the earth. Here he met a fox. The fox solved his doubts about love brought by the delicate little rose, and made him understand that love means responsibility and compassion. With love (love in a broad sense), everything in life has meaning. The fox told him, "you are always responsible for what you tame. You should be responsible for your rose." "If you tame me, my life will be full of sunshine and cheerful. I will hear a different sound of footsteps.... you have blond hair, so once you tame me, it will become wonderful! The golden wheat will remind me of you. So I will love the wind through the wheat waves..." Love makes people understand sadness and pain. At the same time, it makes people get rid of loneliness and loneliness, and makes life full of interest and meaning. Just as the little prince said to me, "it's like a flower. If you fall in love with a flower growing on a star, you will feel sweet and happy when you look at the sky at night, and all the stars seem to be in bloom." So the author understands that it's no big deal for a little sheep to eat a flower in the world, but for the little prince, "it's like all the stars go out in an instant." finally, on the first anniversary of leaving his planet, the little prince let a poisonous snake bite him, so that he can "get rid of the weight of his body" , back to his B-612 little wandering star, back to his proud and fragile rose. The little prince left, just as the little match girl flew to the world without cold and hunger with her grandmother, he ran to his eternal love. All he left to the world was the golden wheat field and a garden of insignificant roses. And we were crying in vain. And we were like thirsty Like a tame fox, I miss the little prince's golden hair in the wheat field. Because of the little prince, I believe there is a well in the desert, because the little prince heard the sound of the pulley in the wind and drank the sweet spring that makes the desert beautiful. Part 2: the little prince - a fairy tale. But it is also a fairy tale written for adults; the little prince - a story, but It is also the saddest story in the world; the little prince - a fable, a fable that a child may not understand, tells us a fable about love and responsibility. This is a fairy tale, a dull memory slowly unfolding in the author's memory. Many seemingly ordinary details are buried with thought-provoking connotation. You can only approach and experience it with your heart, The little prince is a very small person. He lives on a planet, a very small planet. Everything is good there. The good school includes two small volcanoes and a rose. It's too small, so the little prince has to be early every day We should clean up the possible baobab saplings, because if we don't do so, we only need three small trees, which may occupy all the land of the planet. The planet is too small. The little prince only needs to walk forward or backward a few steps to see the sunset or sunrise. It's so small that the little prince knows that if he has a sheep, He will never lose it. Because where can the sheep go? It's so small here. Where can it go? The author is a pilot. He fell into the desert after the plane accident, and then met the little prince. He quietly listened to the little prince about the rose on his planet, listened to him about wandering on many small stars after he left the rose, and heard him When I came to the earth, I met a fox and 5000 flowers in the garden that looked the same as his roses... This is a plain story, a fairy tale. But is this just a fairy tale? It tells you something hidden behind the facts, something invisible to the eyes in such plain language. Just as the little prince said: what is really important West is invisible. All adults used to be children. We have been children. Yes. Children who cry for a lost candy and are happy for a flower skirt. In our once child world, the sun is not necessarily golden and round, the moon can sleep, and the grass is not necessarily green. As long as we want, we can make it as tiny as flowers Laugh. But we grow up. Just like what thunberry said, when we grow up, we only care about the so-called "important" things in our dictionary, those things related to numbers - age, money and grades. When we grow up, we look at the world with adults' eyes and abide by the "law" We began to lose some sensitive feelings, we began to lose ourselves. We began, began - grew up. The little prince was a little sad person, tender and sentimental, and distressing. He used his travel story to let us find some old feelings in his experience When did we begin to look up at the stars, but we felt that we could only see the stars instead of many kind eyes blinking? When did we begin to think that the sky was blue, the grass was green, and When did we begin to think that the world is what it sees, and there is no more unnecessary thinking and imagination? When we grow up, if you are given the right to choose, I don't know if you want to feel it with your child's heart, maybe it can be a green sky. The little Prince still has to go. Leave his planet and this planet The only rose in the world. When they said goodbye, they were all very sad. The flower blamed herself a little. In fact, she knew very well that she was not so weak. She just wanted more love and the little prince's attention. So she would rather ask for a glass cover to separate her communication with the world, just to get a little prince Let's show more love. But the little prince was leaving. At that moment, rose suddenly understood that they were both wrong. She wanted the little prince to be happy, so she didn't keep him or even blame him. She just said: take off the glass cover. I don't need it anymore. From that day on, rose can have more friends, such as wind, butterflies, or Other things. Although the little prince left. Her only love withered. She didn't even cry, because you know, she was a brave flower. To love a person, he needed to be as happy as himself. Even if tears accumulated into a deep ocean in his heart. About human nature and contradiction, the little Prince began to travel in the planet. In addition to the earth, how many times did he go before All the planets are very small. Like the little prince's planet, you can see many sunsets and sunrise. There is only one person on each planet, and they are different. What's important is that the inhabitants of those planets are adults. Their world - in the words of the little prince - is very strange. The first planet lives a king. He is the only ruler and the only inhabitant Resident. He can rule only himself, but he feels supreme. He likes to issue orders to arrange this and that. Although he is the only subject. He yearns for power and worships power, but in fact, the power he has is just to manage himself. In fact, it is undeniable that many people on the earth are like this when he issues orders from above In fact, in the eyes of others, it may be just a ridiculous self talk. On the second planet, there lived a vain man. He wore a strange hat and couldn't hear any criticism. When he heard someone's praise, he would take off his hat and raise his hat respectfully. He waited for others' praise every day and performed such an instrument again and again He drank because he was ashamed, and the reason he was ashamed was because he was an alcoholic. Don't laugh at him. In fact, people are like this. We always do self reflection and do something to punish ourselves, but in fact, this punishment is just more progressive One step of degeneration is not a fundamental change of method. So we continue to digest ourselves in this contradiction until the planet dies. Chapter 3: the little prince The narrator of is the aviator St. ecclesque Perry. Six years ago, when he was forced to land in the Sahara Desert due to a plane failure, he met the little prince. During the conversation, he learned that the little prince came from another planet. Then, the little prince told the author about his own planet, especially the little prince's rose. The author also told us that the little prince was on six stars other than the earth What the little prince saw and heard on the ball and what happened to the little prince on earth. Finally, the little prince is leaving