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Composition about daffodils high school

1 daffodils

Use your time to improve yourself with the help of other people's works, so that you can easily get what others can get through hard work—— Socrates -- inscription

When I feel tired, I like to sit alone in a room and have a short rest, and the tired body will be relaxed; When I feel irritable, I like to hold a good book in my hand and read a few pages, and my impetuous heart will be peaceful. My colorful childhood was inseparable from books, because "books are the ladder of human progress". Each of us can't grow up without books. We should read books in kindergarten, primary school and later. Therefore, books are closely related to our growth!

Very small, very small, I lay in my grandmother's arms on a quiet night and listened to her talk about those ancient folk fables. When I grew up a little, I knew three or two words. I gradually began to read fairy tales by myself. Green's fairy tales are my favorite. I want to go into the forest full of flowers and play games with snow white; I want to go to the magnificent palace of the sea to find a bubble Mermaid. I want to find the ugly duckling and ask the story after it became a white swan. Fairy tales show me a colorful and wonderful world, and teach me what is true, good and beautiful, and what is false, ugly and evil. The book taught me the first lesson of my life.

As I grew older, I slowly began to catch the shadow of poetry. I like to fall in love with Li Bai's romance and Su Shi's natural and unrestrained. Appreciate Su Dongpo's talent and elegance, "I hope people will last a long time and share the beautiful scenery for thousands of miles." tears sprinkled on Yue Fei's bloody heart in the red river. Read Qin Guan's "if the two feelings last for a long time, will they be in the morning and evening." this love oath spread through the ages. Poems let me travel through time and space, return to the starting point, and appreciate the joys and sorrows of the ancients. Book, let me touch the ancient details of our Chinese culture.

Now, prose novels have become my best friend. With Hemingway's footsteps, he accompanied the old man fishing, fought strong enemies in the wind and waves, and accompanied Gorky to recall his sweet childhood, in the world and my university. Follow grandma Bingxin to recover the past, the little orange lamp shining in the dark night. Looking at the flowers buried by Daiyu in Cao Xueqin's works, the rise and fall of the Jia family made the footsteps of history stay at that moment. A follower cloud, along with Wu Chengen, went to heaven and made a big noise at the flat peach meeting of the queen mother, enjoying himself. Looking at the heroism of 108 generals in Liangshan. The war of the Three Kingdoms of Liu Bei, Cao Cao and Sun Quan... The book gives me my own ideal and makes me make continuous progress in my ideal.

Shakespeare said, "books are the nourishment of the world." indeed, without books, human beings will stop in the primitive society of eating meat and drinking blood; Without books, mankind will stay in the ignorant and backward world forever; Without books, we will have no way to talk about life, value and development!

In the future, I will still make friends with good books! Because reading a good book is like encountering charcoal fire in the severe winter. It will ignite your surging and passion with selfless self-confidence. Reading a good book is like a hot summer when you encounter the shade. When you admire yourself, it gives a light cool wind to your impetuous heart. Reading a good book is like a lost ship meeting a beacon light, which makes you raise your ideal sail and sail towards the journey of life!

A good book has accompanied me for more than ten spring, summer, autumn and winter, and a good book has accompanied me to meet the brilliant tomorrow. Good books grow with me. Reading is not in the three watch five drum, hard work is only afraid of exposing ten cold ". Make friends with good books and learn from good books. In the future, I will continue to stride forward with the company of scholarly fragrance!

2 fun of raising daffodils

This winter vacation, my father bought three bulbs of daffodils. I want to plant them in a basin, watch them sprout and bloom, and enjoy the fun of raising daffodils.

The Milky bulb of daffodils is very full, like an onion, and looks crystal clear in the sun. I found a round ceramic basin and filled it with some water. Then I spread a handful of small white stones on the bottom of the basin and soaked the three bulbs in clear water. I was excited and looking forward to seeing them bloom.

After a few days, I was glad to find that small yellow and green buds broke the bulbs, like a chick trying to drill out of the eggshell. Sporadic white roots, only two or three centimeters long, were also quietly stretched out at the root of the bulb.

Every morning, I change the basin with clean water, and then bring the porcelain basin to the balcony to let them absorb enough water and bathe in the soft sun. Under my care, the original buds gradually grew larger, and the roots have grown a lot, like a woman's curly hair. Daffodils are changing every day, and every day will give me a little surprise.

A few days later, the daffodils had pulled out their green leaves. The thin and thin leaves stabbed the sky like a green arrow. Numerous fine roots stretched out under the bulb and gathered together, like the silver beard of the old man, curved and uneven.

Three weeks later, buds and flowers have grown out of the green leaves. Some are shyly blossoming, some have broken through the bud and revealed several budding flowers, while others have bloomed hexagonal star flowers and opened gracefully. The snow-white petals are as white as jade. Six petals surrounded the golden stamens in the middle, which looked beautiful against the green leaves. The ancients praised the narcissus "Yintai Calendula", and it was true. As soon as I entered the house, a refreshing fragrance came to my face. The fragrance was pleasant. Although there was no strong fragrance of roses or sweet scented osmanthus, there was a faint and unique freshness and elegance, which deeply intoxicated me.

I didn't take good care of daffodils from taking root and sprouting to opening white flowers. I didn't apply fertilizer, but just change water. Isn't this the flowers and plants that Lao she wrote in raising flowers?

I noticed that the spherical part of the daffodils had been cut. With a little curiosity, I consulted the data. It turned out that daffodils were cultivated in fertile soil in the first year. They use their roots to absorb nutrients and store them in bulbs. When the nutrients are sufficient, the small bulbs will become large and full, and then cut off their leaves and roots. In the second year, they only need a little water, The bulbs of daffodils can rely on sufficient nutrients in the bulbs to extract leaves and open flowers. The ability to produce white and beautiful flowers is not only the result of daffodils' struggle, but also inseparable from the nutrients accumulated in its bulbs. Isn't that true in life? As long as there is deep accumulation and diligent efforts, we can accumulate a little, bloom like daffodils and succeed.

Roses absorb the nutrients of the earth in the fertile soil of the garden and bloom gorgeous flowers in the sunny spring; Lotus roots come out of the dirty mud unsoiled at the bottom of the pond, absorbing the essence of the mud in the pool, and blooming the holy flowers that are "unstained with mud" in the scorching sun. Osmanthus take root in fertile soil and offer fragrant flowers in the season of high clouds in autumn. Narcissus has no beauty of roses, no sanctity of lotus, no fragrance of osmanthus, but it is elegant, refined, clean, proud of the cold winter, dedicates its unique beauty, gives people olfactory and visual enjoyment, and becomes a unique and beautiful scenery in winter.

3 daffodils

In nature, there are many kinds of flowers with different colors. I only like the Narcissus known as "calendula and silver platform".

My mother began to raise daffodils in early winter last year. Daffodils are easy to raise. They like sunshine. When I saw my mother fill water in a basin dedicated to raising daffodils, I washed a few fat daffodils balls like onions and bulbs, put them into the basin and put them on the tea table in the living room.

A few days later, it grew some thin, long white roots. Green leaves also grew on the ball. Narcissus is a monocotyledonous plant, and its leaves are narrow and long like a belt. The longer the leaves of Narcissus, the greener, and each leaf is straight and full of life and vitality.

Looking at the pot full of green leaves, I hope the daffodils will bloom early. One day, I found that in the grass in the middle of this pot of daffodils, there are several scapes at the top of a tall Chinese embryo. While adding water to the basin, my mother said, "daffodils are well raised. Usually there are several scapes per ball, many of which can reach more than 10, and each can bloom more than a dozen!" so I went to see it every morning.

Sure enough, a few days later, six more scape flowers were pulled out of the leaves, and there were many flowers and bones on each. I was very happy. A few days later, I saw five simple and elegant flowers nestling close to each other at the top of the flower embryo, smiling and silent, bathed in the glow of the morning, emitting a light and elegant fragrance from time to time.

Narcissus is very beautiful. Each flower has six snow-white petals, white as snow flakes. The stamens of Narcissus are approximately triangular, milky white and green in the middle. Outside the stamens, there is a vice crown like a delicate small lamp, which is yellow. Looking at the elegant Narcissus composed of snow-white petals, yellow vice crown and light yellow milky white stamens, they are under the support of green leaves. They are obvious It's so harmonious and soft. People can't get tired of it.

All the daffodils are in full bloom, and the fragrance is refreshing. No matter who comes to my house, he will praise: "how beautiful and fragrant daffodils!" daffodils will bloom for a month.

Narcissus not only has beautiful leaves and strong fragrance, which is pleasing to the eye, but also its bulb can be used as medicine to clear away heat, detoxify, disperse knot and detumescence. It is used for redness, swelling, heat and pain at the beginning of mumps.

I like the graceful and vigorous daffodils best.

4 raising daffodils

I like flowers. They are innocent, delicate and lovely. Flowers decorate the world with smiles. There are many kinds of flowers in the world, such as plum blossom, peony, chrysanthemum, magnificent camellia, lotus in the water, and orchid, but in contrast, "Lingbo Fairy" ——Narcissus is my treasure.

Last winter, my father bought several Narcissus seeds, like several black "garlic", which have no beauty. But who knows, this ugly "black seed" is pregnant with a beautiful miracle

My father and I stripped off the "black coat" of Narcissus. Narcissus showed white and tender skin and turned into several white and fat dolls. Then we cut a small opening on it with a knife, put it into a fish tank full of water, and fix it with many small rain flower stones. Narcissus can even be planted. The original two little goldfish are also inside, so Narcissus won't feel lonely!

When I got up in the morning, I went to see the daffodils. Hey! I found a little thing with half a little knuckle in the opening. It is like a jade carving, containing water; it is milky white from the base to the middle, and the top part is dark green, tender and lovely!

I can't wait to pick it up, rush to the faucet, tilt the fish tank, press the rain flower stone with one hand and the fish tank with the other hand, so that the old water flows out along the side of the tank and is connected with new water, so as to continuously metabolize and give the Narcissus a new living environment.

A few days later