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Write the composition of little rabbit, grade two

1 little rabbit

My family has a lovely little white rabbit. It looks very good in a snow-white shirt. It is small and exquisite. Under a pair of sparkling small eyes, there is a three and a half mouth. I named it "Bai Bai". "Bai Bai" is beautiful, lovely, clever and clever.

Early in the morning, when Bai Bai is hungry, he wakes me up like an alarm clock. I give him his favorite food, cabbage and carrots. He eats and grows very fast. It has one characteristic. It likes to move, dance and turn around.

As soon as I touch it, it will jump and jump, as if it is dancing for me. Unexpectedly, it has so many lovely places. I like this little white rabbit, lovely "white".

2 little rabbit

My favorite animal is rabbit.

The little rabbit is covered with fluffy white hair, which looks like a ball of cotton from a distance. Its red eyes are wrapped in white hair and embedded in the eye sockets, like two rubies. The white rabbit has two long ears, two and a half inches long. The inside layer is pink skin and the outside is hairy. I think its hearing must be very sensitive. The little white rabbit's nose is flat, and its lips are divided into three petals. It always stirs. I don't know whether it's because of fear or looking for food according to the smell at any time. The rabbit is round and looks fat. The front legs are short and small, and the back legs are long and powerful. It is still a long-distance runner in the animal kingdom. The tail of a rabbit has a short and small tail. As the saying goes: a rabbit's tail can't grow.

The little rabbit is so gentle and lovely.

3 little rabbit

I like watching the little white rabbit eat best. The little white rabbit is timid by nature. Every time he is fed, he is always shy and embarrassed. But the little white rabbit didn't eat all afternoon. He was probably very hungry. When I put the green vegetable leaves in, he couldn't be shy anymore. He opened his mouth and couldn't wait to eat. I saw him chewing while chewing, and his small head was swinging up and down from time to time, probably swallowing chewed vegetable leaves. After eating a few vegetable leaves, the little white rabbit may want to change his taste and began to be interested in sweet and crisp carrots. The little white rabbit chewed a small piece of carrot with great effort, and then ate it with relish. While eating, he made regular chewing sounds from time to time, looking satisfied. After "full of wine and food", the little white rabbit began to exercise again. He turned in circles and scratched his ears and cheeks. He looked so naive!

I like not only the little white rabbit, but also other animals. Humans and animals will always be good friends!

4 little rabbit

I have a little rabbit, which my mother gave me for my eighth birthday.

I like this little rabbit very much. He has white hair, red eyes, short tail and long ears. The inside of the ear is pink and there are blood vessels. lovely!

When the summer vacation came, I took it to grandma's house. Usually the first thing I say hello when I go to grandma's house, and the second thing is to play with the dog. But today, I was only concerned about the little rabbit. I kept barking to the little rabbit.

Every day, I will take a handful of grass to feed the little rabbit, and sometimes I will take it out to play for a while. But sometimes it's not obedient. One day, I took it out to play, but it ran away like a released cow. I immediately got up and chased. After 25000 miles, I came back out of breath carrying the "standing product"

Dian Dian loves it very much. Whenever I lift the cage there, he will pick it up. Once, the rabbit stretched out its tail and bit it immediately. The rabbit lost several hairs.

Little rabbit, I want to say to you, "rabbit, rabbit, I love you like a mouse loves rice!

5 grandma's little rabbit

Grandma's family used to raise a little rabbit. It was very big, fat and looked very cute. It had red eyes, small nose and white feathers, just like the white clouds in the sky.

Every time I go to grandma's house, I will visit this happy little rabbit. Sometimes I take out cabbage leaves and carrots for him to eat. His mouth keeps creaking and chewing. No matter what food is in his mouth, it is as fragrant as eating delicacies and makes people drool. I especially like it. But I went again last year for the Chinese New Year Its cage looked for it, but it disappeared. When I asked, I knew that it had been killed by my grandmother. I was very sad.

Until now, I still miss that lovely little rabbit.

6 lovely little rabbit

I have a "little friend", which is my good friend "Beibei". It is a lively and lovely little rabbit.

Beibei's eyes are red and glittering like rubies. It also has a strange three valve mouth, which is very cute. When it eats carrots, it always sends out "click click click" The little rabbit's tail is very interesting. It seems that children play snowball fights in winter. If they accidentally stick the snow ball on the little rabbit's ass, it becomes its tail. It's short and round. Ha ha, it's fun!

My little rabbit is very cute even when he sleeps. I think he often dreams, because he always smiles when he sleeps. He must dream of carrots! I really like my little rabbit!

The little rabbit has flexible limbs and agile activities. It often plays with other small animals.

I especially like my little rabbit. It's really my best partner!

7 lovely little rabbit

In the evening, I took my classmates to my grandmother's house to hold the little rabbit.

When we got to my grandmother's house, we went into the yard and saw the small rabbits running around. The small rabbits were white and black, the largest one should be about 50cm, and the small one was only about 10cm. They were fluffy like cotton. When the little rabbit saw people he didn't recognize, he was scared to run around. Sometimes he ran out of the cage, sometimes he got into the cage, and sometimes he got out of the cage They looked around and observed us in the cage. They looked flustered. They were very cute!

Grandma caught a little black rabbit and handed it to me. I took it carefully, like holding a newborn baby. At first, the little black rabbit stared at me with a pair of black eyes, and his four legs kept pedaling around, very restless. I gently stroked his body and whispered, "baby, baby, listen! "After a while, it lay quietly in my arms. I like its eyes very much. They are black and bright. After a while, I felt warm in my arms. It turned out that the little black rabbit peed on me! Grandma smiled and said to me," put it in the cage. "But the little black rabbit grabbed me tightly with his claws and was unwilling to leave me. I was a little reluctant to leave it.

I wish I had a little rabbit to accompany me to school every day!

8 my little rabbit

I have a lovely little rabbit. It has gray fur, like wearing a gray sweater and red eyes. I like it very much.

The little rabbit grew up day by day and became my good friend. One day, my mother cooked meat and I ate a little for it. The next day, I found that the little rabbit was sick and listless. I quickly took it to the animal hospital. After the doctor's treatment, he began to eat at home. When I saw that he could eat, my mood relaxed a little.

A year has passed, and the little rabbit has grown into a big rabbit. I think: when it grows up, it should learn to find food by itself. One day, I took it to Binhai Park and set it free. I saw it go into the jungle. Slowly, it disappeared before my eyes, and I shed tears. I like the rabbit and miss it. The next day, I came to Binhai Park again , but I didn't see it. I was a little worried and couldn't help crying again. Although this rabbit didn't spend a long time with me, I can't forget the happiness it brought me. I hope it can live happily forever.