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Out of the haze composition 800 words

1 get out of the haze

You don't really have a side face in the scenery outside the bus.

The sound of change collision in the plastic cup hovers in the publicity air of 10 ℃.

He gives you a side face. She turns her back and occasionally looks at each other for a small coin, or friendly or imperceptible contempt. Your curved figure can't change in a cold day.

She was carrying a red backpack with such a bright color, but her long hair could not hide the sadness under her face. She passed you so straight. Under the bangs occasionally lifted by the wind, her eyes were listless, and the platform was full of people. She put down her backpack and shrank in a corner, and finally stepped on the bus.

He shook his mobile phone, hurried to the platform and stood still. His slightly wrinkled eyebrows betrayed his heart. After all, he couldn't help dialing again and again. No one connected with the messy pace. You dragged your thin body forward slowly, shaking the plastic cup in your hand, and the whispered words in your mouth can be heard by the person in front of you alone. I saw you standing for a long time. He shook his body. You can imagine the prompt sound of no one connecting. You walk away, get used to it, and go to the next "life", and he gets on the bus and drives to the unknown.

Someone is laughing, like a spirit bird; Some people are silent, their hands draw warmth from their pockets; Some people are filled with the smell of sadness; Some people pretend to be strong... You are so cold, and your habit of all this is enough to make you cold.

The air is in turmoil, where the dark wind comes from and goes, and no one cares.

Is it the gloomy weather that makes people silent, or does it make the weather unpredictable?

You may be used to a hopeless life.

However, 10 ℃ publicity of the air will also be tired, the collision when the change is stirred will hurt, and the drooping corners of the eyes will be sour. Any inanimate thing has its own "law of life", not to mention you, him and her?

The warmth brought or taken away by the people in the bus station makes this small open-air place depressed.

The bright red bus has been seen for a long time. Take two steps outside, you can see more colors and more people. Go and see the world. It's not that bad. Don't limit yourself. Don't live in the haze. You can only see the few inches of land you care about.

Where there is waiting, there is departure.

You have seen too many happy and unhappy people. They have their stories. Their process is waiting and the end is departure.

Put down the slightly raised hand, hold up the chest, get out of the iron door, get out of your "haze", and look at the world. It is as beautiful as ever. You've been waiting long enough.

Don't waste your life. He is the most beautiful sunshine given to you by God. Accept him and modify him as a reward only for yourself.

2 haze

Xiao Wu's heart was like this dark haze. The haze did not disperse and his eyebrows were frowned.

What makes his heart so sad? It's haze.

What's on Xiao Wu's mind? He has a lot on his mind. The most important thing is the haze for several days, which has a serious impact on his greenhouse. These days, his tomatoes and cucumbers are inseparable from the sun. If it's not sunny, I'm afraid the cost of this shed dish can't be recovered. This was the first year his family planted vegetables, and his father repaid the loan. If he loses money, he and his sister's tuition and living expenses will not be available next semester. The college entrance examination is coming next year. It's said that the tuition fee is tens of thousands. Without money, I'm afraid he can't afford to pass the exam. Xiao Wu's ideal is China Agricultural University. If his father failed this experiment, his dream would become a bubble. He really has some plans to burn incense and worship Buddha, but he still believes in science. However, according to the weather forecast, the local wind will rise at least three days later, and it is unknown whether the haze can disperse. Is there no more scientific way to dispel the haze?

Xiao Wu was worried about this problem. There was another problem that made him more headache. He had rhinitis. The haze made his rhinitis worse. He took medicine for several days and it didn't work. He thought of injection and infusion, but it needed money. So he wanted to deal with it in the simplest way - running. But running in smog can only aggravate lung infection. Neither can this nor that. It's hard, Xiao Wu. The first mock exam will be held in a few days. This rhinitis has seriously affected his review. He can calculate the math problems at ordinary times, because this annoying rhinitis has no mood, no ideas and no methods.

Xiao Wu's mood and ideal are changing. He wants to choose the cause of environmental protection and use the scientific knowledge and skills he has learned to control this hateful haze in the future. The bad weather was as severe as my father didn't have the opportunity to learn culture. There is only one way to change your own destiny and your parents' destiny. As a result, his mood seemed to be more relaxed, his thoughts seemed to be clearer, his spirit was boosted, his teeth clenched, his fist clenched, and his frown widened. A living man can't hold his urine to death, and a good man can't be baffled by a moment of confusion. No matter what tomorrow will be like, do the current thing well and finish today's task seriously. Hold on, hold on, hold on again. He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. His headache seemed to be lighter. He seemed to see the sunshine out of the thick fog, as if he saw his father's unyielding eyes

3 innocent haze

As soon as I got up in the morning, I saw a vast expanse of white outside the window, not snow, fog or haze.

Open the window, first usher in a biting cold wind, followed by a noisy voice and noisy trumpet sound. The first breath of air was neither fresh nor refreshing. It had a strong smell of tobacco and oil, mixed with a rotten smell, and pressed down my throat. I coughed violently and closed the window heavily. So disgusting, no wonder class is suspended! Sitting on the bay window, looking at the crowd in the street, each covered himself tightly, like a strange cloth package. The sky outside the window was gray, and the Milky fog shrouded all objects. Everything is like soaking in milk.

It was awkward and uncomfortable to look at it like this when I didn't go out. I drew the curtains angrily. In the past, there was not much blue sky in Nanjing, but it was not so bad! Step by step degradation, step by step degeneration, irresponsible human beings, irresponsible life, irresponsible doing all activities, how can they not be punished! Now many people, including our government, have realized this, and the theme of environmental protection has been very loud. But who really does it, seriously and wholeheartedly. Everyone wants others to do it and be open to themselves. They think it is difficult to change with one's own strength. But I believe that as long as we do it, there will be changes and results.

Haze is not a natural phenomenon, but an extremely bad ecological environment completely caused by human hands. Hate haze, hate haze, this is inappropriate. To scold, we should scold mankind. It is mankind that makes the city threatened by smog. Alas, who knows, it is mankind itself that makes mankind in trouble. With the progress of society and science, we can't take the environment as the price. Now, most real estate developers ignore the environment, only catch up with the construction period, only pursue efficiency and only make money. The city is a big construction site, with dust flying everywhere. That's it, PM2. This dangerous substance is constantly produced and manufactured. Fog, haze, haze and haze have become regular visitors who follow the shadow in our life. Man is a link in the biological chain. Human beings should not affect the nature where all living creatures coexist. Human beings should never destroy nature by themselves!

Haze is a mistake and a serious mistake made by human beings. Wake up and act quickly to return the true face of nature!

4 hateful haze

"Walk the dog without seeing the dog. The dog rope is in hand. See the rope without seeing the hand. I can't go until the dog barks."

This is the most "famous saying" we have heard about smog recently.

When I got up in the morning, I opened the curtains and looked out of the window. I felt like I was blind. Can not see the blue sky, can not see the long white clouds. There is chaos between heaven and earth, and everything is gray. Even the colored building opposite has only a hazy outline.

Inadvertently, the haze has quietly shrouded the whole city.

Before going to school every day, they should be fully armed for fear that the haze will be sucked into their lungs. But what's the use?

The cars on the road are still emitting exhaust gas, the factories in the distance are constantly emitting black smoke, the trees on both sides of the road are invisible, and people are wearing white masks.

So how did this disgusting haze come about?

Many of our families have cars, but while we are sitting in the car ready to travel, the exhaust from our car is quietly contributing to the haze behind us.

In the remote suburbs of the city, some chemical plants are "showing their skills", and the thick black smoke emitted day and night is slowly integrating into the air.

In the fireworks party on New Year's day, the colorful fireworks and crackling firecrackers made the smoke in the air very turbid and the air quality decreased sharply. These are the main reasons for haze. They not only bring us fast, convenient and pleasant, but also quietly bring us unexpected consequences.

In haze weather, we breathe turbid gas. Haze in the air can cause diseases such as pneumonia. In 1952, the smog like invisible killer in London, England, killed 4000 people in just five days and 8000 people in the next two months. We can see how powerful haze is.

The haze is so serious, how should we prevent it?

We should go out, wear masks, eat light food and drink more water. In haze weather, we should open fewer windows for ventilation. But also appropriate vitamin D supplement. When you return to the room from the outside, wash your hands, face and mouth. And be sure to reduce outdoor activities. If you must exercise, you can do indoor exercises.

What we want is fresh air and healthy physique. Please don't sacrifice your health for the so-called good life. Drive less, travel green, plant more trees and protect the forest. To cure haze, start with me.