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Write an 800 word composition for the debate contest

1 "temptation" debate

The representative of the anti human party, a, took the lead and made it difficult to "temptation". "All along, you are the evil spirit who makes dazzling game consoles all day, so that many students fail to live up to their youth and neglect their studies; it is also you, your jewels and delicious dishes you cook, so that many people would rather commit corruption and crime and risk to do those illegal and criminal activities in order to compliment you; it is you who makes the red light The blurred dream of wine Green has led to the corruption and degeneration of many people. Today you have the face to cry out for yourself. It's a big joke! "

As soon as the voice fell, they immediately won warm applause from the public, because they thought it was the "temptation" that made them lose their direction, and they hated the "temptation".

On the other hand, "temptation" is really weak. There are only three lonely people, one is "temptation" himself, and the other is an old man with thick glasses and a philosopher's appearance. Hey, it's strange that there is the world-famous Venus with broken arms.

"Temptation" was angry and sad, and pleaded for himself in tears: "Did I really hurt you? Shouldn't you bear a responsibility yourself? I just wanted to add light to the world, but I didn't expect so many abusive voices. In fact, without your human desire for pleasure, you wouldn't be affected by me."

After hearing the story of "temptation", human hearts become empty. They are also thinking that maybe "temptation" is right. They should blame their hearts for having too many and too much desires

At this time, the old man spoke: "As a philosopher, I think we should give 'temptation' justice. If there was no temptation of colorful literature, how could writers create such rich works? If there was no temptation of science to mankind, maybe we could only stay in the stone age and be willing to live a plain life; if there was no temptation of beauty, then I wouldn't be standing beside me Venus. So I want to say, to a certain extent, it is the temptation of nature to people that promotes the continuous progress of mankind! "

After hearing this, people cast a friendly eye on the "temptation" they had misunderstood for a long time.

"Yes!" said the charming Venus, "because my broken arm is broken, it is like a circle full of temptation, containing all your definitions of beauty. Therefore, we should look at" temptation "from another angle. Are you right?"

At this time, people are already excited. They warmly embrace the "temptation", because the contradiction between them has been relaxed. In the future, they will promote each other and add more luster to the world!

A debate contest

"Yeah!" "Pa, PA, pa." "hahaha!" these three voices came out of class 61 and echoed in the campus. What are you doing? Oh, it turns out that class 61 is engaged in a smoke-free war - a debate contest.

The teacher came to the classroom: "class!" "stand up." the students stood up at the same time. Before the debate began, the students seemed to smell a smell of gunpowder. Some students wiped their hands as if they were winning; some students were unwilling to roll up their sleeves when they saw their opponents doing so. That kind of look seemed to say: "You want to take away the champion. It's beautiful! The champion will always be ours!"

The students discussed and chose "do primary school students want to watch more TV?" As the topic of the debate, I chose the side that primary school students should not watch more TV. After the discussion of my classmates, I, Zhou Bing, Zhang Biao, Guan Hong and Wu Liping, picked up the burden of the main debater. I looked at my opponent: hum! Aren't the little Ma Limin, Luo Jian, Zhang Xuemei, Yao Huanlian and Luo pan all younger generations? We have the "iron mouth" of "saying invincible in the world" "Sharp mouth", will you lose? It's still too young for you to fight with us! Start talking about the views of all parties. Malimin said: "we think it's good to watch more TV. There are the following reasons: first, watching TV can increase people's knowledge. Second, watching TV is good for the brain." Zhou Bing stood up with a serious expression and said: "We think it's bad to watch more TV for the following reasons: 1. Watching too much will lead to myopia. 2. Waste electricity. 3. Quarrel with your family. 4. It will affect your rest." the teacher announced: "start a free debate."

Zhou Bing said, "it's not good to watch more TV! For example, we can learn bad things on TV: central five sets teaches playing mahjong. If we watch it, we will learn gambling." Ma Limin stood up and said, "it's just entertainment

"" entertainment programs can also teach people to be bad! "Zhou Bing and other malimin started" shooting "as soon as they finished." if you watch more TV, you can also teach people to set fire. For example, there are some cases in Detective Conan, which are coincidence. Conan caught some clues left by prisoners to solve the case. After watching them, the bad guys will no longer leave the same clues. " What I said was like soldiers forcing their opponents to the river. Zhou Bing and I whispered, "they are like a peacock, struggling to death in the river."

Towards the end, the teacher said, "Zhou Bing, they are eloquent. So they won." "Yeah!!" I jumped up and hugged and shook hands with the male debaters. The debate was really fierce! I was so happy.

3 debate competition

A burst of applause floated out of class 5 (4). What are you doing? It turned out that we were having a wonderful debate.

The man's theme is "opening a book is beneficial". Luo Ziqi's incoherent words go straight to the theme "Gorky said: 'books are the ladder of human progress'. Human beings can't live without books. Otherwise, where do those high technologies come from?"

Our woman Han Yang stood up confidently. "Not all books are suitable for us. Do we still include those unhealthy books?"

Han Yang's words put down the man's surging potential pressure.

Seeing that the situation was wrong, Li Yuan kicked his feet and said, "then we can read selectively."

As soon as the woman struck, the man was really powerful. However, Wang Siji immediately stood up and said confidently, "we think children don't have the ability to recognize. What should we do?"

I didn't expect Zhao zewei to solve the problem at once. Seeing the applause rise one wave after another, the students are more and more excited. This is a war without smoke of gunpowder. There are red faced Luo Chun, incoherent Luo Ziqi, and elated Hong Siyuan

The man had to move to "save the soldiers" and said many famous sayings, which made the women don't know what to do. At this time, Wang Siji said angrily, "we learned an article. Galileo proved that Aristotle's words were wrong through experiments. A great philosopher for thousands of years was wrong. Who can conclude that Confucius and Gorky's words must be right?"

The man was silent, and the woman cheered for Wang Siji's witty argument.

Luo Ziqi stood up again and couldn't say anything in a hurry. "Famous... People's famous sayings will always be... Right. If it's wrong, why should we learn?"

The boys cheered with warm applause, "come on!" "great!"

Han Yang saw that the girls couldn't hold on, so he quickly got up and made a round. "Do you read books like crayon Xiaoxin?" there were bursts of "look, don't look" voices below. Han Yang added: "these books are leisure books for adults. What's the benefit to you?"

In this way, both sides always adhered to their own views, so the debate was a draw.

The final conclusion came to an end in cheers, and rippled in a burst of applause.

4 class debate competition

Time: 8:00 a.m. on the school playground on Saturday

Debate topic: is it better to have curiosity or not

Participants: group A: me, Wang XX, Zhang XX, group B: Wang XX, pan XX, Liang XX

Host: LV XX

Moderator: "now I declare that the third debate of class 2 of five years has officially started. The contestants are the three men's group, referred to as group B. the three women's group, referred to as group A. I declare that Party A is curious about the debate, and Party B is not curious about the debate. Now the debate begins."

Miss Wang of team a: it's good for me to say that curiosity is good. How do humans create beautiful clothes without curiosity? Mr. Liang of team B: now many little friends are injured because of curiosity about those machines and equipment. If they don't have too much curiosity, they can avoid these disasters? I of team a: how can Nobel invent explosives if they don't have curiosity? Many relatives don't die during the research process People? He never gave up in the face of setbacks. However, many accidents happened later, but he still refused to admit defeat. Didn't he succeed in the end? [although I'm usually careless, my words are still very important] Party B: Mr. Wang: did everyone stick to it? It seems that you gave up the last scientific experiment when you had a little difficulty? So I say it's better not to be curious. Miss Zhang of Party A: Yo, according to you, Edison invented the electric lamp without curiosity? Mrs. Curie discovered the radioactive element radium without curiosity? Mr. Wang found it without curiosity There are 100 ways to take pictures of five people? [we have an Olympiad question about how many ways to take pictures of five people] at this moment, Mr. Wang is hopelessly angry... Mr. Liang of Party B: don't you have a time when you are not curious? As soon as you say this, group a has been stunned... I of Party A: so, don't you have a time when you are curious? [laughing unconsciously, I'm still very strong!] at this time, the situation was turned around and group B was stunned... "There are still 20 seconds left, please hurry up the debaters on both sides." as soon as the host said this, even if Party B still wanted to continue the debate, he had no choice but to say: we admit defeat. Host: "OK, now I announce that the winner of this debate is group A. applause and congratulations" Me: there are only a few of us in the school now... Suddenly, everyone laughed wildly. Crosstalk filled the campus and deeply penetrated into everyone's heart... Ding Lingling... It turned out to be a dream... If only this dream was true.

5 first debate competition

"People often say that opening the book is beneficial, while others say that it may not be beneficial. Reading those unhealthy books is harmful. What do you think of this problem? We can have a debate." this is the introduction to the Chinese book, and our class had a wonderful debate. Our topic is - opening the book may not be beneficial.

"This is good, this is also good." I pointed to the computer and said. My mother said, "what does your teacher do with this debate? The outcome must be beneficial, your opening may not be beneficial, but you must lose." I said, "that's not necessarily. Are books like cult beneficial? Are those yellow books beneficial?"

In the evening, I had a dream that we won. The teacher smiled and said, "the opposite side won." all the people on the right side hung their heads