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What's new in winter vacation

The first part: what's new in winter vacation

In winter vacation, it's the best time for me to have a good time.

That day, my sister went to my neighbor Cao Li's house to play. I heard that there were six black and lovely puppies in the next house. This is a new thing for us. After seeing the puppy, Cao Li is close to it and hugs it. My sister and I saw one of the puppies, with its hairy tail cocked up and up, playing coquettish and cute. My sister and I are envious of each other. They both want to hold the dog. I picked it up, stroked its head with one hand, and put the other hand under the dog's round and fat ass.

At this time, the dog suddenly barked and scratched his ears and cheeks. We were all very strange. We guessed whether it was hungry or not. We didn't worry about it at all. After a while, my sister wanted to hold her, and I picked her up carefully. When my sister picked up the dog, Cao Li called 'ah? 'I asked:' what's the name? 'she pointed to my down vest. Let's have a look:' ah! Dog shit! 'my sister saw me, and quickly threw down the dog and looked at myself: ah, shit is flowing on the clothes! We are very vexed. I quickly took off the down vest and brushed the shit on it with a brush. As I brushed, I said to myself: 'what a disgusting thing! 'at this moment, I can also feel the taste of my family helping me wash clothes when I was a child. It took me a lot of effort to wash the down vest, and I stretched. When I raised my arm, Cao Li called again: 'your sweater is dirty, too. "Oh, my mother, it's not so easy to wash woolen clothes! 'I have to admit that I am unlucky. I went to wash again. The shit didn't come out, but it got into the wool hole. I'm really an ant on the hot pot. I'm in a hurry.

But. In the end, I had to turn to my mother. I lost my face that day. After the Spring Festival, I never dared to touch the dog again, and my idea of owning a dog was not broken.

Now, whenever I talk about the dog, my face will be red. Whenever I think about it, I want to laugh and feel a little angry.

What's new in winter vacation

On the high-speed rail after traveling to Beijing in winter vacation, I came across a new thing called "one hundred year's hard encounter".

As soon as we got on the high-speed rail, after we put our luggage in place, we sat in our seats eating snacks, chatting with our friends and wasting time. All of a sudden, there was a "thumping" step in the corridor, and I turned around to look. I found a young woman was rushing towards the stewardess in front of me. As soon as she came to the stewardess, she said a word, which made me laugh: "sorry, excuse me. I took the wrong bus. I took the ticket from Hangzhou to Beijing. I took the bus from Beijing to Hangzhou. What should I do? "Please ask the captain in car 9," the steward replied. The young woman hurried to the ninth carriage to find the captain. I thought to myself: This is really a 'wonderful flower', but her luck is a little bit too bad. The two trains go to the opposite starting station and destination, and the time is exactly the same. Just like the 'one hundred years' I said earlier, now I have to believe that there are coincidences everywhere in the world. When I think back to the picture, I want to laugh. A little bit of schadenfreude.

About ten minutes later, the young woman walked past me again. She covered her face with her hands, sobbed from time to time, and there was a young man behind her. I think it must be her boyfriend. The young woman must have heard an unexpected answer from the captain.

Life is full of coincidences! This is what's new in my winter vacation. How about you?

What's new in winter vacation

Today, something new happened at home.

In the morning, my father, mother and uncle had breakfast and drove to Huamu city to buy flowers. There are all kinds of trees and flowers in Huamu city. Each pot has its unique taste.

After a long time, we finally chose three pots as home decorations, one for rich and noble children, one for hyacinth, and one for flowers that I can't name. After buying the flowers, we went home. On the way, I thought: Although these potted flowers are good-looking, they are not cheap.

When I got home, my mother said to me: 'you can smell them. 'so, I smell basin by basin. Every basin is smelled here and there. I can't smell it out of my mother's words. The taste of every basin is different.

But when I smelled the last basin, something new happened. There were three bees in the last basin. They were circling around a flower. At this moment, I came up with a golden idea.

I took the flower to the window, opened the window, and took it out. As I expected, the bee flew to the more fragrant flower. I seized the opportunity, brought the flower in, and closed the window tightly. 'ah', I sighed, 'I can finally enjoy the flower. '

Ah! What a new thing! I almost got stung by a bee. I'm so unlucky!

What's new in winter vacation

This winter vacation is really not ordinary for me, not only to do homework, travel, play games at home, I have experienced many new things, but I only talk about one thing, which may not be new for others, which has never happened to me, that is, eight people in my family go to the movies together.

It was new year's day. I was busy in the daytime. In the afternoon, my brother called me to ask if I would go to the cinema. Of course, I didn't want to miss it. When I was very young, my family often left me in the charge of my brother. My brother and I were making trouble at home. Lunch was a lamb kebab cooked by my brother. When I grew up, I became estranged from my brother and didn't spend much time together. Today I watched TV together I was so happy with the movie that I jumped three feet high and finally got to 3 p.m. when we went home from the new year's Eve in Hangzhou, my brother told us to go to the cinema with my family.

In the evening, after my brother's homemade dinner, we went to the cinema to see the movie "the lion of heaven". I didn't know the movie very well, but I knew something happened between the Han Dynasty and ancient Rome. It was not long before we went into the cinema. I didn't know what was put in the previous section. I asked my brother what was put in it. He said: 'this is an archaeological team, investigating about The city of Huo Qubing's armor and the armor. 'I nodded as if I didn't understand. The movie continued to play. Jackie Chan appeared on the screen. My head began to rotate rapidly. Jackie Chan played the historical figure. Looking back carefully, he was a nobody, which scared me a lot. Later, I almost fell asleep. I couldn't understand it. I just looked at people and didn't listen to what they were talking about or doing. But the plot was still very shocking It's dangerous. I don't know anything about the history of ancient Rome. I can't help looking at the screen, but my brother on one side watched it with interest. Finally, the movie ended. I left all my questions to my brother. He had to tell me again, and said that he would put a book about ancient Rome under the stars of Caesars Lend it to me, but I can't find it. It's a little pity.

In bed at night, I am very happy. This is my first time to see a movie with my brother and my family. I believe that history will never forget this day.

What's new in winter vacation

'ha ha' I laugh whenever I think about it.

That day, grandma happened to live in our house. As soon as I turned on the computer, grandma came to me and said: 'Jiacheng! I see you surround this computer every day. What are you doing? '

I said to Grandma: 'grandma, you don't understand! This is called surfing the Internet. '

'what can I do online? '

I explained to grandma carefully: 'there are so many things you can do online. You can chat with netizens, watch news, play games, check information and so on. Anyway, there are countless! 'I say it vividly.

'OK, OK, stop talking, go to Chinese studies class soon! '

After 11 o'clock, I came back from a good class, but when I came home, I couldn't help but doubt it. I thought to myself: 'what about grandma? It's supposed to be cooking! 'just as I was meditating, there was a burst of laughter from my study, and I went to the study with doubts.

I pushed open the door and laughed. Grandma was watching the jokes in the computer. I went to grandma and said: 'fresh, it's so fresh. 'then I opened the window on purpose and looked out and said:' the sun came out from the West today? '

Grandma said angrily: 'what's the matter? In the morning, I see that you boast so well about surfing the Internet. If I don't believe it, I'll let my uncle across the street teach me how to surf the Internet. No, I'm learning now and selling now. I'm watching jokes. This computer function is so good. 'grandma said she was intoxicated.

I said: 'grandma, didn't you object to my Internet before? Now why are you on your own? '

Grandma said: 'that's what I didn't understand before. If I don't understand computers, I won't be able to keep up with you young people. '

I said: 'OK, if you have any questions in the future, just ask me. '

Grandma said excitedly: 'no! I want to chat with my friends now. Teach me to chat! '

'all right! It's on me & middot; & middot; & middot; & middot; & middot; & middot; '

Later, I can see grandma in front of the computer every day. She robbed my computer several times!

Grandma is almost 70, but her brain is like a 30-year-old.

When I see grandma surfing the Internet, I think: This is really a new thing!