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Who is really good at writing 600 words in junior middle school

The waiter is really awesome

It's nice. My grandparents and my mother took my brother and I to the street to buy shoes. We came to a 361 ° specialty store. As soon as we entered the door, a waiter greeted us with extremely warm hospitality. Why extreme? Listen to me slowly.

When we came to the shoe cabinet, my brother saw a pair of shoes he had liked for a long time and wanted to have a try. At this time, I feel

A strong wind swept past me. Hey, the waiter brought it when he went to the warehouse to get his shoes. What... What a cow! I said in my heart: it's faster than a rabbit! In the twinkling of an eye, the waiter even rushed in front of us with shoes. I was scared out of a cold sweat again. As soon as my brother put on a shoe, the waiter boasted: "your child is gentle and smart at first sight. You see, how beautiful and handsome you are! " I was left out, fiddling with the trademark of another shoe. Just then, the waiter took the shoes from me. I was surprised at first, and then angrily ran to the chair and sat down. My eyes stared at the fickle and strange face in front of me, thinking: hum, what attitude, look, it won't break, hum... At this time, grandma and mom found me a little unhappy and thought they didn't help me buy shoes. So he pulled me to the counter and let me choose. I soon fell in love with one. My mother quickly called the waiter and asked her to take it for me. At this time, she was not as indifferent to me as before, and made a 361 ° big change: "this little girl has a real eye. She wears so fashionable, and she must look good with these shoes! She's just a beautiful little princess, hehe... "Hum, just hold it.

Finally, we bought three pairs at once. The waiter couldn't close his mouth with a smile and took us outside the door. Far away, her extremely enthusiastic words came from her ears

You are a good friend

From a certain definition, the so-called best friend is that when your mind is swollen, you unconsciously kick me, and then I punch you in turn, and finally shout "shit!"

A rare sunshine activity, I can finally go out to see the sun! How can "non learning control" like us hold back in the classroom to read those boring books! To tell the truth, there are really few people in the classroom now. Well, I found that it was not just us who thought so. However, taking snacks is also attractive. We foolishly crossed our legs and threw the seemingly endless snacks into our mouth.

I don't know what happened. A slap suddenly fell on my face. I was stunned. My brain was short-lived like hypoxia at that moment“ Puff - "the guy opposite laughed. God, he hit me! And hit me in the face!! A flame rushed up“ It's broken. Why is it still in the face? Sorry, wow, you just hit me. You wanted to hit you on the shoulder. As a result... You just stretched out your face, which was a little accident ~ "the guy smiled and nervously explained, which made me confused and wronged like a fool.

But it's really not painful to stand and talk ~ "well, you, I didn't hurt so much when I started. It's really cruel to have you!" As soon as he said that, the flame that wanted to continue to burn somehow left only smoke, so he had to talk to him helplessly.

Well, well, I admit I'm good at it. Just don't put your head out again next time“ He continues to talk nonsense and wants you to see what you say.

I really have no choice but to bow down!

With such a close friend, you have to burn incense to ensure peace!

3 brother, you are so awesome!

He is fifteen years old and surnamed Duan. He is my iron friend.

Once I went out to play football and met this man. So, as soon as I raised my chin, I invited him: "man, do you want to play football?" Unexpectedly, he smiled and said, "no problem!" Yes. So we appeared on the pitch together.

I dare not relax my vigilance at all! Because I've heard of his strength. Other friends have told me that brother Duan is the main force of the football team at school!

The duel began. I closed my eyes, slightly bent my knees, locked my eyebrows and stared at the front. Both men stared at each other. I believe he knows something about my skills, otherwise he wouldn't be so close to the enemy.

How time flies! Every minute seems to be suffering.

Suddenly, he kicked a high ball when I was unprepared. I jumped and couldn't hold it. The ball slipped into my door from an incredible angle. Banana ball! Yes, it's a banana ball - a ball that turns in the air! Also called "full moon machete"! What Beckham is best at is also his famous footwork! Brother Duan actually practiced this skill???! I can't help but say in my heart, "brother, you're a cow!"

Brother, in addition to playing well, he also performed well in Mathematical Olympiad! This is something I didn't expect.

Recently, I participated in the China Cup and won the prize. I think the result is good - you know, it's a high gold content event recognized by experts all over the country. Although the award is not the highest, it is still the best among the friends in the circle of friends.

One day, I took the test paper on the Internet to answer, and he just came to the door. By the way, he glanced at the screen. Suddenly, he pointed to a problem-solving step on the screen and said, "this is not the best! I have a simpler way! " Then he told me his idea again. The more I listened, the more I felt that his method was better than the method published on the Internet! Simple and direct! Easy to understand! Can also get the right answer! Later he told me that he was the head of the Mathematical Olympiad team at their age! I checked the winning list of Xiahua cup on the Internet, and sure enough“ The name "Duan Gang" appeared in the ranks of the national first prize!

So far, I have admired him! From the bottom of my heart, I want to say to him, "brother, you're a cow!"